WoW Classic Mini-Update - FIREMAW POP IS HIGH

I have called this multiple times on multiple posts.

EU-Firemaw Era cluster has reached today “High” pop status. Next big thing would be full, so a revival of the second pvp cluster ahead? lol

Super happy that this is happening. Era has deserved high pop for a long time and its a testament of where we are as a gaming community.

Cheers to everyone having a good time playing this game!!!


Wait what now?

You’ll be telling me next world PvP is happening and it’s fair!

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Its not actually, im looking for it alot in the last couple of days and even though population is high, the amount of world PvP is rather pathetic.

We just need the Chronoboon removed.

Considering you spent half a year killing lowbies on Firemaw, you should try the level 20-30 zones

yeah over 1900 horde and 2300 alliance tonight, was pretty nuts

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there was also a STV pvp raid & durotar/stormwind today

neither of them got very far because of poor leadership but the passion for it is there lol


The SW raid was C-Tier allies against every chad on horde side lol Do not think a single horde player died.

Hopefully this banter motivates the Alliance to show us how its done :smiley:

Im played a lot of time on firemaw, so i can tell that allys more organized and they gather their raid faster for worldpvp or worldbosses.

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Wow classic era “high” hype!!!

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classic chads win once again
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If that means you are back, this is good news man.

Definitely wPvP is happening. Just two weeks ago, Alliance wiped the horde after being portaled to OG from Ibiza.

Ofc, no massive scale wbuff griefing can happen b/c of the chronoboon, as you mention. Still, there is and there can be more and more wpvp. Chronoboon just means the amount of salt will never reach epic proportions.

But to bring a counterpoint - I do not see this as a negative. We have seen in the past how this negatively affected entire servers. The underdog faction would get griefed so badly by the bigger one we ended up with monofaction servers. It wss not the case everywhere, but it definitely happened. TBC/Wotlk took that to another new level (for other reasons).

I know you see it as pathetic, so I am just trying to offer some insight, not convince you. If you are back, as I have said its good news.

must’ve been multiple raids then, because horde didn’t get through SW gate! still further than us allies got though.

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Why are you so obsessed with this boon? Take it easy, son.

Although you’re afraid to be in it alone, be a man and write - “I just need the chronoboon removed, not “we””. Who’s we, when you’re the only one crying about it?

It’s booming!

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Congratulations! Now let’s make Hydraxian Waterlords high with roleplayers and normal players. :slight_smile:


Actually I got it the other way around - Allies trying to invade OG did not go anywhere :smiley:

That’s another reason I really hope hardcore servers will be a thing.
Having played on zandalar it pains me to see how hydraxian was chosen as main hub for that, instead of any other empty PvE one, as normal common sense should have suggested.


Yeah, me too. I’ve nothing against HC players, but HW is a RP server. It needs a healthy population of roleplayers, not hardcore players.


There is a real scenario where firemaw gets to FULL status soon as wrath babies are approaching icc and the end of their hamster wheel. Most of them will not go to cata if it even is gonna happen, some will go to retail, some will quit wow but a huge influx will come back home to vanilla.

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