What changes do people realy want

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and from grinding gnomes you can build a foot stool or a nightstand… i’d be up for that.

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pvp vendor
remove warforge, titanforge and rng gems
remove bfa neck
remove lfr, mythic, and hc and make more raids instead, ulduar hardmode was fine
new servers so big wpvp battles can be done (are they still running on the original hardware???)
remove flightpaths and no flying mount, i want the roads to be used more so i can camp them
fix auction house

AND! where is the dance studio?
its 12 years overdue


Or garden gnomes!

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without putting any major thought into it:

  • remove the rng in legacy content
  • drastically reduce the silly amounts of rng in current content
  • remove all this unneeded timegating/grinding
  • remove wf/tf
  • bring back engaging attunement quests and storylines.


Without being specific (that would take few pages of rambling about whats wrong with the game) i can summarize that in two sentences.

Devs try to get new content into game (learned lesson from WoD), but that content is tedious, boring and lacks a sense of accomplishment or the content is fine but ruined because of randomness.
Game core systems are flawed or fixed too late (even problems are pointed out in beta tests), with things like professions being watered down and gearing with azerite traits overly complicated and upgrades randomness leading to frustration instead of at least slight actuall upgrade and feeling of satisfactioin.

That would be my general concerns about situation. Personally i also feel like blizzard also neglect some classes and that was the reason i cant find myself to log into the game for more than 5 min for past a month and seriously thinking about quitting wow after playing it since 2005. 14 years and 2 accounts later i just cant bare the sense of going into casual facebook candycrush game style direction and feeling that blizzard artificially prolong game’s content with things like titanforges and other random things and overwhelming boringness.
Neglecting the class i play for 14 years was the straw that broke camels back. Not even buffs and fixes will help, nor interview with Ion Hazzikostas saying its viable, because community point perspective wont change. Ppl watch whats method and other guilds and ppl do and they use specific setups. Boringness drew my guildmates and friends away, and my class stigma unables me to go to higher m+ with other groups.
There is less and less fun to play this game.
Also ppl are starting realize that whole industry treats gamers like cash bags that will buy their product if its properly advertised and if the hype is build up instead being loyal to their fanbase like it used to be back then. Profitable as it might be is short sighted and will end badly.


Grinding as a whole isnt that kind of problem, i’ve played vanilla i know what grind is, but back then grinding was a part of slow paced building of your character. Was a part of and adventure u took going into vast wolrd.

Nowdays it feels like artificially prolonging game content.
Actually in vanilla it also gated u from things, from leveling to max level and endgame. It worked the same but… u didnt get that bad aftertaste, it felt like it fits there, to the way u progress though quests and zones (exepts funny findings that only 10% population of some kind of animal have liver)

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true. old style grinding was ok i think and i would settle for that (except the pvp one. that was insane and i dont know how anyone ever did it!)

but like you say

and this is probably why grinding in its current form is what people are sick of. grinding is ok when used as you said in the early expansions.

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I only really do WM PvP, my wants are few…

  1. PvP vendors, used to be fun to choose next gear.
  2. WM WPvP rating system.
  3. Capturable objectives (coming 8.2).
  4. Better management tools for communities.


Defo the housing concept. Not everyone wants to “War” but they do want to “World” and “Craft.” Garrisons was a good first step, but not really individual enough.

For me it would be an element of Sims, with many “resource manager” ideas thrown in for good measure. Ideally we could have a new (Sanctuary) zone, say the 1,0001 islands, which were already premade (as Blizz don’t like it when you do your own)

Each island would have a unique style, such as mountainous, forested etc, and this would determine your resource balance. However, you should also be able to choose some extra stuff that would fit it: hunters may want more animals and battle pets, fishing heads would obvs want more fishing choices.

Then you could have your buildings - and select a “style” - I like the architecture of Tirisfal Glades personally. You could farm, gather and make, over and above your normal skills, and this could go to supply the “war effort” by selling to the “King” In September the wholesale price of pumpkins could increase in anticipation of All Hallows etc, and similarly for other world events (in other words you are feeding back into the overall resource supply, with prices pitched accordingly)

Finally your collections - wardrobes for all the various costumes you collect, pens and fields for all the animals you tame (as a hunter) - 60 stable slots is not enough, and cupboards for other gear (separate to the bank)

I visualise it as a menu driven modular system, all pre made by Blizz, and, let’s be honest, it could be monetised for them (the options are endless) It would also be prudent for the real estate trade to be purchased after completing a task for the King (you would become an indentured vassal) and further tasks may allow for an increase in your smalholding.

WOW could allow for all of this, and also as it would be your “home/haven” it would make sense to allow invites to friends where you could drink your latest brews and chew the fat.


Remove crz in open world zones
Remove void form
Remove catch up mechanics
Remove normal and heroic raids, leave mythic as it is and make lfr around todays normal difficulty
More races for gnomes

Well as you may see i mostly want questionable features removed rather than new added ones

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Make the concept of gear upgrading (TFing) currency based not RNG based.

Tone down catch up mechanics. This lull period between tiers should be a time for people who have worked hard during the current tier to feel good about their power level. Instead all previous progress (at least for heroic raider level players) is made completely futile as 385 gear is handed out to anyone who can right click a world boss.

Remove all pvp scaling. Does not belong in an MMORPG.

Azerite system. Now, I think the criticism of it is overstated because it doesn’t in any way impact my enjoyment of the game. I don’t hate it or like it; I nothing it. But it’s clearly a flawed system and Blizzard could and should have done better.

Last one. Blizzard to not release half finished products in the future.


