What would cause you to consider teldrassil repayed?


Suffice to say, when she rages and turns her back on everything, any thread i’ll see concerning their sudden Surprise that she is now a boss/betrays the Horde fully will receive a very angry and very loud shout from myself.

Also you did: Grats on Trust Level 3!


I can only imagine how many similar threads will open with changed words.

We will have Scourge invasion on forums, Train more Arcturs to purge the evil!

P.S. Thanks, did not think 100 days passed already.

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Everybody on Trust 2 can post Youtibe links.


Thanks for pooping in my hopes, you are a true friend!:kissing_heart:


Curses. Steala took away that light.

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Don’t worry. You can look at this group every day and hope that you’re there someday:


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Alliance genocide of Horde races is a perfectly good solution. As I said before, Alliance players will have their revenge and Horde players will finally have a cause worth fighting for.


Thats neat. Was expecting to have more level 3 posters than that.

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You need to fullfil many requirements. I will get my in 80 days probably if I doesn’t get banned.

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Wait, what is this? I’ve never heard of this before. I’m apparently on Trust level 2? Is that worse than 3?

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Yes, you can obly post trusted links. I have only in the german forums trust 3, sadly :confused:

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Is there some explanation on how this works, somewhere? Again, I never heard of these.

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Some would say Undercity was the repayment and going for a new one will just start another cycle of people complaining on the forum about the unfairness/bias in a story that’s ongoing

More others would say that maybe it’s boring to have a story where you can predict what faction A is doing because they will always do the same as faction B, only slightly later then faction A does and stuff like this inspires devs to write boring stories because oh no what if John from the Forums gets mad over this


I don’t need Horde kills. I want NE forests back.
What about Horde to use their shamans to fix the volcano in Ashenvale, get out of Feralas, and then help CC to clean up Felwood and Dire Maul. And leave all the forests and never come back.
And I am sure there could be some NE druids to help rejuvenate Barrens, Durotar and Desolace.


I second this!


Your initial response to my post which was never directed you was “Crap” and “headcannon”. Not really promoting civil discourse is it?

You were also the one to take our previous “clash” to a hostile place. So I’d if my being dismissive of you was not well received perhaps you ought not to be so rude to begin with.

Look at the end of the day I don’t mind totally ignoring you if you would prefer. I don’t really want to do that since it’s my opinion that the only way you can learn more is to open up yourself to other perspectives. Even if you end up disagreeing it can help you understand why you hold the beliefs that you do. That said I am not going to bother if you are just going to throw unnecessary personal attacks into the discussion. Its petty and I really cant be bothered with it.

Your call

As for your points it looks like Brigante is dismantling them fine without any help from me. In regards to Stranglethorn [quote=“Kixen-stormscale, post:102, topic:36883”]
If you can name other locations a united Horde amped up on demon blood were repelled from in such a concentrated effort then by all means do share.
Part of one clan is not a United horde. So this really isn’t relevant to what I said.

I will grant you the shadow council did abandon their posts in Lordaeron but that was after it already reached a stalemate. I would have to re check the material but if I recall correctly guldan abandoned because he wasn’t convinced they would win.

Really? Where is that said? I have actually never heard this before.

If that’s the case then that certainly would change my opinion. Though that would also mean Sylvanas was planning to lose, to which I would refer to the wisdom of Rick Sanchez.

By that logic the Blood Elves should have evened the scales somewhat. Home turf I get but this was way beyond that. It was even beyond the fact that Malfurion alone causes a factional imbalance in my opinion.

My take on it was they glorified the night elves much past their real capabilities in order to cushion the teldrassil blow. Problem is that now becomes a part of established lore and you want help but wonder how they haven’t massively tipped the scales before.

I lol’d. Cant disagree with this but the alliance were driven back. Not routed. Sylvanas cant really have planned for Jaina being able to dispel the blight like that. At least I cant believe that. That would be some Aizen level malarkey.


Not really sure where it was, i think it was in one of the quests.
But like i said, i’m not 100% sure about this.

Genn: The Blight has broken our ranks
Anduin: Our Assault has been for nothing


I will take a look into that later when I get the chance then. Like I said if that’s true it would be very interesting.

Okay then it seems I did not phrase it quite right. My thinking is after Jaina blows open the doors to Lordaeron there was still a good amount of fighting and soldiers involved. Hard to say how many out of how many were originally deployed but clearly their army did not route from the field of battle.


Are you reading the shattering? I don’t remember 100% but Baine meeting Anduin with Jaina I am sure is in the Jaina book(?)