WoW against his "competitor"

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FF14 is a Japanese product?

The extreme fetishization says so. The always agreeable laughter from the girls in the video says so too.


Nope. Gnomes and goblins actually resemble people with dwarfism, although short in stature you can clearly see they have adult bodies.


Yes ? I never said the opposite :smiley: Especially goblins. Gnomes just looks funky to me but yes they are adults. Lalafells just suffer from asian cutesy syndrome.


Just play the mmo you like. Praise FF14 on the FF14 FORUMS. This is the wow forums. Dont be like Anna.


This is like saying Old school runescape is gonna be Classic’s competetor

… It doesn’t really work now does it …?

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I try other MMOs and I always end up back in WoW. I guess we all like different things.

Some will play multiple games, some stick to one :slight_smile:

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same. ive tried everything. but the only one ive replayed is wow.

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I have multiple characters at max level…

If there is one thing blizzard is consistent at it is their inconsistency in regards to lore and the games story. Whenever a character is put in front of the story of wow it’s a high risk that he, she or it is going to be thrown the idiot ball like Kil’Jaeden in ToS, or made more significant that he actual is like Illidan post resurrection, whom did nothing than present his magical bu*tplug because it was cool, to open a portal to a location that should have 100% destroyed us shortly thereafter. People though WoD story was the low point, something blizzard have managed to prove us otherwise.

Meanwhile in FFXIV the little things we encountered while levelling through 1-50 continues to have payoff even into the expansions and it’s patches, seemingly minor characters making their reoccurrence either seeking more aid, or aiding the hero after having shown some kind of growth. Since ARR there have been two consistent red threads we have been following, one being enduring the Empires onslaught, while the other have been dealing with the threat of certain masked individuals, the motives from both of these villainous forces have also been made clear as the story have progressed and never deviated without an underlying cause.

A large amount of bosses in FFXIV got their own themes, there are also distinct dungeon tracks for each expansion tier not to mention unique tracks for the story heavy dungeons. Meanwhile wow still got dungeons and raids with largely ambient music.

While skill effects can be a bit over the top they are never the less pleasantly presented.
The dungeons are also largely good looking, one of the most recent dungeons added to the game got a great mixture of various themes from earlier story sections, same with the music for said dungeon.

I take it you played lala… Who are efficently the dwarves/gnomes of the ffxiv world. While looking comically they can quickly make up for it through cunning actions.

Meanwhile the armor designs are unfortunately quite ridiculous when it comes to 1-50, and there are certain armors where female characters get the short end of the stick such as the first Dragoon set. But once you hit 50 and beyond a wide variety of well designed outfits that aren’t just a bodypaint with oversized shoulders. Though they are a bit too happy about slapping coats on everything.

Also the poledancer skill have been removed.

Someone clearly just skipped over the text whenever there was no voice acting. Also the nodding have become kind of a running gag since the main character is a “silent” protagonists, even though he/she does talk to inform about things.

WoW’s success was that it was the first mainstream MMO, meanwhile FFXIV managed to recover from what could be deemed one of the worst games ever made by a AAA studio. And not only did it recover, it actually managed to push itself up to be among the most popular games of it’s genre.

Story and music…

Yeeh now this, a long with the lack of a through wardrobe system such as WoW, GW2 and ESO are one of the biggest complaint that makes it hard to stick to the game for prolonged periods since you constantly got to battle with your own inventory.

And to finish off again. WoW and FFXIV unfortunately got some awful open world content compared to GW2. For being MMOs there is a disappointing lack of world events we team up in… WoW got world quests which people tried to make a party thing in legion, but blizzard gutted that feature in BFA, meanwhile FFXIV got fates which are resemble GW2 events, but are largely barebone. Once you are done with all the quests and reputations in wow and ffxiv, you are pretty much 100% done with the zone and don’t need to return save for some crating materials, there is hardly any teamwork in either of the games for completing these “events”. Meanwhile GW2 got multiple map wide public bosses with multiple phases and rewards you with something you generally need, over 100 players going together helping each other to finish these world events. Legion pre event was a close contender, but guess blizzard disliked it…

None of these games are perfect, and could only gain by learning from each other.

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Final Fantasy VII was the last one of that series that was any good. VIII was kinda alright. IX was just disjointed, just weird, and the characters overly silly.
The current stuff is just creepy, it started heading that way with IX, then the ‘Charlies Angels’ version of the game. "No, that is not empowering women, that is making all three of the characters sexualised. Right, OK, oh, the next versions are even worse? Wait, you’re producing an MMORPG, and you actually legitimately have bunny girls in it? Like in Hugh Hefner’s mansion? Wait, this is serious? You have Playboy fantasies running around as playable characters, and their costumes are as skimpy as a skimpy thing, that went to college to learn skimpiness, after doing secondary school exams to be skimpy.

