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Sorry for my bad English.
I have been a wow subscriber since 2008 (with some pauze now and then).
I helped wow growing!
Now I am f2P. Maybe I will come back just like last year.
It would be very useful to use the mailbox for your (internal) wow characters.
I do not need to mail external characters but I want to mail items within my wow account.
Or at least a shared character bank so we can exchange reagents, boe items, …
Would Blizzard allow this?

Update: Waiting to add this reply so I will post it here: "I am sorry but I do not think I will add game time. If I add game time then this game will feel like a 2nd job! There is still too much effort needed to become powerful in this game (farming and grinding). I already have a full-time job and I am doing triathlon (+/- 10 hours sport per week). I would like to encourage wow players to do some physical excercises. When you are behind a computer I would advice to not sit down. Blood circulation is very important! "

"Seems I am not the only one asking this 9.1.5 Blizz, please - Bag for main and alts - #12 by Биттерпич-soulflayer "

Your English is fine! :+1:

I don’t know. It has been asked many times before. I don’t think they will, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

You do have to admit, though, that with Chromie Time they have vastly expanded the F2P experience.

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Hey Howlingmoon,

It’s always great to hear from our veteran players like yourself and thank you for being with us all this time!

While it undoubtedly would be handy, unfortunately mail functionality isn’t available in the free starter edition version of the game, even within your own account.

You can find details on all the restrictions over on this page:

Hopefully you can still manage without for now, and we hope you get a chance to add some more game time soon enough!

I do think it’s a good idea to allow you to mail things to your own characters only on a F2P account or within your own account.

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Last year when I was playing Shadowlands (with subscription), I asked to enable a account bank. Now we still have to log out and log in, send mails to your characters to exchange items and gold. This would allow the wow servers to become more performant! Logging out and in demands a lot of performance for our system(s) and your system(s).

‘Free’ mail will lead to a huge influx of bots I bet. They should keep it this way. Maybe provide free to play mail if you played wow (subscribed) over 5 years for veterans like yourself?

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You need to actually read the first post then edit your post. Bots will not be able to use it.

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