WoW Classic Season of Mastery Coming Soon

Completely agree. I’m not sure who we are catering too here. People who want hard raids, will stick with TBC. People who want to speedrun… will they speedrun Classic raids without buffs? I don’t know, but I got the impression that being fully buffed was half the fun for your average speedrunner. Exp rates also leave a bad taste in the mouth for a lot of Classic players that enjoy the levelling experience. This is such a weird fresh. Also, no mention of Mage/AoE nerfs is VERY concerning.


#nochanges guys go play classic era


2 months per phase is too short for classic, we should have at least 3-4 months per phase.

World buffs are essential to classic gameplay. Instead of removing world buffs, you should just make the bosses harder. (3-4x hp value. Also increased boss dmg, armor and resistance.)

12 month cycles feels too short.


Classic got ruined by changes for true #nochanges supporters, try again.


what is ruined bud all of you #nochanges lovers left the servers empty where are you?


12 months Is stupid, there’s no way you can fit all phases in to 12 months, should be as long as last time minimum…

Other changes are welcomed though.

Also can’t believe people are crying about raidbuffs being removed from raids, srsly? :laughing:


Hello. There are a couple of points we’d like to add to the discussion. We would like to make sure its still viable to level alts in this accelerated time frame.

With that in mind, we’re planning to take a look at mage boosting in the Beta for this release. We have some ideas for adjustments we can make to reduce its impact, especially in current hot-spots like Maraudon.

The proposed increased XP gains are focused entirely on quest XP. We don’t have any plans to increase other sources of XP at this time.

Thanks for the feedback!


please add new content dungeons raids quests and items game got the potential for something great


How can you think about fast leveling and you don’t even talk about the mage or dungeon boosting?!??! WTF


Do not listen anyone Blizz - thank you!
(Please do something with boost-mages)


Just copy Nost/LH Style!!! That was the Best by far vanilla experience possible! is not so hard.

And yes was not 100% to 2005 but thats impossible nowadays because multiple reasons, and they gave us a way better experience than Classic so work with that on mind

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Nerf summoning meta and add rated bgs!

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seriously though, 12 months… ? If you start ranking at lets say phase1, you’ll be ranking about 1/3 of the whole planned cycle…

You won’t have time to enjoy alts etc, this content Isn’t meant to be rushed like this, also you will raid with 40man, bosses drop ~3 items. No-one will finish their gear either


Hey folks!

Liking everything I see here. Maybe a bit worried about xp rates because I personally liked the WoW Classic levelling pace (I’m someone who really enjoys the epic trek to 60), but TBC rates aren’t exactly “blazing fast” so perhaps a middle-ground?

Personally, I was REALLY hoping for the following:

  1. Guild Banks - because bank characters really suck
  2. Dual Spec - which will open up a lot more of the game’s content to players
  3. Class tuning (particularly hybrid classes in PvE content) just so that they can do “something” in raid and dungeon environments

I’m aware that folks enjoy the “fresh” novelty of this type of release, but it would also be nice if there was some way to earn a type of reward for participating, that persists beyond the season.

I’m worried that if there aren’t enough “exciting” offerings/changes for this season, that folks won’t be drawn to it.

Just my 2 cents!


Will you also address pvp pool boosting? You had a fix for it ready back in classic, but pulled it back due to complaints about it being unfair and dead servers not having top rank spots.

With the honor system being available from release, pool boosting could potentially be even more profitable for botters than it was in late classic.

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Lets be real whos gonna play this with out world buffs i mean that was like 90% of the fun in classic


No WB, no thx… like always the easiest way, instead of change some mechanics e.t.c. yea better remove something…


1 year is so short time for a classic season, should be 1 year and a half at least!
Progressive Itemization is a must! no domo loot until phase 2 for example or Ragna Belt, and mostly no Ultra Overpowered Items from dungeon that were made for catch up prior to the 1.10 ones, that are better than some Tiers!


As much as I would like to play classic vanilla again, I will have to pass due to It being too short duration (12 months).


Faster levelling … you lost me there.