PvP Rank Pools Hotfix Coming 14 October

in P5? Yeah best change ever.

That’s one way to handle it.

m8 u are clueless about ranking, plz stop posting nonsense if u dotn have a clue. the only reason u are happy about this change is because u dont have the skill, brain, and/or time to get rank 14, and u are happy that less people will try for it because blizz singlehandedly made it into a cancerous experiance

f rankers lmaooo



As a vanilla r14 I find it interesting how people go bananas for blizz fixing poolsize boost. It wasn’t a thing in vanilla, it was found at private servers, it shouldn’t exist now.

That goes to all of you who want to “live the pure vanilla experience”, it’s without poolsize boosting. Sry, truth hurts

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Getting rank 14 in classic is alot easier getting rank 14 in vanilla even after the pool boosting fix there is more players in general bigger pools.

The thing is the system is absolutely garbage. Having rank 14 gear does not show you how good pvper you are.

it only shows that you spend way too much time in an online game in a really unhealthy way and also shows that you probably premaded most of it so you are not even getting a good PvP experience as everything is honor per hour.bending games against evenly matched players and praying on uncoordinated, non ideal setup, non premades.

The fix was needed as it’s an abuse of mechanics even though it took away some of the grind but the real problem was blizzard did not overhaul the full system to create a better, fairer PvP environment. this is what really is needed.

A better fix would be to stop decay altogether and increases the amount of honor needed to reach a certain rank and make it a big grind but a static one so it is achievable for all who put the time but at their own pace.


Got any actual arguments for why this exploit should remain in the game?

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because it was there in vanilla :smiley:

First, it’s not an exploit as the system has always worked this way, and there are no victims as everyone benefits.

To answer your question: Because players already spent 8 months using poolboosting to get R12-14 gear on their characters. The change is incredibly unfair to anyone that is currently ranking or plan to rank while doing nothing to address the fact that thousands and thousands of players already ranked up with inflated poolsizes and that these players get to keep their gear.

The difficulty (in this case time invested) goes way up while the rewards stay the same. I think everyone can see how thats a problem. And this is on top of the gear being naturally devalued anyway due to raid gear being so much stronger than it was in Phase 2.

They should have made this change at the start of P2 or they should not have done it at all. Period.

Now please stop typing.


Poolboosting was some form of wintrading, “deciding who gets r14 1st” etc. Good to see it gone.
Ranking in classic takes no skill at all only time commitment. So if you want rank 14, work for it and don’t wintrade. :slight_smile: Everyone can get rank 14! :slight_smile:


I suggest looking up how the system actually works if you are going to comment on it.

Ranking is nearly always a case of the top rankers deciding who gets what bracket slot every week. But this has nothing to do with poolboosting whatsoever which is a seperate thing entirely.

By boosting the pools, the only thing that happens is that each bracket has way more slots for people to fit into. Making it easier to rank for every single player on the server that actively PvP’s.

In fact, this change will just make the bracket stacking way more toxic as there’s less slots and a way longer waiting list to get each slot. Instead of 5 bracket 14 slots each week there may only be 1-2 after this change. How does this solve anything?
It doesnt.

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Poolboosting was never intented to be in Vanilal.
People didn’t poolboost back then hence the change.
Rankers won’t get to decide what rank i will go for. I will push solo with my friends sometimes play 18 hours a day if i feel like it. I won’t coperate with random people.
Also by boosting pools you are wintrading. If it was a good system it wouldn’t be fixed :slight_smile:

Perhaps not, but this is how the system has worked for 8 months. You dont go changing the rules of a competitive system after players already spent months inside this system getting rewards.

Baseless claim. You dont know that.

Sure. You decide if you want to break brackets or not. But that has absolutely nothing to do with the change being discussed in this topic.

Wrong. The definition of Wintrading is as follows:

Win Trading is a practice common in games with leaderboards. Essentially, one party agrees to lose in a ranked match, leading to records of 500 wins to 0 losses, and a guaranteed spot on the top of the ladder.

As poolboosting does neither guarantee a spot, or put anyone at any sort of disadvantage, it cannot fit the definition of wintrading.

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its wintrading as u “give” ranks to whoever u like
all i read is blabla and i know how it worked back then adn NOBODY was doing that. :slight_smile: Good luck ranking mate :slight_smile:
If you wish to exploit go to some prvt server

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That’s an odd way to define an exploit. Fortunately blizzard aren’t that stupid.

Except everyone of the opposing faction who isn’t aiming for rank 12+, which is most of the playerbase.

You are right. They should have fixed poolbosting long ago. That’s not a reason to not fix it at all though. Could it also be that it got out of hand recently? You know, people couldn’t control themselves and went too far once again? Like they did with AV premades?

When I was part of a poolpary discord 8 months ago people didn’t create 50+ characters each per server per account per day. They used the same alts every week, and some rankers used multiple accounts. There was a reason people did it cross server. They couldn’t create enough characters on their own server themselves. You are still able to do it like people did back then. So what’s the problem? There is nothing unfair about it.

It removes an obvious exploit. It doesn’t need, and isn’t intended to solve anything else than that.

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The moment you logged in the first time you agreed that blizzard can do exactly that. If you don’t like it, feel free to quit.

Are you really trying to use urban dictionary to define win trading? :rofl:

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have 0 br 1 slot was never intendet either… ppl onyl fixed blizz bug on low pop realm.

Updated October 13, 5:00 p.m. CET

Following further review, we’ve decided to wait to address this issue. The change announced for this week will not be implemented.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve developed a solution to the issue of non-existent characters being counted, that conforms with the great deal of feedback we’ve received.

Thank you!