Will I need to make a new lvl 60 to use in TBC

As much fun as Im having with warr in classic Id love to play a paladin in TBC Im wondering if I need to lvl one right now to use in the upcoming TBC servers?

Well, it’s not confirmed that we’re having TBC yet… so there’s no information at all about this.


would be nice for them to give some kind of info before any suprise release to give people time to lvl a new class. Id rather not invest the time only to have it not be the case that characters are carried over from classic.

Well, people are presuming that information would be released on next Blizzcon.

So you’ll likely get information then.
It could be “fresh tbc servers” or it could be “continuing servers”
There’s just no information, so it’s generally up to you whether you want to risk the time.

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Guess Ill just wait if the case turns out it will be continuing servers I guess warrs werent bad in TBC as far as I remember.

TBC is much more balanced compared vanilla so there are no bad classes. And you can play any spec and still be viable with any class.


Yeah, we will see how many bring a Rogue over anything else when time comes ^^

More balanced, means more classes are actually viable.
Not just a warrior/rogue comp.

Now it comes down to whether people min-max.
Which a lot of guilds do and don’t.

If Classic has shown us anything, is that people follow min/mix and metas even tho its not always needed. I would be careful saying class is irrelevant due to more balance. The variaty is indeed bigger, but it doesnt mean much for some classes and speccs. If one happens to be one of them, “more balance” wont help you getting invited ^^

Once the word is out that, e.g, Rogues bring nothing to the table, I doubt people will invite them to any larger extent - even tho the content in mind would and could be cleared regardless. Nobody wants to drag out anything more than needed.

This is why is important to have guild and friends. Then it is not about what you bring to table only in raid, but how you help guild in general. Then you get raid spot too. I’m playing prot pally in classic btw…

Most people think there will be one of five ways it will launch and these are in no particular order.

  1. Brand new TBC realms with no transfers. Starting from level 1 again.
  2. New TBC realms with a transfer option from Classic.
  3. All realms upgraded to TBC and a new Classic realm(s) with no transfer.
  4. All realms upgraded to TBC and a new Classic realm(s) with a one way transfer.
  5. All realms upgraded to TBC and no classic realms at all.

Notice I say transfer not copy, it’s a big difference. 5 was the way it worked back in 2007.

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no, blizzard is not going to be stupid enough to invalidate the time and effort put into characters, by major chunk of the playerbase, just to appease a minority of angry chicken currently being very loud.

That’s so not true. Every spec is viable in classic aswell. Tbc will not make ret paladins amazing DPS. It’s not optimal to run only resto druids either, or to have 5 shadow priests. You CAN ofc do all this in TBC and in classic, but it’s pretty much the same result.

Isnt there a group of people who are also saying there is one more way, being:
Instant 58 on ‘fresh’ servers, without the ability to transfer from Classic ones.

Those people are just crazy.


We don’t know yet, but I doubt they’re going to make us start from scratch because it would piss off a good chunk of the playerbase (me included).
They’ll probably convert most servers into TBC servers and the remaining Classic servers into fresh ones.

What are taling about?

It is true.

Some spec are just too bad compared to others. Like compare boomkin and mage. Or enha shaman and fury warrior. There are so big differences in viablitiy, it not in TBC. There are differences but much smaller.

It will.

I never said it is good to have raid composed of same class/spec combinations. In TBC is much more revarding to have variety of class/specs in raid.

Ret pallys, especially on alliance side, is sheit DPS for raid compare to other classes.

It is on pair with other melee dps. Now in vanilla warriors and rogues are far better.

No one knows for sure if we’ll be able to bring our Classic chars to TBC. But I’m 99% sure we will. If we don’t, hundreds of thousands of players will be pissed and quit.