Yeah. That is a problem. The music is bad, the cutscenes are bad, the races are bad, in fact everything is bad, which is why it is going the way of all the other “WoW Killers”. It is going to stay small and niche, which is fine, but that niche probably makes a lot of adults feel uncomfortable.

Now if it was an MMORPG based on the Final Fantasy VII universe, I would be all over that.

Bunnygirls however? Naw thanks.

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FF14 leveling is more ar$e than wows.


That’s when you know someone didn’t play the game more than lv 20 and comes to write a summary.
Only your take on the races can be agreed on, since it’s a matter of taste. But coming from a BE…

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I play both FFXIV and WOW and have for many years. There are some good and bad things about each expansions.

FFXIV is in a much better spot now because they have a damn good storyline with Shadowbringers and that expansion is their highest ranked ever.

WOW well has BFA and we know how that is ranked and how players feel about it. WOW could learn a few things from the developers of FFXIV, first admit that you made a huge mistake with WOD and BFA. Redesign WOW in a way that has rewarding and fun content. Focus on a good storyline and remember that it is ok to have a grind as long as it is disguised as the player having fun.

Having to grind WQ’s at the measly rate of 75 to 85 xp is not anyone’s idea of fun in WOW. And I think WOW needs to stop focusing in dungeons and raids as the end game, there are many other things to do. For example in FFXIV you can level up your professions at the end, which are relevant.

I will say that the one thing I hate about FFXIV is that you are forced to do dungeons, but with their new system you can do dungeons with npcs, without having to wait for groups to form. This is a saving grace and you can continue with the main storyline. WOW should look at implementing something similar as the wait times is just too long for dungeons and raids.

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i have never tried FF14, but after finally looking at one of its trailers, its aesthetic doesn’t appeal to me. im not saying anything about the gameplay, but i prefer either a “fantasy” setting like LotR, which WoW used to do really well, but i feel has lost its way a tad with space and certain zones like mechagon which are too “technologically advanced”, or i prefer a futuristic sci fi setting like 40K (when it isn’t getting the IP destroyed) or star trek. FF14 just seems too much like a manga style which never appealed to me.

but my question… … …

in regards population, is there a split of players like there is in WoW? or does everyone play together.

im not talking about servers, but regions (NA, EU, China, Taiwan & Korea). if they are NOT separated, then it sorta doesn’t matter that FF14 has less overall players, cause theoretically you can all play together and the areas will feel populated.

thats one of the annoying things recently with people saying “wow is still doing well as it has 5M+ subs, more than anyone else”. that is a misleading view. in regards the company and finances, then yes thats the most appropriate way of looking at it… … …

but for the player (which is the most important thing to us), wow is like 5 SEPARATE games (? im guessing China, Taiwan and Korea cant play together in the same way we as EU cant play with them or NA) . one for each region. it doesn’t matter that NA might have 100M players if EU “only” has 500K. and of course this is made FAR worse by blizzard keeping all the servers open, even though many are basically dead. so for somethings in that scenario, 500K might actually only feel like 1-2K.

and remember with blizzards push for the eastern markets (have we already forgotten diabalo immortal?) that means that if the number of players in the east keep rising, it wont matter to blizzard that the NA and EU playerbase keeps getting smaller, cause overall, they will still 5M+.

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Manga, well that’s certainly not racist.

It’s not, just because it’s Japanese doesn’t mean it’s manga.

It’s more like the old battlegroup system WoW had.

Server tech is what really let’s FF14 down.

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5 : Characters

Ever since BfA, it all has turned into Desperate Housewives

I just meme and make fun of it every turn, giving Sylvanas mustaches and just regarding Jaina as an emotional mood-swing mess.

Keep it up Blizzard, but you made your characters the joke of every community, like FF, we talk about your product in other games and laugh about these “stories”


She is extremely consisted with her wc3 version.
Same brainfreezed attitude, same loyalty swings, basic b.

They haven’t finished yet with her story, but she is a great villain imo, cause sometimes you like her, sometimes you are scared af.

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Personally, I think they’re just writing off the top of the footnotes of the stories.

Like an example me and my friends throw out when the Tidestone was taken, the footnotes would bare say “it got stolen”
But the writing staff could have added a scene how or make it more elaborate.
-but it was cut or not bothered

Same logic with Jaina, Sylvanas, and others. The footnotes could of said “-does something evil”
but they never wrote further into it to make it more convincing, coming off cringy


Just started checking out ffxiv, so far it works like wow except slower with much too much quest text. Will see how it turns out. So far nothing special but I’m gonna compare it myself later once i level up to max.


Yeah because so many people read the WoW story and people loved grinding flying

Mythic + , arena , rbg , pet battle. Any other ideas for end game ? Heck , someone people’s end game is farming archievments , pets , mounts , transmogg

How is this endgame. How will this make me play my character for 200 days

Lich king was more cartoon villain , people loved it in woltk

Because she is a emotional mess ? Did you miss her growth from Warcraft —-> now ? Probably you didn’t even read the books


I guess you have some hidden desired when you think about Ff that way