Why call it a "catch up gear" when it really doesnt let you catch up

All my alts are doing keys around those keylevels.
Doesn’t seem to be that bad to me. But i am probably myself one of those absolutely trash players, so i do not see it.

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current upgrade system and drops make catch up take as long as farming it from zero. still don’t understand why they dont give full 430 gear to one char. alsso people usually don’t invite you to their keys if you don’t have the rio ,even if you have enough ilvl. so i don’t think anyone is able to catch up anything atm. already playing players with at least one char. with high gear shouldn’t determine how catch up works. it should focus on helping returning players.
don’t get me wrong but if you already have 440ilvl main with alts filled with gear from old events then ofc. you think current catch up gear is okay .

If it would be acc bound it would work
In this form… oy vey, the expansion ends the time you would catch up your alts :roll_eyes:

This is what they’re going to be doing in 10.2.
Once you have reached the max ilvl for a crest in every gear slot, you can then start upgrading those types of crests to the next version.

No word yet on what the exchange rate will be.

And that’s a big change! It solves various issues for world content players (not all, but several).

Here’s a video at a time stamp where the exact post is read and discussed.

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Upgrading crests is a good change. Shame they had to make you upgrade all slots before moving on to the next tier.

The blue post Tah’s vid refers to, if anyone is interested:-

Continuing the discussion from Guardians of the Dream PTR Development Notes:

I agree. Using your overal ilvl would work just fine imo.
This is a bit prohibitive when it comes to certain slots which tend to be hard to come by.


I’m farming those key levels atm on my DK and it’s rare that a run goes south. I’m often topping or 2nd on damage as tank but who cares. I’m just there for the crests, not like I’m looking for score.

So if my main has mostly Veteran pieces, some of which are 8/8 (As getting champion stuff used to be difficult and not all veteran stuff goes in the catalyst for mogs)

Do I need to upgrade ALL of the veteran bits I have to 8/8 and try to ensure all trinkets and rings are veteran 8/8 too (might be tough as some are unique) ?


Replace the lot to Dreamsurge Champion items, re-level them all back up to the veteran ones, then use the weekly crest to finish the progression, and hopefully get the next level set transmog ? Heroic I think ?

I need to know if these surges are for alts or my main ?

(I havent done one yet, trying to save the quests so they wont be wasted)

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Basically, yes.
Unless they change this before it goes live of course.

Only if you want the current tier transmog.
For ilvl you’re just as well off waiting for the next tier, I think. Unless you enjoy going for it of course; then by all means, do that.


If you upgrade them all to 4/8, you’ll be able to exchange Whelp Crests for Drake Crests. This is the one most people likely want (in open world anyhow as we have a lot of Whelps but few Drakes).
When you upgrade them all Veteran pieces to 8/8 you’ll be able to exchange Drake’s for Wyrm’s. Or Champion pieces to 4/8.

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How many people ever WANT to start M+ing?

Maybe a third. Maybe. Personally I doubt it, and would suggest more like 20%-30%, but it could be as high as 35%-40%, I suppose.

So then what is there for the other 60-75%?

There are other branches in this game. M+ was just an example.

I would suggest that nearly all of the people who raid are included with the M+ crowd. Even if they don’t really want to do M+ as an activity, they do want it for the gear.

And then there is PvP - maybe another 10% who don’t also do M+?

My point is that at least half the playerbase don’t do M+, raiding beyond LFR, or PvP beyond random BGs.

And this half are just being insulted by this “catch up” gear.

It’s a catch up gear, not progression gear. Season is still active.

One 402 piece per week (or alternatively adding ~0.07 ilevel each week) is not what I would call catch-up. The next season will be here probably around the time you have got half the set.

one 415 per week. it takes two hours to get 402 set.

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(visits Wowhead)

I sit corrected.

I didn’t realise that 402s were available for the lower currency - I thought that the gear was limited to the thing you can get only once pwe week.

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It takes no time to farm 402, then you simply go to the catalyst and convert those items into LFR pieces for bonuses and more importantly mogs :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thing is, it’s both. So it risks the whole neither fish nor fowl situation.
For M+ players it’s fill in missing slots and get fresh alts to a place to start M+ quickly.
For Open World players it’s a progression gearing system.

For exclusively open world players it’s finally at a stage where acquisition is pretty fast (if you do a Time Rift and a few Dreamsurges you’ll get 1 415 and a coupld of 402s a week, maybe more with rng drops).
But upgrading these will be very slow for opwn world players. We get not really enough Flightstones and nowhere near enough crest (above Whelps).

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