WOW council and streamers

Can’t say I have Quincykun, but then I have not played retail in a long while. I actually left the game in December last year, well that was when my sub expired, I hadn’t played it for a couple of weeks prior to my sub expiring. I really hated the expansion, everything to me was an endless grind and I just didn’t want to play it, so I moved on to other games. People may agree or disagree, it is always down to personal choice :slight_smile:

I do remember people saying the same in BfA though, when reaching max level so much opened up it was hard to follow what was important and what was ‘side quests’.

So yes I agree, I don’t think they convey information well.

That looks interesting, thanks for linking Rebemma :slight_smile:

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You’re making it sound like streamers want a bad game even though a better game overall will make more money for the streamers in the end since more will watch them, especially on the PvP, M+ and raiding side of things. Even for just random non-group content a more popular game will make it easier to get viewership numbers above what WoW currently pulls.
A better and more played WoW is perhaps even more so in the interest of the streamers, especially those who make their current living from it.

The streamer dislike has no real logical base to it when it comes to that particular argument.

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I get and understand a lot of the opinions here however, Asmon has to be on the council. He is the voice of so many of us. He reads chat, he plays the game, hes more in touch with the product than a chunk of the devs (because being the voice of the people isnt the job of a dev).

He’s articulate enough, he wants the change, heck, I do too but I know I would be no where near good enough to do the role justice.

He wants to communicate with Blizz, but atm it is literally only him ranting on streams. If Blizz are taking this seriously, he should not have even needed him to apply.

I believe that Preach, Asmon and Bellular deserve to be on the council upon merit alone. That merit being the number of followers they had who were actively watching their wow content. I also believe that there should be other people involved and likely pulled in via the method they are currently using.

If none of those three are on the council then it proves it is just a PR stunt because blizzard know why these streamers are popular. They might not all share the same opinion however that is why they should be included alongside the “everyday joes”

Not really, I’ve filled it in. It doesn’t actually state that or ask that. I mean it does specifically state that actually just being helpful on the forums, or even just being invested in the game is sufficient. Given the mentally vacuous nature of a lot of Streamers and their mercenary attitude (They do not create Content, so let’s not call them content creators) then I would be very surprised if Blizzard -did- want their feedback, especially when Streamers make cash from Outrage…

That’s how they make money. And if they think FF is rainbows and unicorns not only do they have the intellect of a moth, but the morality of a hive of maggots feeding from a dead skunk.

Just a reminder, supporting FFXIV does bring some serious morality questions to play given who funds Square Enix’s ‘Strategic Business Partner’ and what they -also- fund. Yes, it is as bad as you can imagine. No, it really is. Think of the worst. Yeah. That.

I guess I shouldn’t have bothered applying then.

Weirdly, they never asked questions about sexual orientation, how we present ourselves, or indeed anything. You didn’t even have to give your name, just the name you’d want to be addressed as.

So I might be thinking to myself, how you got this bizarre idea that they’re trying to fill a quota they can’t possibly fill because they don’t know the applicants sex, gender, hair colour, skin colour, sexual orientation or anything of the sort.

It couldn’t just be some angry internet hard kid seizing an opportunity to throw the word ‘Woke’ out there yet again, could it?

Casting hard doubt on the fact that you actually looked at the application…

When did a new letter get added to the end of that ridiculous and juvenile internet buzzword?

You’re not even making sense now? Do you need a lie down?

Ahhh, you finally show your true colours, and how ridiculous and predictable they are…

Any more little tantrums you want to get off your chest?

Good. He would be a destructive influence, and has nothing to contribute except his fans, and what some of -them- contribute should absolutely not be allowed in the game.

I got Nowt yet either. Did get an email saying I don’t have Covid, which is good to know, but nothing from Blizz :smiley:

Are they though? Have you actually looked at the application submission? It doesn’t suggest that at all.

Hmmmm, I’m torn now. I mean I do like me a good hot dog, but I also like having the physique of a male blood elf IRL, I have a horrible feeling the two would not remain compatible for long…

Yeah. Never going to forgive them for ruining Cyberpunk by overhyping it, I loved the old Tabletop RPG 30 years ago, and love the genre…

I think it should be open, moreover I think it -has- to be. I always take the stance that just as when face to face, there should be transparency. It is why I -always- post on Brigante, which does get tiresome at times when people go “Oh but you’re saying that because you’re Horde” and I’m like, “You know neither Horde or Alliance are real, right, besides, would this be any more palatable if I wrote exactly the same words but with a blue Portrait and the name ‘Nabaal’ under his Squiddy chinned Gloriousness”.

Transparency is important, for this to be an honest project that can hope to work.

That’s actually a bloody good idea. I mean I know what I ticked, so it would just be ‘Roleplay and Lore Representative’ should I get a response from them.

That’s actually not a bloody bad idea at all.


Their voices are already being heard so it’s pointless for them to be on it. Hell they could have multiple fans of theirs on the council and I can already see votes going their way just because of that.

The council is supposed to be for everyone, so having people on it with a big following goes against the idea of it being your average players. (which they are not)

No it doesn’t. If anything it proves they are serious about the council and it’s NOT just a PR thing.

But if their questions are anything to go by the likelyhood of it being a popularity contest is pretty high so you might get your wish :wink:

I was thinking more of protection for those that are elected, it would also answer the queries about people doing it for ‘forum cred’.

The questions/responses would still be open for all to see, although somebody did say how would we know if the Representatives were not just Blizzard staff? So I guess my plan was not foolproof after all :slight_smile:

Actually, yeah, I mean, you’re right, every poster has their own style. Everybody knows if they see a post and go “Jaysis Christ I’m going to make a cup of coffee before I even start reading this” so it would be bloody obvious who was typing it, whatever it said as the poster title!

Fair Point!

you… would… know… if… i … was… typing… something… for… sure…

That’s what a robot would say…are you a Cylon? :stuck_out_tongue:

just a random bit of info i do the dots generally when i stop typing to think about what to say next.

it is force of habit :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if something like this will help. I also wonder how much their ideas will impact the game. I myself am someone who ‘rolls with the punches’. That means if the devs change something that most see as something negative, I will simply adapt and continue playing without complaint.

This Council is unnessecary. It’s time devs took back control themselves and make the game as they intended it to be.

If their voices were being heard, how did BFA and Shadowlands happen the way they did? All three were saying what was good but also what needed fixed. They also had a whole bunch of folk on the PTR they didn’t listen to.

I just want it to change sighs

keep sucking on that copium mr argent dawn RP’er

you are a “push over” then

Idiots and the easily biddable use the phrase ‘copium’

As for Argent Dawn RPer…Well, yes, I am? You…do know what RP realms are designed for, right? It would be weirder if I was on Argent Dawn and -not- an RPer, don’t you think?


We all know deep down it’s Blizzard’s fault tho :joy:

This has Daestra written all over it. Anyway, don’t use chess in the same sentence as you badmouth someone. Chess is a great game and deserve better than that


To be fair I think we all know this will be completely ignored like the last time they tried something like this.

I did, but hey ad hom me instead of actually attacking any argument. :3 What’s new.

For how much typing you do, you often fail to actually get to any sort of point and talk about the issues. You just post fluff. Waste of time, really especially considering.

The beauty of the game is everyone likes different things . Another reason why it’s hard to change many things they can’t make everyone happy. I never tried RP in game but I have no problem with it I also have an alt on Argent Dawn at least there are no spamming on trade chat you can actually talk to people there. Very nice community over there. Also this copium is getting boring.