WOW council and streamers

hopefully they are actually doing research on the peoples history in their communities before they go and send out replies…

asmongolds history is already widely known no research required…

but i feel like this is a bad sign that they could potentially be heavily cherry picked candidates for their own personal favour.

i hope they pick a few vocal intellectual people who will push them negatively at times…

or this whole council idea will be for nothing.

If you dislike streamers as a whole then I am not trying to change your mind on this and I would agree there are a few who use the ‘clickbait’ titles/issues to get views.

What I disagreed with was the response he received from Blizzard, it could easily have been a polite no thanks, it would not take much effort for them to do this.

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Totally agree. There are some youtubers and they care about the game also mentioned them at the end of my post. They are representing us like Hazel she is the typical average WOW player.

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Yeah. The typical average wow player does alot of pet battles. Which she does awhole lot.

the **** outta here with that claim.


She does everything farming mounts clearing heroic raids doing M+ PVP, collecting tranmogs doing achievements and pet battles too.

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You play FF14, don’t you?

Pretty sure no one has got a response.

Seems like it was done for ‘content’, you don’t get a response and he got a ticket response, I mean I guess that’s the way of the world these days, got to generate dem views.

Ah so you are saying you don’t believe he got a response? To be fair this could also be true as he didn’t actually show the response on stream. Scummy thing to do if he is in fact guilty of that.

I wasn’t aware that nobody had received responses, that was mentioned later in this thread. Has nobody received any acknowledgement of their applications? If so was this in the form of a ticket response? I am curious now as to how they are approaching this.

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Yeah it was mentioned above and on people I know that none of them get a response and what he got is word for word on what is said on a cleared ticket.

I’d like to believe that it was just for banter/views but in all fairness, humans are thick a pig turds, and seagulls will follow the trawlers for the hope of fish just because what was hoped to be true, was.

At this point, I strongly agree with a few respected content creators, games and MMOs in general are often brought down by their communities.

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It would be a weird way to notify the user via a ticket hen the Form is filled out via Office 365 Forms which is a Microsoft product and the form asks for your email address (although it does ask for your Blizzard Tag)

I abandoned it when they asked me for evidence of how I have tried to change something in the community.

If you want someone to sign up to help improve the game you don’t ask that question.

I tend to disagree, I left SL quite early as I disliked the game, I am pretty sure all the streamers were still around when I left. My view of the game caused me to stop playing, not any streamers.

All humans can be thick at times, but that does not necessarily mean they are thick all the time :wink:

So do I think that this streamer did this for banter/views? I have already said that is a possibility. However, given some of the responses we have seen from Blizzard recently, it is also not beyond the realm of possibility to believe that they could have done something that silly. I guess we will have to wait and see if it is true or not.

If it isn’t true I will be the first to call Asmongold for such a scummy move, if it turns out to be true, then I stand by my earlier response in that Blizzard representatives need to learn some diplomacy skills :wink:

He would be the first guy to get a response like that.

However re community I think it is because we as a species are to eager to crap on other peoples fun when we aren’t having a great time of things, especially over the Internet.

I had no idea how the system worked Quincykun, I have not applied so didn’t know how they were responding. It would seem that they are not responding at all, so I guess nobody will know yet how it proceeds.

It seems an odd question to ask to be fair as few players have the opportunity to change something in the community.

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Which ties into some of the other posts here where Blizz is basically asking for influencers to apply and no one else.

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I don’t believe I crap on other people’s fun, if people enjoy the game as is I say go ahead I am glad you are having fun. But by the same rule I don’t crap on people who are not having fun and want to share their views or discuss issues.

I feel we are moving away from the topic now and on to something different, but if you are asking me if I am part of the discontented group, then I fully acknowledge that I am.

I am directing nothing at yourself just a general observation that people inherently like to harbour resentment, myself included, when others can find some enjoyment out of something (be it a game, gym, sports etc etc), to bring others down to their level.

Though I do agree, going off topic.

Whether people hate streamers or not, they do generate ‘hype’ for a game, so yeah I could see that Blizzard want some of that hype back. I can also perfectly understand why they would not want certain streamers. They have asked for a wide variety of players though, so the question on the application is an odd one to ask.

only if you watch them… which i dont and only a few thousand do …

i still get belluends videos recommended to me in my feeds from years ago…

i regret everything

i did manage to purge asmongold from my recommendeds though finally

yes i play ff14 :stuck_out_tongue:

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