Where is everyone?

Het you’s :slight_smile:
Been playing on last few days on The Sha’tar which was my first RP realm ever in WOW and noticed, that i dont notice anyone anywhere. Even AH seems to be pretty empty compared to what it was last i played.

During these few days, i only notice one other player besides me and that undead was just standing in midle of the Brill. Most likely pondering some new concoction or something…

Anyways… Where are you people? I really dont want to move to AD as some people have suggested for few reasons. Most prominently due my characters and their names.

I do love solo RP like i also love in Skyrim and such, but it would be nice to see someone else every once in a while :slight_smile:


Hey there!

Honestly, it’s just a small, diddy server, even smaller on Alliance side from what I’ve seen/heard and the vast majority of RP there is on the server is guild-based. It’s rare next to impossible you’ll find walk-up RP. Unfortunately I can only really promote Horde side of things but if you are wondering where us seedy roleplayers are:

Best of luck!


Hey Lilian :slight_smile:

Do you feel as if the activity has taken a dive these last few weeks, or more so over several months? If it´s just the last few weeks, chances are, that some might be checking out Classic WoW, and that leaves the open world on The Sha’tar, Moonglade ans the Steamwheedle Cartel feeling empty.

I imagine, that some of these players will return sooner rather than later, but I cannot know for sure, of course :slight_smile:

As Aiyvah points out, this place is a fairly quiet one, compared to Argent Dawn, however, which means that walk-up RP is very rarely a thing outside of guild-based events.

It could also be caused by the “in between” Patches period, right now too. Here´s to hoping, that activity will increase, and that you do not have to move to Argent Dawn :droplet:


Hello there! Alunaria already said everything I wanted to say (as usual!). I’ll just add that if your character has an interest in herbalism and botanical matters in general, the Botany Band is an Alliance-centric guild which runs events every Monday and the grand majority of them is open to general public. :four_leaf_clover:

If you have an interest in the Horde side (which is more active at the moment–but the Band is working on changing that! :sunglasses:), I can recommend the Hand of the Titans, the Convocation of Elrendar, the Beastmaw Warband and the Coven. The Unseen Vigil too, though not sure about their activity levels these days.

That said, I’d love to see you in Dalaran on Monday! We always post RP invitations on the forums and welcome every friendly adventurer with a green thumb. :evergreen_tree: (The event tomorrow is The Dark Side of Botany)


I would like to point out that the Botany Band is even more welcoming than this Titan Hand says they are :slightly_smiling_face:

I have many alts, none of whom can be said to have particularly green thumbs…

But every single one (even those racially belonging to the opposite faction) has been heartwarmingly welcome at the Botany Band’s open events.

And every single one of their events that I (or an alt) has attended, has been entertaining, interesting, and intriguing :+1:


I believe Horde has a fair bit more activity than Alliance these days, although it’s mostly within the guilds on both factions. Walk-up RP is pretty much dead, unless you happen to stumble upon one of the guilds gathering at a tavern somewhere.

Convocation of Elrendar and Wayward Vagrants have been cooperating a fair bit lately and are doing regular social RP both on their own and with each other.

The Coven are up and about somewhere and the same goes for The Beastmaw Warband, although I believe both of these mostly keep to themselves.


Thanks for reply’s everyone :slight_smile:
Many interestinf rhings i heard here… Fo the first thing, i think i will check iyt that Botany band event invognito on some of my toons who know where Dalaran resides.

A simple question if you will. Can a character of level 20 for example, gain access to Broken isles Dalaran the same way we can get lowbies to Northrend Dalaran?


Aye! The Band has a resident mage who can open portals for low level attendants (and I have a backup mage in case the aforementioned resident mage can’t make it) and get them to Dalaran before the event.

That said, I strongly suggest you grab some Elixir of Tongues on your main and send it to the low level alt (since we’re going to have at least one OOCly-Horde attendant), as well as get Cross RP addon for extra functionality. The event runner suggests Dice Master as well for extra immersion, although it’s optional.

We will be happy to see you in our Greenhouse! :leaves:


Not sure how relevant these are, since I don’t play Alliance, but either way it could be a nice way to meet some people casually.

The Moonrise and Evening at the Forge.


You are right, Kittin. Those are a good way to meet some new players from time to time. And to see some old faces.
Would it not be great if you could attend Moonrise just once? Perhaps you could disguise as a druid of the antler?


We had a mysterious Pandaren, and a non-night-, non-void- elf at a Moonrise a while back, so I don’t see a problem with Kittin attending, off the top of my head… After all, the Tauren seem to be the most reasonable race in the Horde.

That being said, I realize my Allies might use words like ‘naive’ or ‘foolish’ (or worse :thinking: ) about my strong hope and desire for peace between the sensible races of Azeroth.


I just have to admit I am more interested in life, and nature, than in politics. Especially when ‘politics’ seem so closely linked to conflict and war…

(Uh, sorry this turned into something of a rave, I had caffeine after 10pm.)


All are welcome at the Moonrise as long as they leave their grudges and weapons out of the event and they do not bring up any topic related to the War of Thorns or Sylvanas. The event is to honour a tradition among the Night Elves as a gift to the refugees and so talking about either topic will be frowned upon.


Darn shame. I missed the event but there be new ones. We were just having so good conversation in the past with some undead and time went like fly to the corpse.

Was there couple of hours late though and there were some people still around.


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