When fresh

when fresh vanilla realms?


No one knows. Just play era, constantly chasing fresh every year is a very cannibalistic way of playing the game.

Everyone whining for fresh will get it then after 2 months be whining for it again when they inevitably fall behind the mega sweats and streamers who can play 24/7 and will be capped doing pre bis grinds after 2 days.


lol dude i have never screamed for fresh before and i havent played vanilla for 2 years, people like me just wanna play a new vanilla without stepping into a p6 server where everyone runs around in naxx gear.


You have clearly not logged in Era for a long time.

The minority has Naxx gear these days, as there are thousands upon thousands of new levelers. Out of that minority, the majority is focused on PvE content, not PvP.

But why do not simply consider what Leetsauce just said? If you are a 1st week level 60 leveler, with a clear raid/farm/game goals’ schedule, then maybe fresh is for you. Otherwise you will fall below really quick.

There is a reason why virtually all Vanilla servers lose steam at the end of BWL, and why only a minority of the raiding pop ever steps in Naxx.

In Era on the contrary you can just play at your own tempo, get to raid everything, and most importantly, keep your progress.

In any case and back to my original point - Your argument does not apply to Era - and if you do not believe me, just log in Firemaw and check for youself. Maybe then Era will look different to you.


I can only agree with bananoid,

Players everywhere, competeing for mobs, grouping up,

It really is the game that so many fell in love with

I wanted fresh before i started era, and now i dont.


What’s the point in fresh? It’s a pointless, perpetually recycled cycle of gameplay that doesn’t change in any way. At least Era offers permanent progression where you get to enjoy the fruits of your efforts forever, and enough sandbox experience that you can create your own goals to pursue regardless of content.

Era is the way. It might not receive any content, but the players can create their own content, and the pillar of Era is the community itself, and it’s a strong pillar indeed.


It doesn’t matter. With the recent influx of people, majority of players are not even close to being Naxx geared.


yea we want fresh plls bliz

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I don’t think we will get fresh Era any time this year, if at all. We will probably get the new SoM2

no one knows

Never hopefully


I can tell you with playing vanilla for the third time, there is always a uniI can tell you with playing vanilla for the third time, there is always a unique experience, if you are raid logging no but every game gonna have that sort of pest. The pvp ranker discord of my old server are to this day posting screens with memories and talking, what is so memorable about one shotting a resto druid in arena 2s?

hello have a nice day

Yes we need fresh. Don’t mind what all the era boys are writing. It is nearly impossible to find a pug or a raid group for raids. All of the guilds have a stable roster and are just recruiting socials, to fill in if they’re really bored of doing MC.

Play Era if you want the leveling experience, but don’t expect anything at 60.
PVP is really boring aswell, when fighting naxx geared people


freshy hype


era would be a dream come true if they removed p6 from the game


Yes and if anyone wants to progress, they should be allowed to transfer to a realm with phase 6.

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Hopefully never.

It’s dumb that people want to start over again… just to have an ”Even playing field”

You saw what happent with SoM, People care for like a week then it goes back to ultra low pop


it’s not dumb at all

this demonstrates your lack of understanding

SOM died because it was a crappy seasonal realm that had one philosophy in mind: RUSH , RUSH , RUSH then everything is gone

people want a fresh where BWL lasts for 2 years like nostalrius did it because that is actual vanilla philosophy

literally every successful vanilla private server did a fresh every so often btw so a 18 month cycle is literally classics original audience. people like the progression, they don’t want to sit at 60 with BIS gear and nothing to do


Why are so many bashing on this guy’s idea? It is like when Blizzard said, you dont want classic. Many players wants fresh, I dont. But what is the reason NOT to make a fresh server, for the ones who wants fresh? We can have fresh AND era

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