What about clones?

Blizz have confirmed classic fresh, so what about everyone that chose classic era for one or more of their characters?

Possible options:

  1. Free transfers to fresh servers, with gear locked until the phase it comes from is opened, and all scarb quest progress reset and scarab quest items removed. These transfers would be available some time after launch to allow freshers to hit 60.

  2. Free TBC clones and refunds for people who already paid for clones.

  3. More merges or free transfers between pvp and pve so classic continued can have a viable population alongside fresh.

Any other ideas? Which of these is preferred?


Merge more era-servers and close fresh servers after two years and transfer all characters to an are-server of their choice?

Any kind of transfer of existing characters to fresh servers would kind of defeat their purpose.


What is the purpose? So a few elitists can feel better about themselves by being ahead of other people in the 3rd run of a 15 year old game?


Nicely put. I think, this is pretty much it. Plus some people who wrongly feel that this time they will surely be among “the best”. :stuck_out_tongue:

But to be fair: If you have truely new servers, it doesn’t make any sense to allow level 60s to just join the party, no matter their gear. And there seem to be some people, who genuinely just really enjoy starting over and over again.

For me, my warrior still needs gear/ a bag from all the 40 man raids and mounts from zg, and I didn’t complete naxx, or get thunderfury, or try the content as tank or arms, or try classic pvp. And my alts still have loads of gear to get and content to complete.

I’m nowhere near ready to reset and am waiting for classic population to recover to continue, ideally helped my blizz giving faction/realm transfer and/or more merges. I hear alliance side pve cluster is viable but I’m horde.

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Send them to the servers they came from. They should not relate to the fresh servers at all.


Fresh might be bad news for you. I’m not sure there are the numbers to

  • Open fresh servers

  • Keep TBC active

  • Populate perma P6 realms.

Although I do hope you manage to achieve your goals.

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I think you are right. Hopefully fresh servers will fail and blizzard will start listening to people who want to continue their classic era characters, some of whom paid for services to do so.

More merges and faction transfers when?

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The problem with perma P6 realms is who wants to start fresh on one? It’s a horrible experience for new players. New and returning players want to start when everyone else is, when the world is full and bustling, when groups are advertising in the world. I fear you’ll never achieve those goals of yours, without meeting likeminded people

There are likeminded people, just spread across 6 clusters and 2 factions.

Merge when?

It doesn’t even need to be perma p6. Just dont make us level again and mail us gear we’ve already earned when each new phase unlocks.

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Well do the PVE players want merging with PVP? Do the RP players want to merge with normal realms? I’d like to see Blizzard engage the community and ask, but I fear they simply expect ya’ll to reroll on the fresh server.

If they want us to reroll they should provide free clones to tbc and refund people that already paid for them.

Either fix the servers that are there by merging or transfers, or allow us to get characters off to tbc and/or fresh.

There’s lots of options, but currently blizz choose to give us dead realms and no communication.

Oh I agree, but they can’t just merge without making sure there’s consensus in the community to do so. Many on here seem to believe that everyone will go flooding back to classic P6 realms at some point. If that’s true Blizzard need to account for it in their plans. If it’s not true then. Different realm types may not want to play together. I understand what you want, and I understand why. It’s just not as simple as JFDI.

Keep the Era servers, but merge them to 3: PvE, PvP and RP-PvE.


I would go further and say merge them into 1 PVE server

People can flag for pvp if they are inclined, I think it’s more important era has a stable population for the people that are there


This is really bad, it’s called fresh for a reason. You can’t go around on a 60 on the first day on fresh.

They have always said the cloned character could never be moved.

So you just using this as an excuse to get the stuff you want.

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So allow free transfers if they don’t want to merge.

There’s so many ways thay blizz could make classic era playable for those who want to continue to progress their classic toons


If you paid for a clone you wasted your money. Simple as that. It was nothing but a cash grab. Era servers are dead and classic fresh will bury them.


Fresh means fresh.


We don’t exactly what they are going to do yet, I think they should start at Phase 1 and no transfers. I just hope they don’t just make new servers in the latest Classic Era phase.