When is Spy getting banned?

I’m only using unit frames at the moment, but thanks! :slight_smile:


Delete them.

so you still don’t get it? none of these addons brings you abilities that should be reservd to hunters. Becasue it’s what is this addon essentially do.

It’s not just qol imprvment like OmniCC or smt like that. It gives you hunter like map awerness. So do it manually then if that’s non issue.

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Neither does SPY.

yes it does it gives you map awerness you would not have without this addon, go check the combat logs if you can.


First glance it does not seem to break any rule mentioned here. I do not know ToU or EULA by heart so I have no idea would an addon like this be considered ban worthy or not in it.

No it doesnt function as hunter awareness

You real salty bud.

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I think what you wrote speaks for itself.

No, I’m just following your logic. You don’t need unit frames - so delete them, just as you proposed to delete SPY.

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Addons are legit cancer to this game, idk how anyone in their right mind could have thought that it is good idea to allow them , it is not single player game.
Yes this addon is worse then hunter awareness as it has longer range so you can see targeted player way further.


Unit frames show me what the original unit frames show me. No one has 360 degree vision for 60 yards. Your argument is idiotic and you’re coming across as a facetious moron.



Actually it is not only reason why it is worse, it tracks all other trash around you too.
And I guess spy only shows enemy, when hunter shows both factions so you can’t know.

Let me guess, you play a Rogue?

No I do not play Rogue, I despise Rogues! :slight_smile:
But I do play Druid and it is not like it effects only Rogues, it effects everyone.

Sry, did I accidently replay to you? I wanted to reply to OP^^ Sorry :slight_smile:

The beauty part for us is that we already have the abilitiy this Addon gives build in our cat form^^

simple spammable macro
/tar ur nick
/cast Hunter’s mark

People count spy in every crap they do not understand.
Today my friend wasted additional moneys in a shop, i blame Spy addon.

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Really, this addon doesn’t even do anything that great. Sure, someone knows I’m lurking. Now what? I can be patient. Use up all your mana on arcane explosion. I’ll wait.


Spy is chill as heck, pretty confident it will stay


When we get increased vision range and nameplates

No it’s not even remotely close to hunter tracking.

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