When is Spy getting banned?

I’m rogue and I have no problems with this addon.


feel free to do it manually then if you have the skill to do it in the real time.

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Feel free to read quests to find what you have to do, instead of using Questie.


yeah but questie invloves only npc isntead of other players. This comparison is just a silly manipulation. I’m against ppl having hunter like abilities. If you’re good enough to check combat log while playing then so be it.

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When someone is in stealth 40 yards away from you, does that come up in your combat log tab in the chatbox?
I was under the impression the combat log only relays information about combat that you’re in.

Agreed, I’ll put my name to this as it is game breaking.

“This does nothing but tell you what’s in the game already! It doesn’t give you a wPVP advantage at all!”

“Then delete it?”



Want to see all thous smartasses checking combat log too, it is so funny to read all of this, all of this is in-game, so it is k, cast times are ingame, aggro thread meter is k as it is in-game, boss mechanic timers are k as it is all in-game adn so on , I want to see all these guys show how they can do even one of thous things without addon help.

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Aight. Feel free to track your CDs with a stopwatch, instead of using OmniCC or keep your dot uptime instead of having Weak auras for it. Feel free to manually calucalte your healing done instead of using Mikscrollingbattletext, or your opponent HP instead of using Realhp.
I can continue on and on and on.


Simple way for Blizzard to fix this is reduce the range at which combat text appears to the same range that you can audibly hear it. I mean it makes sense that way anyway…why would you get any notification of something happening behind you if you cant already hear it…have we all got psychic powers?

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I heard people can use it to see stealthed people in pvp?

Delete your mele swing timer, delete your energy ticks, delete your auctioneer, delete any addon you use, because the game has a similar, basic, but a lot more inconvinient mechanic.


I play a rogue to , just leveling atm but i notice so many people use this addon .

Mages start aoeing for no reason , shamans dropping totems as soon as i pop stealth and im not even close .

Few days ago questing in stv a group of horde ganking everything in sight , thats cool i dont care its a pvp server after all i go somewere else .

I try to ress somewere save and get away and BAM instand hunters mark on me like wtf ??? .

Friend told me it was prob spy addon so tried it myself and was shocked , now i know were all these wtf is happening moments come from.


This is quite the hot take if I’ve ever seen one.

I’m only using unit frames at the moment, but thanks! :slight_smile:


Delete them.

so you still don’t get it? none of these addons brings you abilities that should be reservd to hunters. Becasue it’s what is this addon essentially do.

It’s not just qol imprvment like OmniCC or smt like that. It gives you hunter like map awerness. So do it manually then if that’s non issue.

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Neither does SPY.

yes it does it gives you map awerness you would not have without this addon, go check the combat logs if you can.


First glance it does not seem to break any rule mentioned here. I do not know ToU or EULA by heart so I have no idea would an addon like this be considered ban worthy or not in it.