Why did you quit Classic

So i made a post a year exactly ago asking why people had quit just before bwl launch. This a year update to that post.

This is not an attack on you or your friends and family that played Classic at launch etc

Just curious why you stopped playing ? Was it boredom ? Nothing to do ? Leveling took too long ? Server completely unbalanced ? Too repetitive ? Is it SL on retail ?

There has been a significant drop off. Those who say there isn’t are in denial. People I used to see online all the time are just raid logging or not even doing that anymore. The number of people levelling has dropped drastically I play on 4 servers. Type /who 1-59 don’t even see sometimes 20 players online in that level range on a medium pop , which is crazy. I have since moved to Firemaw where it’s still very active.

So I’m just curious , what has made you leave Classic wow ? Will you come back fresh servers ? Waiting for TBC ? Decided Shadowlands was the game for you ?


I didn’t stop. If your realm is empty then just start on another, you can easily get to level 17.

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I did specify i moved to Firemaw for that reason. Obviously not on this char lol


Did you edit that in?

I tried an empty realm, my god it was awful.


no i didn’t that was in the post.

I levelled a character, did the dungeon gearing, joined a good guild, got MC and Onyxia on farm, I was pretty much done.

Classic was always a museum tour for me since I didn’t play back in the day. After multiple clears of the release raids, I felt my tour was over. Sure, there would be more raids and pvp, but I was not interested in the latter and I knew the former would offer me no interesting changes in gameplay (I played a paladin healer, there’s only so many ways you can press your Flash of Light key). Only thing left for me was goldmakimg and I made a pretty penny with Blacksmithing which was super fun (I was the Whitesoul Helm Guy on the server for a while), but I soon realized that a) Classic goldmaking was pretty much just as ‘solved’ as the pve meta, and b) if I do goldmaking in Retail, that gold actually counts for something more than just a number on the screen due to the Token system. So I was off. It was fun but it was never to be ‘my game’ in the same sense Retail is.

If TBC becomes a reality and lands during a lull in Retail, I’ll probably get a tour of that. But still, just a tour, and it depends how the servers are implemented, I would prefer to be able to play a Draenai Shaman without having to level to 60 all over again.

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A lot of people have multiple reasons.
Reasons in my guild for example though.
10-12 people left for Shadowlands.
10-15 people left after killing KT to save gold for TBC.
Others left for family reasons, can’t commit any longer.

Others left due to the consume cost in Naxx.
I would’ve left as well, but the only thing keeping me in is the fun I have with the guild during raiding.


Because I’ve already experienced it and remembered how bad retri paladins were in vanilla and didn’t want to waste another year or two knowing I’ll still have a crap class. lol.

Bah! Why can’t I post on my beloved Grupp? Hate these arbitrary forum character restrictions

I never did quit, I just treat WoW Classic like any other decent videogame. I play it, ‘finish it’, and then move on to another game for a while, but will always come back to it. I’ve no interest whatsoever in raiding, and so the game ends at 60 as far as I’m concerned.

Once I’ve taken a decent break and focussed on other things I’ll usually feel the itch to return to WoW. Last break I took was admittedly quite long, various RL commitments and issues, along with a burning desire to get a Fallout 4 character to level 100.

Maybe you are playing on “wrong” servers, since PvP was always about (unfair) competition, thus making life for common (leveling) players harder.
While PvE servers have steady and healthy population, where you can do dungeons without boosts and enjoy the game, PvPers do BG, so everyone sre satisfied.
However, I see the “little issue” in that some PvP players would never ever roll on PvE server, because they consider it for something “inferior”, what maybe shouldn’t even exist.
I am playing Classic a lot and I enjoy the game - the retail can’t be compared to that. But when TBC hit, then I’m gonna leave Classic forever, because TBC (and probably WOTLK) are the top expansions, where ppl could stay forever and still enjoy the whole game.

Well im still playing and enjoying the game. Did take a small break though september 2020. Always played with a casual attitude and have cleared all raids up to KT himself.

Those I know who quit left for irl reasons or they got burnt out.

However I must say that it feels as if the game has ended somehow after KTs defeat. I might try a few more clears but aint worth chasing all the T3 when TBC is around the corner anyways.

Still playing - why else would I be on these forums? Just to be that person who hangs around and moans bitterly when they could just move on and find something else they enjoy instead? No thanks!


Still playing. 3 characters. My journey ?

  • World buff gathering.
  • 2x Naxx clear every week with my guilds.
  • GDKP Raid every week.
  • Prep for TBC transition (golds, futures chars, …).
  • Sometime, just chilling, doing nothing productive ingame, but having nice momento.
  • TBC Arena on private server with my friends to train hard, and I can safely say that lot of players will be disappointed with TBC arena. If you are playing vs top private server player, they will just annihilate you no matter what comp they have. The skill difference between a Classic player/Retail TBC player <> TBC private server player for years, are just to high to catch up. There’s to many quality players that are working on TBC Arena for years, they do practically 0 errors in arena, it’s just to hard to compete unless you have an insane dedication by playing 100 games everyday for tons of months to learn. It’s like you are playing football with your friends, and suddently you have to play against FC Bayern Munich. There’s no MMR (matchmaking rating) in TBC, and people know that. Yes, it’s private server, only hardcore are here, low pop blabla, but well … I just hope people in TBC will have the opportunity to play with similar skill opponent (if only Blizzard can implement the Retail or WOTLK MMR on TBC …).

To go back into Classic, Naxxramas is very expensive, GDKP help me a lot otherwise you have to either farm golds yourself by doing boost - I can’t do more boosting honestly, it’s insanely repetitive and I don’t want to end mad. Or stuff in the world, but it’s boring, and infested with bots so I don’t want to waste my time doing that. Or there’s an other way … and I don’t want to go that way obviously.

I primarily enjoy casual PvP in classic, but you had to rank to get the decent gear in Classic but ranking really really sucks a lot.
And this wasn’t in the original vanilla despite the #nochanges promise, because these item levels that r12+ gear has was not in the game until Naxx, so people didn’t care at all about ranking since the rewards weren’t essential.
Like there was no 4.00 2h with 80 DPS at all until Naxx. Feels like something out of a Chinese/Korean Pay2Win MMO that they add just to milk peoples wallets.

I hate the gbid/boost/reserved meta.
Never again am i playing on a high pop server, people there are toxic as hell.


Fulfilled my nostalgia quota and felt like it was time to move on.

I enjoyed Classic, not all of it felt like Vanilla (as was expected), but it did confirm to me that WoW will go down as one of the best in gaming history, even if the modern game and players have changed.


I’m still playing but only for upcoming TBC. Boost sellers (and buyers alike) have infested the gameplay so it’s next to impossible to find groups for dungeons.

I’ll wait for TBC or fresh vanilla realms.

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won’t they dissapear with tbc though ?

You also like to post mad non sense on that character :smiley:. I remember you telling me classic economy was going to be fine :grinning:

The unblizzlike incentivizing of ranking was actually a huge deal for the entire game I think. Because even if you aren’t interested in hardcore PVP, it reallly ensures that almost all the people you are going to play with in much of the content are going to be the rankers who are online 24/7 who are only interested in farming you to get their BIS, premading and intentionally avoiding other premades.