Where is blizzards action? X-Faction Collusion

Linked below is a video of Alliance calling in horde to gank fellow alliance.

This is what’s going on all the time on Razorgore EU, blatant violations of the spirit of the game and the ToS; where is Blizzards respone?


It’s sad but I seen it happen on all Servers. Blizzard needs to do something about this.

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Did they act against devilsaur mafia or any collusion of that farm? If not then they are very unlikely to do anything with this.

Plus they are way more into auto-banning war effort farmers as it’s suspicious to farm stuff right now…

When the event is over,they will feel the pain and get so lynched that they will transfer cus none likes em.

And yet these bads are the same ones complaing on retail than its WARcraft.

You’re a shame for the faction you play on.

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I play on Razorgore and can confirm this is going on everywhere, it’s a disgrace. :frowning:

looks like none of you were working together to make connections in a COMMUNITY DRIVEN GAME …

Learn from this - sometimes your enemies can be your friends.

You’re supposed to work together with your own faction on a PvP server and not call in your “x-faction allies” to gank your own faction tho, no?

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Your own faction.

My faction decided to not do a damn thing about the war effort. The coalition on our server allowed the gates to open the soonest possible. They did the leg work. They deserve the mounts and all the glory that goes with it.

The rest are literally riding their coattails - they also get to be in AQ40 at its soonest possible entry.

Well that sucks for you guys then doesn’t it. It doesn’t excuse using the opposite faction to call in gank-squads against your own faction, let’s be real :slight_smile:

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Wrong. Its literally working together to earn what is deserved. You have no idea how much effort is put in to make this stuff happen. ^^

I’ve grinded to R13 and done maaaaaaany hours per day of farming fragments.
Don’t talk to me about not having a clue about how much effort is needed. But keep trying to justify cheating my dude, it’s funny.

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Breaking ToS and colluding with the enemy isn’t excused because you and a few of your buddies want the AQ gates open at the earliest possible time. The gates will open eventually anyway but it is funny to see how try hard and sweaty some of this player base is so they can try to get “world first” AQ clear…in a 15 year old game and also a mount and a title that will symbolise that they are just a sweaty cheater willing to feck over their own faction so they can feel like a special little flower on their mount.

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a funny answer. read the ToS you dumbo. every post you make is oozing ignorance :slight_smile:

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there’s no glory in the scarab mount this time around, dude…
first thing people are gonna ask when they see one with it is “which guild did you make gank your own team on your behalf?”

having scarab lord is a title of disgrace, or at least it will be.

you, m’am, strike me as the kind of person who argued in favor of Alliance AV premades as if that was fair and square.


All I see is salt from salty players.

Also I didn’t say I was a part of a coalition. I definately support it though. They are opening the gates for everyone on the server.

I even had some people say they dont care if the gates are open. That they are happy farming MC and BWL for a few more months.

You are all a part of that group Lmao.

They are not. They are in fact keeping them closed - guilds that are colluding are not allowed to contribute to war effort until “coalition” decides they have enough scarab lords.


On our server the war effort was completed on day one.

If you are complaining about them being kept closed - that is impossible. The only way they can stay closed is if noone else farms the materials.

If u have not farmed the materials - and you are complaining about the gates being closed - then you don’t have a dog in this fight.

We are actually farming / PvPing, just not for a colluding guild. And they are extending the opening to 2-3w to get more scarab lords in the colluding guilds.