WoW Classic Realm Names and Types [Europe]

And that’s exactly what we don’t want.

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Layering gets turned off at the end of phase 1, so this isn’t a long term solution.

So 10k each for two pvp servers supporting all scandinavians, englishmen and spaniards + others? And we do not really know but layers could increase this.

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You actually believe that there will be 3k servers in three months

Doesn’t really matter what I think as an individual. Blizzard have stated that layering is a short term solution and it will be removed at the end of phase 1. The question is: Do you believe Blizzard?

Personally I think this is what will happen:
Blizzard will take a look at the numbers at the end of Phase 1 - if at that point, the drop off from ‘tourists’ playing the game isn’t as high as they’d expected, and layering simply cannot be turned off, then they’ll create new servers at this point and open up free migrations - where your character names are secured.

In summary: I think layering will be turned off at the end of P1 - with the opening of new servers in order to do so.


ye I would also consider RP-PvP but what I think is the deal breaker for me and for many other is that in an RP server you can’t have non-RP names which can be lame :frowning:

lets hope they will add more BE4 lunch :frowning: they really cant think this is enough

Sounds like the login time is gonna be massive at launch. Out of my 8(+me) friends coming back for classic only one has resub’d to reserve a name, so if there were 30+ mins of login time during name reservation ‘launch’ the real one will be a total disaster :confused:


lol layering will not be turned off in phase 1, that only depends how many people are still playing the game. IF you go to easter plaguelands and there are 12 000 people there, ofcourse you cant DEMAND to have layering off. It would be insane to turn it off. The other option is to split the server into several servers ofcourse. Are you willing to move away from your friends?

Just 2 English pvp servers? Cheap…

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I bet there’s only 2 english pvp servers so you get the full vanilla experience. And in case you guys forgot … that included long queues :stuck_out_tongue:

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They said they wanted to turn off layering in phase 2, but as it stands now, layering might never be removed

I recently made a thread about this:

"here are my thoughts about this: there will probably be millions of players at launch if we take into account the US + EU + China. Which means it’s very possible that we’ll get something like a million in Europe. And in the recent survey (with 30 000 people who participated), 65% of the Europeans said they’d play on the english pvp realms

So hundreds of thousands of people are gonna wanna play on golemagg, and a couple of hundreds of thousands others will play on shazzrah as well the first weeks

people who, contrarily to pservers, will ALL connect at the same time because they all live in Europe

that’s scary, and that’s why I think 2 international servers are not nearly enough

No matter what Blizzard thinks will happen

Some will tell me: “it’s fiiiine they’ll add a few new servers along the way”.
Yeah, you know what happens when a new vanilla server comes out? People don’t want to go there because there’s no organization: no one knows who will go there, which guilds will go there, what the faction balance will be, what the future of the server will look like, and so on…

It is MANDATORY that Blizzard at least adds 2-3 international pvp realms in Europe: layering is not going to be a solution in the long-term"


Really starting to get worried here, have been waiting for this 10 years at this point, really did not think anything could kill the hype, and as pathetic as it may sound, this did it for me.

Two PVP English server is just not enough, making only one more server, will make a HUGE difference, and it is fairly clear at this point, only looking at my friends, not even one bothered to install and pay for the game only to get a name.

If you think the name reservation or the stress test is close to the number on release, I will tell you it’s not. As stated from multiple persons in this thread, you have the metrics, but you do not get the information that travels between the discords or in real life.

Even though a lot are complaining about layering in general, most of us do know that it is needed for a smooth launch and to keep the servers from dying down.

What will happens is either:

  1. You do NOT add more servers until phase two when it will be clear to you that more servers are needed for layering to be gone. Breaking up communities with free server transfers.

  2. It will launch, with a horrible que, and server problems, new servers are needed, but some people have already start leveling, and it’s almost impossible to get everyone to switch, once again splitting up great communities that could have been saved with ATLEAST one additional server.

I love Blizzard, the great games and communities that have been made, but please listen to us, just this once.


And they should announce that damned server to the minute for another chance at getting names lost from their queues and Shazzrah crash and because there were too many ppl rushing into 2 spots when we will clearly have more than 2.

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I just checked my character on Shazz and server is still High, but no queue

Yea, absolutely hope they add them before Launch or it’s going to screw over the population of the older servers.
Additionally you don’t lose progression you might get in the first week…

Both Shazzrah and Golemagg are now listed as full, time for a new PvP server it seems


We NEED MORE PVP EU SERVERS? Please what the hell is this Blizzard? Two servers for PvP only? Give us at least one more so we can reserve names and play on that server instead of Shazzrah that is over croweded and will be unplayable on release.

There are too many counties to play only on two PvP servers and guess what WHOLE VANILLA IS THE POINT TO PLAY ON PVP SERVER, god damn man I’m stressed af


speaking off my soul mate :grin:

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