WoW Classic Era Realm Connections Coming May 19

I would hope so. There won’t be enough players otherwise for the top brackets to become available and you’d never be able to get r14.

HW was already a wasteland.

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HW is the best of them.
Great community and none of that shiit (gdkp etc) that other servers seem infested with. Last month there has been some increase in boost-for-gold shouting but very little compared to other servers.

Would be great if HW could manage without merging with others but perhaps it will be necessary.


Here’s to Hydrax :beers:

I’m really worried that our Classic Era server will become a complete ghost town, especially Horde side. I want to continue on to TBCC but I also want to level new characters on Classic Era Hydrax. I hope that merging won’t be necessary, but I think that it will eventually happen.

please murge Zandalar tribe with other servers it will end up having 5-10 ppl on it and it will be unplayable


What about non-English realms?


Won’t all be servers be Classic forever until the split happens on the 1st of June?

As far as I know, Classic forever will be the current patch we have, whereas TBCC will move on to TBCC pre-patch, with belf/draenei, new talents etc. So the actual split will happen on the 18th and Outland will unlock in June.

ok makes sense. Time to send all of your gold to your main then just incase you might buy Classic Clone in the Future

Rip server communities.


No, they spilt after the pre-patch update, the pre-patch TBC and Classic era (forever) realms. You can’t even log into the game without choosing which one to play on.

I think the connections will stop that happening.

Just keep in mind that the first time after pre-patch that you log any of your characters, you will have to choose if the specific character will stay on Classic, move to TBCC or be cloned for $$. So once pre-patch hits, any character that stays on Classic will not be able to move to TBC and vice versa. Not sure how the cloning will work though.

They take a snapshot before the pre-patch and you pay and your character goes to both TBC pre-patch and Classic era (Forever) realms. IF you pay afterwards the snapshot gets copied and you lose any thing you’ve done after that.

I’m sure we explained that in your thread, the one where you understand it an complain about it.

I don’t recall making a thread about cloning… I think you’re confusing me with someone else.
Still, thanks for clarifying.

My mistake, you posted in one.

Out of interest, how will this work with faction restrictions on PvP realms?
If I have a horde character on a PvP realm (eg, Firemaw) and an alliance character on a different PvP realm (eg, Mograine), and the realms are consequentially connected, then I’ll have characters on opposing factions on the same connected PvP realm. Is that correct?

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Ah I know which one you mean. Let’s leave it at that though please, there’s no point in spamming this thread with a back-and-forth about service pricing.

Connections are not merges. The characters will not be on the same realm.

They would be Xin-Firemaw and Xin-Mograine, actually Xin-FiremawClassic and Xin-MograineClassic.


connect rp-pvp to a pvp group, there is not enough people to sustain life on one rp-pvp server.


Blizzard won’t be coming back to this thread, it’s best to make that suggestion ingame. I’m sure RP players would be against that though.