WoW Classic Character Clone Pricing Update

They are charging money for literally a copy/paste. You ever copied your character on PTR?


You’re comparing copying to temporary servers with copying to permanent servers here. Obviously to upkeep a permanent server, there’s going to be a cost.

They could also have never allowed ppl to copy between classic and tbc?
Like they have been doing for every single expansion so far.

Are they forcing you to copy /paste or do you have the ability to play both versions without paying extra?

Do you hear yourself? Did you read what you just said?

Bringing arguments on why a corporation should rob you out of money.

You’re just a corporate boot licker.


Ok, I see you were at the back of the line when they were handing out common sense.
Have fun getting ‘robbed’ as I’ll be playing the game like intended and the only money I’m losing is my sub fee.


Honestly, i dont think there SHOULD be a price.
But… This is ALOT more fair.
Good job on listening to your comunity blizzard.

Baby steps.
But good job

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I’m still not buying it and i’m not falling for this crap for 1 second, Blizzard have revealed their true intentions when it comes to Classic. “We play WoW alongside you” We’re just like you, come on!


It was just a mistake but they have corrected it

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Either way, ‘honest’ mistake or scummy marketing strat; is it a lot cheaper? Yes.
Did we ever have a cloning service between official game versions? No.
Is this service optional? Yes.



Nono guys. Just boycott this door-in-the-face technique. Do not yield. HODL your money! You are being manipulated. Apes together strong!


The price is too much to high for people with multiple characters imo. There should almost be a bundle option, as 5 characters would cost €75. That is just an insane price to ask for people to keep your Classic Era servers active.

You do realise this is completely optional?


Want a like along with my smile?

Amazing that you for once managed to revert one of your many terrible choices, Blizzard. Unfortunate that you’re rarely so swift to remedy yourselves.

Gotto love their justification for the price tag: " We want the players in classic era to be commited and reliable."

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I’ll be reliable in other games now. Instead of making me feel like I want to play the game for next 12-24 months and sub every month, they just drove me away to other games.

Thank you blizzard that’s a big drop in price much appreciated :heart:

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I should bloody think so too.
Even £12 is still more than I think it should be but at least I can see it being somewhat more acceptable than previously.

What a load of old tosh. Good to know that so many people continue to fall for the good old bait and switch. Thanks for listening? lol


why is it not free I don’t want to pay just to play both you scum bags

Well, looks like it worked on you like a charm.

It’s not good value asking for a fee to copy a character you’ve already got, just for the privilege of continuing on Classic servers and continuing on TBC (which is something we all pay for with our sub-- this is not a new expansion so no it shouldn’t cost money).

£12 is still £12 too much.

It’s possible they did listen; but it’s also possible they do this deliberately to make it look like it’s a more reasonable ask because they ‘compromised’-- this kind of trick in business is very effective because it gives the illusion of consumer power and greater value (look this item is on sale for 50%. Oddly enough it’s always on sale. Not exactly the same but a similar trick).

I want to level this up in Classic with the proper XP rates, the elite quests and before the squish to mob and quest level ranges. I would’ve liked to copy it to TBC, but I’ll just have to make a new Draenei one to level up in the gimped Vanilla world.