Why is everything full again?

at the beginning it was still fun in SoM. but now the areas are too full of players :((((( that also totally destroys the atmosphere and the gaming experience :sob:

ye playin on dead server with no1 to party is way more fun
u ppl are never satisfied.


Destroys the atmosphere? some people got issues lol


Well, it’s a fresh start on classic, of course people are gonna fill it up, although there are medium populated servers to play on, i think.


i have the opposite problem, i play on the biggest eu server and because of the 7 layers u meet almost nobody outside anymore, not nearly as many people around

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On Kingsfall ally side i see more players than mobs at any given time and that’s not a good sign. On horde side i can only hear crickets.

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I heard they removed the layering on Kingsfall (or some servers). It’s crazily crowded at curve level (lvl 15-35 I think?). And the dynamic spawn system doesn’t work properly in every area.

Better too full than too empty

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It seems like they removed the layers and as a result every zone particularly low and mid levels are stupidly crowded.

Hopefully the players crying for “Remove layers”, “Layers are bad”

will realise what the point of layers actually is and not whine so much about them

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I can see the issue with wen there is more players than mobs, quest objects etc.

I would not mind at least the first phase they have more layers on it, make it look there is people around but enough for everyone to get quest done and group together and not make it completely hollow and one sided faction dominant.

Places like STV right now is for sure a nightmare on most servers and contributes of me losing my hair. ha…ha…ha.

yes i agree tyy for posting

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