Why is there more pvp servers?

Just wondering why did blizzard make so many pvp servers and like only 3 pve servers? I mean it wasn’t like that in vanilla so why did they choose to do it this time around?

A lot of people want to PvP. And that’s part of the theme. Also it’s nor vanilla-ish if you don’t get obliterated by a rogue for no reason at least once.


Well didn’t it cost blizzard alot of money since hundreds of thousands of people quit when pase 2 came out and the horde just greifed the alliance to bits to where they couldn’t play at all anymore. I remember people predicting it, but I don’t think people want to pvp more. Just look the pve scene is MUCH larger than the pvp scene in retail.
I feel alot of people felt they had no choice but to join a pvp server because there was like 10 times more pvp servers.

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A lot of more hardcore players want WPvP and PvP in general so they roll on such realm. Then others that say want to join a strong, speedrunning even guild will look and pick PvP realm because hardcores are already there. Then friends of friends will want to play together and join that PvP realm. And new guys - will see PvP mega realms, lots of info and drama on them - will pick them more than PvE realms…

PvP servers are more popular than PvE servers.

Well on retail I pvp alot I do alot of arenas and bg’s mainly. But I hardly ever go on warmode I hate world pvp. But I felt forced to join a pvp server on classic because blizz werent clear about whether the bg’s were going to be cross server or not until late after classic after started. I thought well if I join a pve server and they turn out to be server specific bg’s how would I get grand marshal if no one is signing up for bg’s since all the pvp will be on pvp servers.

A huge regret on my behalf joining a pvp server, and I had no desire to start up again with a long level grind on another server. But that was my experiance in the early days of classic.

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Because pvp servers are the only real way to play classic. PvE is just… npc fights.


This is actually one of the biggest myths. I played on a PvE server in vanilla and there was plenty of GM’s and HW’s on my realm. In fact PvE server players tend to like BG PvP too, once again on my vanilla realm they was very active and a lot of rivalry. The reason most players choose PvE servers is not because they dislike PvP but because they want to take away the opposites factions ability to grief while they are out in the open world or leveling and prefer to PvP when they decide they want to PvP.


You know that as someone grinding for rank you’re only competing against the guys on YOUR own faction+server, right? :joy:
We got many Rank 13’s and 14’s here on this PvE realm already.
I love it here, I can go PvP when I want to, there’s actually a fair bit of WPvP especially in Silithus these days, but it’s obviously ‘opt-in’.
And I can go sign up for a BG when I wanna melt some faces there.
Best of both worlds to me honestly, peaceful mindless farming with Youtube on other monitor when I want to, PvP when I want to. :slight_smile:

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Nah dude, someone is not interested in, unfortunately, broken wPvP, with a bad set mechanics, which allows you to gank and grief lowbies for the whole day and without any sort of penalization.
I don’t think PvP servers are bad in essence, but there rather concetrate players with toxic behavior due to the option of unlimited wPvP.
Yet, many players from PvP servers are encoutering the bad and dirty behavior during this SL event…but they chose what they want - PvP with every good and bad aspects. I’d describe the environment on PvE server less toxic and more calm, because there concetrate higher number of older, experienced players, who don’t have a time to deal with some camping griefing noobs. You have your progression more under the control, what is quite important if you have limited time to play WoW.
I’d be for more PvE servers, no problem with filling them to a medium-high pop.


Nothing says world PvP like getting ganked non stop :slight_smile:


Everyone here - literally everyone - who says it’s just “getting ganked non-stop” or “corpse run simulator” are failing at PvP servers.

The reason PvP servers are the best is because they incentivise team play and server reputation.

On my server I am considered a major threat by most horde - the guild tag I have is a repellant because they know our guild supports each other. This means that if a fight escalates and I bring in the boys 99/100 it becomes a curb stomp. Our average player is also worth like 2 horde imo so that helps.

GiT Gud plebs

Pvp server are for the pirate server monkeys uncapable to relate with others.

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I love how private server players are now synonymous for superior players - thanks for the compliment.

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Only horde did wpvp and ‘griefed’ during p2.

Try again.

How many pirate server you need to get hall of fame?

0 becouse they perma wipe on LFR

There are as many servers of each type as is required to meet the demand.

Check out the elitist pwick. I honestly couldn’t care if you and “your boys” are good at the game, it doesn’t matter how good you are when you are vastly outnumbered by the massive faction imbalance then you will die regardless. I’m sure you’ve had a few fights that have fueled your delusions of grandeur and forgotten all the times you’ve been absolutely stomped 1:4. Even APES have been having a hard time with the war effort because they are so outnumbered but I guess they need to “git gud” too. Sort out your superiority complex lad, it’s quite ugly.

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When we got to know that Classic was happening, ppl were crazy about all going into PvP servers in order to feel what was “the real thing” instead of warmode and such so Blizzard made some calculation and opened a bunch of of them compared to Normal ones.

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Hopefully those ppl realized how wrong they were^^ (well, most of them at least, no doubt some ppl do enjoy the grief-fest and mafia collusion)