WoW Classic

I feel it will be handled like prophets now with upcoming patch notes-- just don’t take the mick with soecifics. Keep things vague, and of course make room for error.

I think intentional metagaming will be a smaller problem than unintentional metagaming. We know a lot now, and that’s not easy to forget. Tauren couldn’t be priests and sunwalkers were unheard of, so a character who casually mentions such is making an opsie. Same goes for trolls chilling with gonk and being somewhat druidic. Where are people gonna draw the line on what was then and what is now? Because I think if you start involving a bit of “now” I’m classic, such as these cultural examples where we’re told “yeah, they’ve been a thing, we just didn’t know about it” back in classic when it literally was unknown, you’re creating real blurred boundaries and problems. How did your troll get this druidic teaching? From whom? Where are they? So better to just push the erase button and forget all about troll druids in classic and any predilection they may have for druidic magic.

It’s this kind of stuff I envisage will cause issues. It won’t be done with malice, but it’s that stuff that’s informed by a knowledge of what happens later, to create a character before that happened.

Both sides have morons who bad mouth the other. I bear no Ill will to people who wanna like it. Ive made it clear I hope they do. I will take a look to try out the “magic” again of course, I guess I’m just skeptical of the claims you see floating around that it’s gonna kick retail out of the water because of XY and Z which are usually things to do with player attitude than the mechanics of classic itself. It just makes me wonder “well if you want it so badly then why not do it here?”. Who knows.

What I do know is I won’t be maining a priest again.

There are definitely people with hyper-inflated expectations but if you talk to the veterans, or the people that have come over from private servers it just boils down to personal preferences. Most people I know would have preferred TBC in terms of gameplay but prefer vanilla for the actual setting in regards to roleplay. I don’t expect it to overtake, or blow modern WoW away. I think we’ll see a large group of people initially which will eventually sit at low or middling six figure number once everyone’s tried it out and decided whether it’s for them.

I agree TBC gameplay wise was better vastly IMHO. I played classes in classic that were very pigeonholed into one thing and TBC actually made other specs feel viable. Hybrids actually became hybrids for example. A TBC classic would certainly interest me more than pure classic.

Yeah of course, my main concern there was being generalized and misjudged. Hopefully won’t happen, if i roll such character.

Hydraxian Waterlords | RP
Zandalar Tribe | RP-PvP

These are the EU RP realms in classic.

I know it’s a petty thing but YIKES those names.

Just Zandalar would have been fine for the latter at least…

Gotta love a snappy realm name that rolls off the tongue.


I don’t really get how name reservation will work, do we log in as far as character creation and have to preload it, or will there be like a browser interface?

If you RP a younger version of your character in Classic and your character dies there, you need to kill your character in retail and that’s facts :point_up:


Or it’s just an AU version of your character. AU done right :v:

Best faction in WoW. Represented by… 1 NPC. Way to go!

I’d have jumped on the Classic train if they’d left HD models stay. I can’t go back to looking at old dwarves and tauren. They hurt my eyes!

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Only thing that would have tempted me to go back would be keep the HD models, update the textures to HD on old outfits, redo the zones to HD and make them look as good as modern wow zones. And give us transmog.

That might have tempted me to make a character, but I don’t want to go back to fugly low def characters + having to wander round dressed in multi coloured clown clothes.

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raises a mirror


Ill just roleplay a scavenger, it’ll explain my unmatching outfits.

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I grunt loudly

Vanilla bad URGH old thing bad

(I’ll be on the normal rp realm)

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Got my name “Vimes” reserved on both RP and RPPVP servers now.

Probably rolling on RPPVP this time around, if i end up playing at all.

For now i just want to be there for the happening of it, like a storm Area 51 kind of thing.

I reserved all my names on the Hydraxian Waterlords server, one of which being the much wanted “Death” for an Undead character. :grin:

I’m happy to have claimed my own name on the Hydraxian realm. Even though I can’t be ‘me’.

Someone claimed Acrona within the first minute but I got Manata and Winterflow. If you see ‘Acrona’ on Hydraxian Waterlords it’s not me. Might play on Mirage Raceway as Acrona :slight_smile: