Why peace is not an option

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Then I take my statement back. :wink:


Zarao: “This man right here assaulted me!”
Man: “No, you are lying! I did not assault you! I just said “Hi”!”
Zarao: “Now you are basically just nitpicking and grasping for words. Just because I said you assaulted me, does not mean I am claiming you assaulted me. When I said “This man assaulted me” I clearly meant that he said “Hi” to me. You are just arguing semantics at this point. You must be really desperate if you get hung up on that word. You are just twisting what I said to make it appear that I lied. Well, I am going to go around tell people you assaulted me, which obviously means hat you said “Hi” to me.”

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Meanwhile the writers at Blizzard are laughing their a…es off because the sh…show that is BfA works out perfectly.

Seriously after playing though Heavensward in FF14 I realized how utterly terrible the overall writing of BfA is.


Alright, thank you Blunderhoof, that is a very reasonable reply.

And yes, it’s best if we let this matter rest, I agree with you and Araphant on that.

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The only thing keeping me from going to the FF14 is the fact that I despise that sort of anime aesthetics.

Bring me a Warhammer MMO that’s worth playing, with mechanics akin to the ones WoW has, but keeping their own way of telling its story.
And I jump ship. Tomorrow.


Reminder that war is hell, bullets do not differentiate between a mass murderer and a healer, and that Paladins are untrustworthy. People spouting about how EVIL others are all the time come under the title of you doth protest too much. Remember the Scarlet Crusade! And Liadrin!


I have been wondering this question on my mind, since you told me about FF XIV.

Do you think that Activision Blizzard might wanted to do something similar to the recent expansion of FF XIV ?

After watching a video from HeelvsBabyface, of what the story was like in FF XIV, I get the idea Activision Blizzard came with a similar take.

I mean in both narratives the PC struggles with his moral, what is right, what is wrong.
Especially the Horde Pc.

But while in FF XIV the story came as natural, because it’s a continuation, in BFA it simply doesn’t work.
Because you have two factions.

What’s your opinion ?
I am really interested, because if this is true than Activision Blizzard might be seeing FF XIV as a serious threat to their monopoly over MMOG.

Because this would not be the first time.
They offered free trial period when Shadowbringers was being launched.


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I think the biggest difference between Final Fantasy and WoW is the fact that the player character in FF actually has a personality or at least some shades of it especially however during the Dark Knight questline, which is a very, very personal story about you. No saving the world, no big bad guy: It’s about you.

You’re not the “Champion do everything!” guy without anything else: You actually have friends (The Scions, Hauchefant and so many more), your character actually has feelings and reacts during certain events, and the characters in the story actually acknowledge you. And in the Dark Knight quests you actually go through the stages of grief showing how all the fighting, killing and doing all the thankless jobs for everyone on the world has taken a toll on you. You are an integral part of the storyline.

Remove the ‘Warrior of the Light’ from Final Fantasy and the story does not work. Remove the Champion from WoW and the story would not care because our character in WoW is nothing more than a walking camera used to show us how the real main characters act and react during certain events.

Maybe Blizzard tried something similar. Maybe it would have worked better in a Classic world where the adventurers were an intregral part of the World of Warcraft. Nowadys our characters might as well not exist. Every threat is dealt with by NPCs and at best we’re mentioned in an embedded sentence.

And maybe the whole thing could actually work even when our characters are nothing more than a camera…when both factions would actually have to ask the question about morality.

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Getting some rather unpleasant vibes about Sereluna and Anouk here, which I have to say, are not isolated events. Can you in future, try to actually remain civil to others on the forums, and accept that anyone with a differing opinion is not in some way mentally deficient, they may just have a differing opinion.

Also, Sereluna, when you wish to apologise for your mockery of a physical condition that classes as a disability, I will read it patiently, and accept it, and no more need be said.

I honestly do not understand how we can’t move on from “The Horde? Yeah, Done loads of bad shiz, absolutely. Mind, the Alliance had a couple of shakey moments” “NO They Did Not!” “Well, they kind of did, I mean nowhere near Horde levels of bad, but still bad” “No They Did Not!” “Wait, wait, These are two actions, that happened in our real world, that are now regarded as War Crimes…The Alliance did both of these things. The Horde did far more, and worse, but the Alliance did both of these things”
“NO! Why are you always banging on about this War Crime the Alliance committed as if it was a War Crime or something! And then this other War Crime, as if -that- was a War Crime!”


“OK, Lets try this again, the Horde does lots of bad and nasty stuff, but sometimes, sometimes the Alliance does too, now that doesn’t excuse the Horde nasty stuff” "NO! "
“What do you mean ‘No?’ I mean they did it. They’re quite, proud of it…” “NO! The Alliance would not do that!”
“Well, they kind of do, I mean, you are given direct orders by Vereesa Windrunner to go and kill at least three civilians, and maybe six Dragonhawks, maybe just automedicate them and put them to sleep”
“No that…that happens, that’s a quest”
“Only Two Sunreaver Guards Died in Dalaran”
“Oh Jeez, right, OK, as the Alliance -hero- you -PERSONALLY- kill 50% more civilians, than you just stated died in total. Just let that sink in. You kill more -civilians- than you claim died of military and total personnel, these factors are mutually exclusive. There isn’t any argument here. You kill them. These are legal residents of their city of birth, You’re not. You’re storming into their shops/mugging them at swordpoint in the bank, and telling them, with no legal authority, that they have to abandon their homes, right now, without their belongings, and go somewhere else, based on their racial background.”

“And you’re the ‘Good Guys’?”


Getting some rather unpleasant vibes here. It is quite telling that you target me, yet ignore Zarao, who has blatantly lied, had it proven to him, yet refuse to admit it.

I will inform you the moment I feel like doing it. Maybe not start commenting on people’s real life disposition, and these things will not happen.

“By the way, did I tell you guys that I think the Purge of Dalaran was a bad thing? I feel like I have not stressed that enough!”

At your age, you would think one would have exited that childhood mentality where you think you can make an long-winded imaginary conversation between yourself and a strawman-version of your opponent, present it to them, and think they will actually find your conversation convincing. Like, legit, no one looks at your fictional conversations with yourself and thinks “Wow, this guy sure understood my side of the argument and presented it in a honest manner, and definetly not in a way tailored to make me look ridiculous by misrepresentation while he seems reasonable by contrast. I am convinced!”

That is such a boomer thing to do.

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With all due respect, I would check your own level of civility on this thread before getting onto that high horse.


Who wants :ice_cream: ?

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Blizzard should probably just shut this whole thread.

I mean, it was a trolling attempt since the start. Obviously it would’ve devolved into…this.

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Y’all need to a drink of fresh water.

Or milk.

This is just atrocious.


I suggested ice-cream. Great in this weather.


I’ll have some soy milk, I support Baine and Saurfang after all.


Gosh guys. What the fu… hell is happening here? It is a story forum… a cere bear part of the WoW community… OK, not THAT bad… not really.

But at least most of the time it is possible to discuss and make jokes here without personal assaults. But this thread is sad.

Just remember we all are people, we all have feelings, just try to discuss civilized…

@Sereluna and @Brigante, just remember, you both are elves, stop fighting each other and concentrate your hate towards your common enemy: the The trolls (Sorry @Zarao you are kinda collateral damage, but someone has to act as a lightning rod)

And Baine: Do you have caramel ice cream? Because caramel > choc > others.


Gives Nadred milk choc and caramel ice cream


If you wouldn’t be team Blue, we could become friends :cry: