Video driver crash in World of Warcraft with AMD video cards (7900 XTX) on DirectX 12

I’ll give it a shot too with moving the virtual memory on the partition where WoW is installed, altough I have 64 GB RAM so I don’t expect too much virtual memory to actually be of any use.

I have 32, it shouldn’t be required for sure.
But I’m not crashing anymore and I can’t really pinpoint anything else I did which could of had an impact.

How many days since last crash though @Pixelrogue?
Wondering if we’re talking about weeks or just a couple of days?

A day before I made the post, so a week today :slight_smile:

Yup, virtual memory is enabled for my (only) installation SSD.

I can reproduce the issue consistantly now with my main.
If I zone into “The Timeways” from Valdrakken via the portal behind Lindormi, and I just stand there in the middle of the zone with all the portals around doing nothing, my system crashes within 0-3 minutes everytime. 5 crashes in a row now. (hard to get out of zone without crash)
Got a Radeon RX 7900 XT and running Adrenalin 23.11.1
Wow with dx12
Not a lot of players or spell effects there, so it has to be something in that zone that causes the crash everytime.
I need to reboot my whole system as everything stops working.

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Bummer… :frowning:
No clue then, that was my best bet

Can you try with older AMD drivers?
I use 23.2.2 for a more stable experience, it’s still not by any means a fix, as it still crashes the video driver at times, but in WoW only obviously

I have the same issue with my 7900 xtx. It crashes about once a day, but since I do a lot of m+ and arena it is never a good time for it:/


Well i was almost reinstalling Windows 10 when i found this thread!
I have a Ryzen 9 5900X with a Asus RX 7900XT and having the same issues. Random crashes.

When the new season was released i could not even get to Wow at all it got stuck from the client.

One day later that was solved after making a ticket. But is have the same crashes as well while other games run perfect! This is so bizar!

I came back to wow to play my BM Hunter as they said the got a massive buff and after the raid goes live it’s nerved 25% on the pets…thanks Blizzard…always screwing the hunter.

But worse are the freezes, and not being able to ddo anything for about 7 to 15 seconds.
I was doing all kind of things to my PC thinking somee hardware might be faulty. But it’s not. It’s just Blizzard. Hope they fix it soon, this sucks beyond words!

I was doing the M+ key and was also in that area it’s dawn of the infinite m rise.

But also had one in the raid. Had 3 crashes in 2 evenings now. Without a warning. And in the dawn portal place inside the key 2 in a row within 20 seconds…truely anoying.


I think it’s a damn shame that they don’t attend these kinds of issues with some level of seriousness.

How much longer do we need to wait
dont you keep track of what you changed to rollback, and redeploy to the point when it is actually letting you start the game up

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This isn’t happening since 10.2 only.
This happens since a much longer time.
Don’t think we have an ETA yet on a fix.


I have a 7900 XT and also have this issue.

I tried uninstalling the Adrenalin Software, DDU’ing drivers and reinstalling only the driver and that didn’t work. What seems to have worked for me is enabling Virtual Memory on the SSD WoW is installed on. No issues since changing that (yesterday).

Weird that it worked for you too but not everyone lol

Apparently it recovered after letting it hang for ~5 minutes when switching to DX12. Now it seems to be set to DX12 and no longer hangs when booting the game. Haven’t played much over the last few days to check if it also happens at some point while playing.

Had it happen again today. It’s less frequent but still present. :\


Fix it…

Same here too, and forcing DX11 didn’t fixed the issue.
Driving me crazy.

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Same problem here…