World of Warcraft common issues and solutions

Hello fellow World of Warcraft players.

If you're reading this you've no doubt run into a Warcraft related problem, whether in-game or otherwise. While it can be frustrating to navigate through the support site or wait for a response, worry not, for this guide is meant to lead you through the more common problems you might encounter in Azeroth and beyond.

While the guide offers help with the most common issues it can’t possibly cover everything and is not meant to replace the support site but simply act as a simplified troubleshooter.

So without further ado, here it is.

Self Services

Item Restoration

You can perform an item restoration once every 7 days here.
For more info on item restoration and limitation check the support article.

Move a Stuck Character

Using a hearthstone or any equivalent is the preferred way to deal with such a situation.

If unsuccessful/unavailable, use the self-service option for Shadowlands or Classic to move your character.

Mail Recovery

You may recover sent mail (if it has not yet been opened) as well as deleted and expired mail here.

Character Undelete

You can undelete one character every seven days. The service is available in-game on your character selection screen. For information and limitations check the support article.

Remove Starter Edition

If you have an unused/unwanted World of Warcraft starter account you may remove it here.

Common Issues

Interface Problems

If you’re experiencing interface display and/or settings issues, try resetting your interface. The steps include creating a backup in case you feel like it didn’t get the desired results.

If you continue having issues and suspect an addon/macro changed a console variable you can reset those using the command /console cvar_default in the chat box.

Missing Characters

Before contacting support due to missing characters, make sure you’ve done all the steps listed here.

If you cannot find your realm in-game try sorting the realms alphabetically.

Report a Bug

You can report bugs in-game following the steps detailed here.

Payment Issues

Here are some solutions to common payment issues.

You should also make sure you’re using an accepted payment method.

Paid Character Services

Information on paid character services and limitations:

Shadowlands Character Boost
Faction Change
Race Change
Name Change
Character Transfer
Guild Services


Refund character service, guild service, or WoW Token
Refund other World of Warcraft purchase

Account Hacked

Follow the steps listed here and open a support ticket.

Using a Blizzard Authenticator is strongly recommended.


I've compiled this guide based mostly on repeating questions I've seen here. No doubt it will go unnoticed for many, but for those who do find it useful it must be invaluable compared to sitting waiting for someone to respond to their topic or navigating the support site on their own.

If you feel like the guide is missing something or is somehow unclear you’re more than welcome to comment, I’ll do my best to keep it updated.

I would like to give credit to Pachimari and The Ultimate Forum Guide (Codes, Trust Levels, FAQ) for making it easy for me to make this guide more visually appealing and easier to navigate.

Also I am 100% fine with anyone translating/reposting it on other forums if they feel like doing so, you have my blessing. I would do that myself if I could.


Oh wow, great job @Chronormi.

Very well put together <3

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Thanks Chronormi!


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Hey, I made a purchase for SL but on a wrong region (US, which i dont even know why i have an acc there since I live in EU). I tried to find a way to refund it but with no luck. I made a ticket which status says opened but got now answer so far (i know it might take a little time). Any chance you can tell me step by step the procedure once i am logged in my battle net account so i can ask for a refund without waiting for an answer? Regards.

Hey, I added a refunds section hope that helps. If you’re still having I suggest you open a separate topic

thank you very much but its not that easy haha. When I tried the link you added it directs me to the battle net page in EU and as a results its says " None of your orders are eligible for refund

Make sure you are signed into the correct account." The thing is that I have only 1 acc and because I bought the SL on the US it says the above “quote”. I really dont know what to do. I opened a ticket and I am waitin for their answer. but anyways thanks a lot

Try the us version of the refund page

But like I said it’s generally better to ask in a new topic instead of on an existing, unrelated one.

You did it m8, thank you very much!

Hello, I bought shadowlands and added it to my starter edition. When I cancel the starter edition, will shadowlends automatically move to the main account? Thank you.

Answered in your thread here:

I just purchased Shadowlands and subscribe for a month but I can’t log in with my main character because it says “it’s locked out due to billing issues”. I am able to login with any other character. I didn’t purchase any boost or something. I opened a ticket but the average ticket wait time is 13 days 17 hr. Is there any solution for that?

It’s better if you open a new topic (or reply to a similar recent topic if such already exists) if you have issues instead of replying to a pinned topic which people may ignore.

@support i need some help getting my ticket resolved im replying instantly but im having 2 hours in-between each ticket folow up were at final point of resolving the issue - EU76138536(ticket ID)

This is just a sticky thread for common issues and solutions made by another player.

GM’s do not frequent the forum and you cannot bypass the queue for such.

This sticky has come in handy, not gonna lie

Good job, guys! Big thumbs up from Toonn with lots of love!!

hello I have used all the normal suggestions to fix a problem I am having across all my chars at log on and at other times in gameplay it pops up, " You have an unopened item in your Collection " I have checked all my collection windows, and even got another player to do it just in case I missed something,… I have reset the game settings, I have gone as far as to uninstall the game and reinstall the game and the problem is still there (without Add-ons) I have made a bug ticket twice over 3 weeks and still get no help,… I am on Retail Beastybob hunter on server Eu Doomhammer,… So please help me to fix this problem as it seems to be server-side and seem’s to have started after I brought an Item of the in-game store during a promotion some months ago now, which I am now using ( Mount) but every day I log on I get the message, on every char even after changing zone or using a flight point… Kind of desprate now, as cant get any help from anywhere even after using support :frowning: