Various Boosts, Trades | Feedback thread

(Zakuhai) #102
Got another boost, this time rare mount Voidtalon. Luck was against us as well as bugs but in the end (after a lot of hard work) they found that elusive bastard for me. :D Thanks!

(Norethan) #103
Great service, fast and smooth :)

(Norethan) #104
And another great run, for Chosen one, nice and smooth, thanks again guys :)

(Alatoth) #105
Very friendly person. highly recommended.

(Ivy) #106
Can confirm, very nice and friendly group and completed the Chosen run without any issues!

(Freazz) #107
very friendly person, he just mm'd for me, without any problem!
i highly recommend him for further MM-services!

(Zyxzo) #108
Had luka as middleman went smooth and sent gifs of the trades as they happend :)
A good boi

(Cotiara) #109
Great middleman, went easy and clear.

(Quarkounette) #110
I recommend Luka for boost services, even if you are on a french server, he does whatever he can to help you out.

A must have in your bnet friend list :)

(Xoloti) #111
Used his middleman services he acted professionally and we got our trade safely done.

(Chazie) #112
He was mm in a spectral tiger trade, was awesome and fast and there was no issues at all reall safe! will use this guy for all my future tcg trades! :D

(Cadrielinda) #113
Updated for BfA!

Bear in mind that I transfered my DH to Kazzak, and changed name to Felancholy (my oldschool name), if you ever attempt to contact me ingame.

List of my horde characters:

List of my alliance characters:

I have a few impersonators so please make sure to DOUBLE CHECK while trading with me: my b.tag is Luka#22613 and discord Luka#4229

(Esploratore) #114
Bought a swift spectral tiger from Luka, he was patient cause it took me a while to get the trade and it went fine, my last tcg mount!

(Fearmedotcom) #115
MM service, held 5.5m for my White Riding Camel. Went quick and smooth. Would recommend this guy if u need middleman

(Pain) #116
Very professional and fast middleman. Highly recommended.

(Vrasës) #117
Just used Luka to Middleman for a Magic Rooster trade. Quick and professional as always when dealing with him.

Thanks again :)

(Thrîan) #118
Luka helped me in buying boosts for three rare mounts (Time-Lost Proto Drake, Aeonaxx and the Grey Riding Camel).
Everything worked flawlessly. Got the last mount only 10 days after my order. And I didn't have to camp for one minute :-)

Thank you for the amazing service.
Would buy again!


Thx Luka for the Timelost Protodrake and Aeonax - I love the mounts and it was so fast and easy with your help - thx so much, you guys rock


bought tlpd and a few of the draenor mounts from these guys, overall a good service, and i`ll be back for some more mounts that they have to offer, took ~10 days to get all the mounts, got tlpd the next day after i bought the service, but some of the draenor ones were scuffed spawns, that didn’t matter tho, i am a satisfied costumer in the end, and definitely recommend their service


I bought a boost from “Luka” on discord. I found him through the wow market discord, professional service, I bought a rare mob and it was found and given to me within 2 hours of making the initial contact, very pleased!