Bring back depth of the game. Like mana doesn’t mean anything in the game right now. Bringing mana back as a stat with mp5 or spirit or both. Also it makes no sense that no other spell in the game uses mana but healing spells, like elemental shaman shouldn’t be able to do 10k dps with 0 mana.

Making rare spawns rare. Obviously.
Tier sets, PvP vendors, currencies, separated pvp and pve gears (resilience), remove dampening in arena and remove or nerf dps self heals, remove lfr, remove titanforging, make epics epic again and bring back old talent system.

Mostly it seems that Blizzard is removing good things and replacing them with garbage.

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I agree with this vid, we really need more dragon-zombies in the starting zone, it’s too easy to reach lvl 5…

Players today are babies that want to be caried to lvl 10 :triumph:



Don’t agree with this, the content was never seen by most players, and it only caused resentment by those who couldn’t get to it. The reason WOW was popular back then wasn’t raiding, it was because it was fresh and new and most of the players who get peeved by CATA that they couldn’t progress gear wise and see raid content were previously running around levelling slowly.

Only if RNG is removed and badges brought back, otherwise it would create a two tier system where Mage A is six times ahead of Mage B because his tier dropped.

I’d keep the M+ system but remove the time and the chest at the end of a dungeon. You get once piece per week based on your key, and let it be a vendor piece to choose from.

You love to raid, I love to raid, but unfortunately statistics (excluding LFR) would suggest the majority of the player base don’t. Trying to force them back to this would crash out the subs entirely.

It kind of “forces” you to do old content which I don’t like, however I do love it when I get a proc. The jury is out on it for me. But according to the developers the vast majority of the player base outside of hardcore are happy with it.

The should have them like WOD, where you could make three relevant pieces. They totally broken right now. Having to kill 25 heroic bosses just to make my legs for example puts professions outside the reach of the average player.

Agreed, it is terrible that PvP players have to do PvE high end content to be viable. Likewise PvE players shouldn’t have to PvP.

Just give us back our pruned abilities and I’d be happy.

Attunements tend to turn into grinds and are totally alt unfriendly, for this reason I’d disagree.

M+ would be fine without the timer. They want it for and made for an e-sport though and it doubtful they will chage it because of this mentality. Not good for the game though, especially as one wrong put can ruin your key.

Agreed, however while this would help my OCD on trying to get the best stats, the game is tuned right now around you not having BiS and would require further retuning if you do.

Agreed, I hate this meaningless grind.

Islands are just a boring grind. And warfronts are LFR on acid.

The trash is there to slow down the professional e-sport players and make life a misery for everyone else. It is almost as if M+ trash is harder than bosses.

Agreed, it should be more alt friendly.


Depends on your class. Holy priest if not managed correctly will have mana problems, disc on the other hand won’t.


I said it before and i will say it again we are back at the ET territory where publishers have been eaten inside and out by money.

I understand that companies are there to make profit but there is profit and there is pure and simple money hungry greed and currently most companies seem to be blinded by the dollar/euro signs.


Like I said mana should have a meaning with every class that uses mana.

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Yes, that too.

Edit: seems I can post without a sub.

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That’s why you have the more modes of the raiding today, so that everyone gets the chance to see the content in their skill bracket. Also for the late comers/new comers and the people which took the break from the game catchup gear exist, and its added to the game around the time when the next raid gets released so that they don’t get stuck on doing the old content. And the game was more popular back than not just because it was new but because we had much better system of progression, you did the higher level of content and you got accordingly awarded with the better loot from it in comparison to its difficulty, and because of that there was always something to strive for. And the raids add to the immersions, and that feeling how you play in the game in this big open world with a lot of other players with which you get united to be able to get done this hardest possible encounters which you wouldn’t otherwise. We lost some of that experience when the game started to be more catered to the soloers and the small groups- what is more epic and immersive experience having 1 person striking that one dangerous dragon or some small group or when you have the people in the raid uniting to overcome the challenge ?

In the time when we had the tier sets in the game most persistent raiders would get them sooner or later. They were better than current items we have which are when it comes to the traits ( abilities ) totally RNG based. And yeah having the badges which would drop in the content which would drop that tier of gear which people want to get so that people which are unlucky with RNG can buy the pieces they need from the vendors would be a good thing.

There is no reason to exclude anyone from this, even the people which do LFR wouldn’t do that if they wouldn’t have any interest for the raiding at all I think. Besides raids like ZA and Karazhan and various different lairs were done even by the casual groups back in the day and most people did like those. And if you look at the metrics more PvE players like raids than that mythic + or any other PvE activity in the game. Raids are the things which add more socialization to the game if we exclude the LFR difficulty here, and they add the things for the guilds to do. People don’t play the game in them with just their small groups of friends but more like how they should in MMO-s with the larger communities. For the people which don’t like raiding there should be other things to do in the game, but personally I would like more one 10 man raid in the game than 2 dungeons to have added when we get those big content patches.

I like having the things to do in the game, and most of them had in the past very interesting quest chains tied to them - the Onyxia one for example. And if you would have achievements in the game which would be account wide than it would be enough to just get the attunement on your main char.


On raiding it would be great if that worked but I can’t see it working. Even back when you had to raid to get the best gear the majority of the player base wasn’t doing it.

The other thing is that player base has aged, and most of those who started playing back in Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK do not have the time to commit to raiding anymore. From my experience WOW is populated by an awful lot of people in their 30s and 40s who have played for 14+ years on and off. The younger generation of gamers grew up with fast paced MOBAs. While there is still some grind in wow now bringing back old style raid grind would be a disaster to all but the most hardcore of the player base.

For most people if you have to raid you have to pug, because with a busy real life committing to guild runs isn’t easy, you just can’t say I will be there three nights a week for 3 hours. That is a part time job, and not on your own time.