Warsong Gulch Exit Portal Removal

I believe it’s more about the way pvp was released. Hardcore players are going to do hardcore things to get ahead. That includes everything from mindcontrolling people out of the bg to using consumables.
Ranking takes a long time and the hardcore players are only just finishing up, meaning all the softcore players have had to deal with hardcore players and their hardcore ways for the past 3 months… Hence the extreme whine on the forums about issues such as premades in general, premades dodging, premades exploiting, premades using consumables, premades having gear, premades being full of good players and premades mindcontrolling people out of battlegrounds. ALL of those issues would solve themselves with time. Give it a few more months and battlegrounds will be pug dominated.
Apparently Blizzard reads the situation differently and have resorted to deploying emergency patches to cater to these crying casuals.

Of course it’s possible that I’m completely wrong. Pretty sure I’m wrong about that though.


This reminds me of when I was levelling up and we decided to go to razorfen for a quest run. We were making our way there and we notice some hordies doing the escort quest in 1k needles… The little murderous gnome mage shouted “DEATH TO HORDE” in discord and ran up there and started all out war, which we soon followed and wiped them… just before the quest ends.

The second time they came with their escort they were prepared and they wiped us, but we managed to kill the NPC they were escorting before they finished it.

The third time, it was full bloodlust. Everyone fought hard and we managed to kill the NPC again but just after the priest mind controlled me off the cliff, and I fell to my death on a spot I couldn’t get ressed at or get to my body.

The last time we saw each other as a group we /saluted and /bow’ed, and then our rogue distracted them off the lift… It was great.

These are the moments of classic I cherish the most :slight_smile:


you’re right, and that’s what Blizz been doing since TBC, things such
omg 1year already passed of release and i can’t even enter TK raid “blizz remove attun” omg i can’t kill Solarian then blizz completel changed her ability’s, omg i can’t kill kael the guild killer! can’t you see blizz all those topics? over 200guild disbanded cus of him wtf blizzard?, then blizz nerfed him to dust, and in arena! omg i feared that player and he went through wall, now we can’t win him after we killed his friend 2v1, A GM could come and teleport you inside so they kills u and win, omg burst of speed is so OP! blizz remove it…etc

If Blizzard doesn’t listen to crying casuals? retail would not exist xD

Maybe If Blizzard didn’t listen to crying casuals they’d still be breaking MMORPG records for concurrent players and we’d all be playing retail still.

The job of a game developer is to make games that people want to play. The job of the community is to voice concerns and complaints. This may feel bad for the developer, but it remains their job to stick to their guns and power through. It’s their game. They ought to know what makes a good game. Giving people what they want is easy, but funnily enough they don’t know what they want.
It’s like going to your GP and insisting on a prescription for something the GP doesn’t believe is indicated. Activision Blizzard is the GP that just gives the prescription to get rid of the nagging patient. Blizzard used to be the GP who refuses and asks the nagging patient to leave and/or find a new GP.


how about to fix your garbage embarassing servers instead of useless stuff?

blizzard as a company, is a full disgrace in the meantime.

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I can never understand this mentality. By your logic, nothing is ever worth fixing because there is always something else to fix first.

People actually liked this exploit? xD.

Dunno guys.
This was vanilla thing, but also one of the worst things back then.
On pserver where am still pvping doing this is 1 hour ban i think (or 1 day, cant remember). Or sometimes if gm is online at very moment he kick priest of the wsg too and he also get deserter debuff.
Classic had major changes from the begining so i guess this one is “ok” too

Yes it is, but put your feet some other horses shoes who’s had this done to them after a longish queue and now a 15 min debuff

can’t believe they don’t ban people for this and all the botting everywhere, since they obviously either can’t or want to hire more GMs to moderate the game it just shows that they do not care about the game at all.
Classic is nothing but a way for Blizzard to make loads of money while not spending time and resources to create anything new, why they would never ban a paying account, they still believe in “you think you do but you don’t” wholeheartedly. The WC3 : Reforged fiasco has conclusively proven that this is the case.

Hey nerdadin u been gone so long i could level a pala to lvl 61 but i dont lol

Www.youtube com/watch?v=Rd7_32tqVfg
This is what im gonna do to you if it wasnt u!!! Shadow bolt die shadow bolt die shadow bolt die omg… 30 sec wait time what do know? Shadow bolt die (1shot) make a video: not easy beiing rank 14 mohahahah fear /dance shadow bolt die lol!!! Did u try to hammer of jutice me? Resist! Puny erectyle disfunction paladin!!! As wimpy as the blobfish in the sea… horde wins again… as always… hateful wishes Kork the Orc

“We’ve seen an increasing number of reports…”
You wot bruv ? As if the game isnt 15 years old and this has never happened before so now you witness it 1st time and taking action, instead the game was released absolutely flawless like it should be for 15 years old game that is created by YOU. Makes me wonder why do you at Blizzard even need test servers for patches when clearly not even 15 years of " BETA" are enough for you.

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Let´s be real here for a moment. If you manage to get MC´d out of the portal you pretty much deserve to, since you can avoid that pretty easy.


I completely see it as the victims fault. The portals were very much out of the way of the BG, you’d have to naively go towards it.

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Why would they do that? Bots also pay subscriptions.

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Couldn’t you just make the portal not work during a mind control effect and 30 sec after it, instead of removing completely a game mechanic ?

It’s no more an exploit than getting feared into a bunch of mobs and dying because of it.
It’s just another mechanic.

I’m in favour of mechanics like this existing. I’m torn because I don’t want random casuals to have a bad experience. But then again… ranking as a random casual in the same timeframe as the hardcore gods is going to be a bad experience either way.

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It’s clearly not at intended, hence why they’re removing it.
Not sure how this affects anybody other than the griefers that were doing it.
People were just mind controlling them out the battleground and giving them 15 minute deserter debuff.

The intention was to make a relatively true replica of actual vanilla, where this was very much a thing.
Removing it is just another #changes

Removing it limits the freedom and the choices of any given player, both of which are key elements of an MMORPG. I fully agree that this only punishes the griefers and bots, but I feel like this is an issue that the community should have dealt with - not Blizzard.
You will no longer be able to punish bots by mindcontrolling them out of the BG. Coming up next; bots can no longer get dishonorable kills. If you haven’t seen the extreme deranking videos yet, then this one probably went over your head.

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You were never going to get a true replica of actual vanilla.

  1. Community has changed.
  2. Blizzard has changed.
  3. People know how to play the game more.
  4. Unless we began at the original first patch, it was never going to be a replica.