When is Spy getting banned?

Ever since the “Spy” addon was released, I have been wondering when this addon is getting banned. I’ve persuaded myself and others that it’s just a matter of time, but the fact thar this hasn’t been done yet scares me a lot.

What is Blizzard doing? This completely ruins World PvP and removes all elements of surprise. Phase 2 is going to be complete garbage if this addon still is viable. Everyone I’ve talked to hates this addon and wants it gone, still everyone uses it since it gives others such an advantage otherwise.

Blizzard decided to remove longer nameplate range, but this addon has a WAY more negative impact on the game.

EDIT: For those that didn’t know, it’s an addon that scans your combat log and gives an alert sound/message when someone is “nearby” (100-150 yards, which is huge). If a rogue is stealthing like 100 yards from you, you get the info. All players nearby is then collected in a list where you can target them, long before you even knew they were there. There is no possible way to engage someone without them knowing you’re coming, if they use this addon.


What does this addon do? I’ve not heard of it before.

It is like friend that sits next to you and tells when in your combat log is some activity , be it stealth , or something else from enemy faction.

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It’s not getting banned, because the addon doesn’t do anything but highlight information already in the game.

All three people? Goddess, it is a serious problem, I see.

You can’t engage anyone with good awareness, without them knowing either. What do you do? Lower distance view to 30 yds just so you can jump on people?


So basically its like DBM for PvP?
Kind of because I doubt it suggests a counter method

Nope. It doesn’t show anything but a player’s class.


I dont think the addon is that gamebraking. I have been using it jsut for the KoS function (you can add tag to enemy payers to Kill on Sight, if they camped you while lvling or something) and apart from that, it’s not that great. Yea it shows nearby players by name and class, but it doesn’t show lvl, until you target/mouseover the player (well it shows XX+ for lvl meanwhile, but it doesn’t really mean anything as I have seen lvl 60s shown as 15+ or even 1+). It also sends notification when rogue/druid stealths near to you.
Now these can be valuable information. Waiting in BRM for your raid and suddenly 30 hordies pop up? Yea you can get ready for the fight, you have maybe 10 seconds.
Onthe other hand when you are leveling/farming in a zone, people pop up every few seconds/minutes adn you can’t really tell if they are hostile or not basicly until they attack or are obviously following you. But you see those even without the addon. You get the ‘player entered stealth’ notification all the time. So are you gonna pop FAP every time you see it in case the rogue wants to jump you? You can get huge advantage doing this, but also gonna hurt your wallet pretty fast.

So in summary, I am not denying that the addon gives you some heads up that fight might be comming, on the other hand in almost all cases it just means you are not getting jumpscared but doesn’t really give you much of an advantage in the fight itself.


I against that add, becasue hunter’s tracking is something, that should be unique allowing us to scan the mini map.

You just get equivalent of hunters tracking really, which should be considered as a cheat.

I know it does only what you could do manually, but let’s face it, doing it manually in the real time requires skill. So if someone is fast enough to do it, then let them have all the advantage. If some cheesy addon is doing it for you it’s a nono for me.


Pulling numbers out of your butthurt cheek?

All three people? Brief me.

60 yards? Well, it’s way further and if you’re even thinking it’s 60 yards, then it’s even more obvious how clueless you are. A simple google gave me the correct number of 200 yards.


I use it , but i agree that it should be banned .

For example i play a human
Addon tells me a rogue is stealthing close to me , i pop perception and see him coming from miles away .

How is this not gamebreaking ?
I mean i wouldnt pop perception if i diddnt had the addon because i dont know hes here.

Its gonna break the game for stealth classes in general esp in world pvp



And that someone stealths or just “chllin” 200 yards from you is nothing that should be shown in the combat log as it has nothing to do with combat to you.

Combat log should be as it states, a combat log.


How do you have 2.1 perception in 1.12? I want it as well.

Ok ok miles is to much :confused:

If they are around the same level i see em coming , otherwise i wouldnt

Speaking as an unbiased class in this argument. I want Spy banned and I want free hits at the users of Spy.


Most of the times, I can’t see them before opening on me, because perception is really garbage in 1.12. The addon deosn’t effect rogue openers at all. It just highlights information, already existing in the game.
It is not unfair or broken or anything that the alarmist claim it to be. It is literally no different than Paly Power in its function.

No, if you ban this. You need to ban player castbars to. Imo its not gamebreaking. It just puts in much needed Balance. Bcs rogue stealth is ridiculously imbalanced anyway

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or they add longer range sight/nameplates like in modern wow.

How does the game tell you that a rogue went into stealth 58 yards away from you?

If a rogue is stealthing close by and there’s an addon that notifies the person then how the hell is that not banned? no wonder people don’t need to use their brain when there’s addons like this

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Because that information is in the game. The addon does not use any third party or unavailable to the player info.

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