What is this place like atm?

Considering moving all my characters to this cluster. Been trying to scout it out a bit for a while, but it’s hard to get a real impression. I understand population is somewhat low, but the place I’m coming from is also somewhat low.

I care about RP and Mythic Plus, at least in terms of activities that requires other people. Just need to know I’m not going to spend a fortune to move to a completely dead place. I understand that it’s low-season right now so it’s pretty dead everywhere. But when s4 gets going, is this realm a place you can enjoy WoW?
Can someone maybe tell me some of the more famous guilds on both sides? What can I expect?

Thanks for any help!


Sha’glade Cartel is very small, but as long as you find yourself a guild you should be covered on the RP front–personally I recommend the Hand of the Titans (Neutral), the Beastmaw Warband (Horde) and the Night Gryphon (Alliance) (as far as I know the Convocation of Elrendar is also around, but I haven’t seen them around in a while–if you’re looking for Blood Elf RP, they’re the guild to go to). There is very little in terms of walk-up RP, since the realm is simply too small for it and we all chill in our guilds instead.

When it comes to M+ the Beastmaw, the Gryphon and the Hand have people doing keys around 20 (although in the case of the Hand it’s a whooping total of 2 people, haha). There are also PvE guilds that you can tag along with–I recommend Carpe Cerevisi, where I raid.

Let’s put it this way: I left Argent Dawn for Sha’glade Cartel in WoD and it was the best decision of my RP career. So I hope you find what you seek! That said, rather than make a bold move like moving all your characters, I suggest you make one or two characters and explore the different guilds to see if anything catches your fancy.

Hope you enjoy our little enclave!


Thanks a lot for your help. I tried to reach you ingame, but no luck.

If you’re looking for the guilds, check out the recruitment threads here on this forum – a few have some good threads and they can further help you get in touch with the folks involved. Feel free to send me a whisper in game on this character, if you’re interested in the Hand of the Titans

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Lovely Linaria forgot to mention the Wayward Vagrants in her very apt summary :smiling_face:


As a confirmation, the Convocation is very much alive and well (if a bit on the crispy side)!


You forgot Wayward Vagrants, a Horde mercenary company for hire that welcomes Alliance members. Elves are ever so forgetful


No, I included all of my recommendations!

I am pretty difficult to catch in-game because I have like a million characters, haha. If you’re around tonight, you may be able to catch me on my Horde character (Hirana-Moonglade) in the evening!

Wow, so many replies! Thank you guys so much, I will get in touch with you all as soon as I can.


No worries, Qhira! Welcome to the server :slight_smile:


The OP didn’t ask for your subjective recommendations nor your gatekeeping snark. Very disappointed with this type of unwarranted behaviour unbecoming of the community


Err… But the OP literally did ask…

They said

“Can someone maybe tell me some of the more famous guilds on both sides? What can I expect?”


“Can someone maybe tell me some of the guilds they like and don’t like on both sides? What can I expect?”

Intentionally witholding guild names out of spite is just wrong, nasty, and demonstration of a gatekeeping agenda the community DOES NOT support. Disappointed in you


And I did recommend some guilds that I know and/or enjoy.

They didn’t want your personal list, they wanted a objective consice list of active guilds. Your acknowledgement of intentionally witholding WV is evidence of RP gatekeeping. You were telling new members half truths in favour for your personal agenda. Its not kind and is pure toxicity towards others who have done you no wrong.

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Wow, jesus christ dude, calm down. Linaria’s answer was really ok. Talk about storm in a glass of water. No need to get your panties in a twist, ok? All information about the server is welcome information at this point. Other people have filled in with additional info since then. I’m more than capabable of looking into the information I receive you know.


There is this thread by Anroka which lists all guilds, however be advised that some of them might be inactive (as is the case with the Botany Band and I think The Coven?).


Much more appropriate, thank you :slight_smile:

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The Convocation’s details are a little out of date as a heads up (our bad!), but it’s a comfy list.

Nowadays, the best points of contact are probably Gauvain-TheSha’tar and/or Bachian-Moonglade.

As for the Vagrants, Aiyvah above is the glorious leader and your port of call.

Al diel shala!