Wintrading in Solo Shuffle

…got out of hand as of lately. You get in with 0 rating chars who one game play like s**t and another are brilliant pvp’ers with perfectly coordonated CC on healers and the whole shenanigans
And at the end of these games theres always with 5 or 6 wins
How can we counter this ?!


I’m like 600 rounds in across all my chars on all kinds of different MMRs and haven’t seen wintrading once. Same for my mates with even more games. Cannot be that big of an issue, most of you seem to confuse very inconsistent or tilted players with wintraders.

The only place where you could even pull wintrading off consistently is the absolute top of the ladder, where you keep meeting the same people over and over again anyways.


I noticed the issue being discussed in this topic as well. So apparently it is an issue that a lot of people are noticing and Im not surprised boosters have found a way into Solo Shuffle


I have seen player on my team playing absolut worse never pressing a def cd kick or cc and on the other healer there where pumping and playing rly good
But they could just have a bad game and tryhard against me because the blame me for the L and wont too show me something

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wintrading is easy in soloQ

I’ve had players purposefully stay mounted and afk against their friends to boost their friends win rates and then when they are on their friends team they will play

this has happened to me personally 3 times this week

  • i cant name them, forum policy … but its obvious people are throwing games on purpose

i report so many people in SoloQ its an actual profession at this point

you toxic - report
you throwing games - report
you win trade - report



so what can a normal player do to avoid this? any ideas?


How do you spot someone wintrading? How does it even work? Do they wait for queues to pop at the same time?

yes man , read in this topic more : Solo Shuffle Declined

I don’t think it’s wintrading. I think it’s you not reading the game properly.

It’s kinda the issue when some people are convinced they play perfect, but eventually Solo Shuffle humbles them. Sure it may occur that you lose, because your teammates played badly.
EG: You play Holy Paladin, you play vs Disc Priest. All melee Shuffle when people train healer to death. There’s no way, if they’re bad enough, that you’ll win anything as Hpal in that Shuffle. Disc just hard counters you with MD and you need peel to survive as squishiest healer…

And it’s usually easy to blame players, sometimes you may be right. If the Paladin from my example got blamed… he would be blamed without justification. It’s not HIS fault.

But on the other hand there are multiple other players that play very badly and blame it on others, even though they deserve their losses.
Most common mistakes people blame on others:

  • “You didn’t do enough damage with me, but you did with enemy team, don’t troll me.” - it may be the case that for example Destro Warlock, didn’t do enough damage, because the player were fighting near pillar, frequently tanking damage and having bad position therefore Warlock couldn’t cast
  • “You didn’t do enough healing, enemy healed lot more, look at our damage” - it might be the case, but it may also be caused by not peeling, targeting wrong players and not CCing properly, while enemy team actually did CC healer and thus earned kills

Most common mistakes people are not realising are huge mistakes that can turn around game:

  • bad target (leaving Destro Warlock free cast, because there is squishier class, like Ret)
  • tanking damage (not hiding when needed)
  • not reading situation (enemy used Stormkeeper, I have still 80%, it’s fine to line healer and not press Cloak)
  • bad position (lining healer, or actually dragging enemies to healer’s melee, lining teammate caster)
  • not peeling (not using CC on DPS, therefore team tanking lot more damage)

As you can see those most common mistakes are hard to read… you may think “oh why is he doing so much damage when he’s on enemy team, but not enough with me”…
But maybe it’s because he’s getting CCed while with you, because other players are better, and he’s not getting stopped thus he has free reign when he’s against you.


Nah mate wintrading 100% trust me bro, how else could I have lost :upside_down_face:

Sure, it happens, but you face them once every few hundred games. People really need to stop instantly labelling trolling/inting/inconsistency as wintrading every time. If you really get one of those lobbies, laugh at them for being pathetic and move on.


Oh and people not pressing defensives.
I’ve had many games where people died with defensives ready, I tell them to use them and they respond “I did”.

Because often they press like 1 defensives and ignore others. This is mistakes mostly done by Evokers and Ele Shaman. They used their all defensives generally means they used Obsidian Scales / Astral Shift, but I’ve found that most of the times these classes die without pressing Renewing Blaze / Earth Elemental. Like 50%+ or more people do this mistakes. And of course people not using their stuff properly (Grounding Totem, not using Tremor at all, not using Reverse Magic…)


I guess the wintraders have joined the chat lol

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Even if this exists, they are definitly not on 1100 lol


I mean, they starting from 0 , so at some point they are

0 cr, but they start at 1500 mmr. About 50% of the players never saw an mmr below 1500

Ye I really think you either are trolling or you heavily overestimate your abilities which prevents you from learning and improving.

Try to record your games, we’ll see if you’re correct or not. And possibly even point out what you could’ve done better.

bla bla bla

Ive been at 500 mmr. Lol. You would not believe the stuff going on at 500 mmr :smile:


i told you this months ago and you told me to shut it ;D