WOW council and streamers

Used to quite enjoy some background content whilst doing some work but yeah when I was finding myself sitting there going ‘what, that’s a lie’ whilst listening to the king of bull, belluend, I was of the opinion that this individual needed to go. Even though I’d really thought his deep dives into lore would be pretty cool for FF, his lying and stoking of an imaginary flame for cash was simply, off-putting.

Then you’d know large parts get time gated heh.


i dont like wow … and even i cannot stand his pandering…

says it all i should in theory be one of his target audience.

So does this mean the few thousand are wrong?

I have said this before, I have NEVER told anybody to watch a stream/streamer, it is down to individual choice. I find some streams interesting, others are amusing, whatever the reason what it boils down to is I like something and you don’t. Neither of us is wrong, we just have different views.

I watch a variety of streams rather than one particular streamer, I also watch a friend when he streams sometimes on NW.

My enjoyment of watching streams will not change, the same as you not enjoying them.

no just a few thousand people should probably find something better to do (joking ofc in a slightly honest way)

i used to watch playthroughs of new titles on twitch when i couldnt be bothered to dish out the cash myself to play them…

but as for opinions and valid thoughts on twitch… i do not buy into any of that one bit…

i could go to a random person on the streets who played wow once and ask for a opinion and it would hold just about as much meaning as any streamer could give.

Yeah, he’s just babbling, fudging and basically lying his way through.

When you realise the guys whole company is based on getting views and clickbait, then his lies and pandering was generally just feeling the room and going with it rather than actually anything genuine, which has shown.

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Do you have a list of preferred activities that we should enforce on people who like to watch streams? (joking ofc in a slightly honest way).

depends on ur interests, different things for different people n such

for me it was focusing on my physical health…

for you it might be becoming the worlds champion hotdog eatter…

i cannot simply answer that question for you is what im saying.

I think this is the only part I would agree on.

Thank you for the suggestion on champion hotdog eater, sadly I do not like hotdogs, who would have guessed, some people like different things :wink:

never said you did :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s my fear as well, like, if they don’t pick someone like Asmongold, then I don’t wanna see some white knight streamers being selected so that Blizzard can be like “huh well we did what the council said” and those clowns stay silent and basically reverse the blame on the community.

While I said asmongold do not need a place in the council, if they are going to pick streamers, then they also need to have people that criticized them, because they are a representation of the community as well.


i agree… criticism comes from a place of at least some mild interest and/or caring… to silence and discount those people simply because they are being critical will never end well.

there would be no one there to point out a mistake when it happens, you’ll just be sat in a room filled with people who are just happy to be there because of some personal reason (fanboism or ego trip you name it)

i say that full in the knowledge that there is without a doubt some people on this forums who populate regularly who would apply for this just for forum cred…

Hype has been a detriment for a few years now. You see these influencer types covering upcoming games and creating a feeding frenzy only to come launch day and the games are underhwhelming and void of what was promised.

Most recent being Cyberpunk and New World.

Game Companies need to stop being lazy and relying on paying influencers and build their own media team and lay it out straight what is to be expected to manage expectations.

At this point I have become extremely jaded towards any big title coming out because it always ends up being crap.

I like the idea of the Council being open for all to see in that what issues have been raised, I do think that people who have expressed concerns about members of the Council being targets for harassment etc. is justified. Or for the similar like you posted ‘forum cred’.

It is a Blizzard Forum, I am sure they could allocate a new forum role for members of the Council to use for posting issues raised, or feedback given. So say the role would show to us as ‘Mythic Raider Representative’ but we would not know who the actual poster is.

In that way or something similar, people would not be able to ‘target’ a poster, nor would they really gain any forum cred on their main characters they normally post with.

look at how influencers basically lied to their viewers about the quality of BFA, because of NDA restrictions preventing them saying how they truely felt…

this is why influencers should never be taken seriously.

(sure we will give you free tickets and extra hours playing and front row seats of the next expansion, but you arent allowed ot be negative in your streams videos afterwards!, (until we sold the expansion for 2 months!)

precisely correct, 100%.
whats beta and the forums for, but to provide feedback … that, as we all know, is 100% ignored anyway.


i think it should be open for all to see personally…

if there is harassment, ban the accounts connected to it.

i got lil interest in not knowing who is saying what… as it could be anyone… even a paid blizzard employee for all i know doing the talking in the guise of a average player.

I agree, but in fairness, some members of Blizzard have not been so great in this area, so I can understand why people rely on outside sources for information.

Me too, one of the reasons I didn’t buy NW (even though I had friends jumping on board as soon as it released). I wanted to wait and see, the game would be around even if I delayed a month or two before deciding if it was the game for me. But again to be fair, it’s been me watching streams, seeing what others are doing in the game etc., to find out information.

Prime example is the way they convey information on the future patches.

If there were no datamining we the players would have no clue what is coming in the next patch and how to prepare for it. I do not include the lazy “Survival Guide for X” each patch should have an inbuilt light guide as to what you are supposed to do.

Shards of Domination is a prime example, outside of WoWHead have you seen any real mention of this gear and how and where it should be used and who to go to upgrade them?

Apart from a flippant comment from The Primus to go talk to Bonesmith in Korthia.