Various Boosts, Trades | Feedback thread

(Ânfraxx) #61
Great seller, good clean one shot run, good humour throughout.

(Flyra) #62
Usually wary of these types of services but they are legit and worked super fast. Can't fault them!

(Collins) #63
Brought an heroic kill off them was quick and easy. Will be back to get either a full heroic run or mythic Argus kill.

(Nihalaa) #64
Bought Argus HC,
Proffessional and honest person. Got the curve on the first try.

Nice guy, trusted person -> totally recommend!

(Mazzak) #65
Had a couple of amazing trades with him!
Sincere recommendation! Very trustworthy guy.
Thanks again!

(Beéfstéak) #66
i bought a run antorus hc run. Got plenty of loot and it helped me alot.
smooth run. i had so fun that run. and i will buy more boost. much love <3 !!

(Moonshadey) #67
Very nice person to deal with, would recommend him if you want to be sure of a deal/boost! very smooth transaction.

(Athelos) #68
So I just bought the Chosen xmog from this buddy. Was nice and friendly, straightforward and most importantly - legit. I had my worries due to previous scam experiences, but after paying the price of our agreement, I received my new shiny suit of armor without delay!

Even received some bonus information ^^

(Siam) #69
Cool player run was quick and smooth, I recommend him for more boostruns.

(Zakuhai) #70
Thanks a lot for the Chosen boost, it was fast, professional and smooth. Definitely recommend these guys. :)

(Evis) #71
Business man, very big business with this man!

- Donald J Trump

Big big big

(Cherydari) #72
Easy and smooth trade. Trustworthy dude.

(Wòden) #73
Fast and smooth Argus HC Kill. Recommended !

(Toffz) #74
100% trusted boost for Antorus heroic, Cheap, easy tactics explained. Faith in humanity restored and trust.

Thanks again.

(Rhp) #75
bought an argus hc boost from this lad, cheap and was basically a one shot. all round worth it

(Senpray) #77
Luka just middlemanned a 25mil + tcg deal, can say he is 100% trustworthy. Can also recommend him to anyone that is looking to buy/sell

(Soulzie) #78
Clean boost run, one shot kill
would recommend to many to take them up on their boosts :)

(Tayou) #79
Quick clean kill would highly recommend this boost service, tacts were explained for those who wanted to try and help

(Gazarte) #80
Bought a HC Argus kill,the boost went smoothly and along with being a good booster he is also an excellent raid leader.
I recommend him wholeheartedly for your boosting needs.
Keep up the good work!

(Wardolof) #81
Bought the choosen armour box, Nice guy and a smooth trade!