Zandalar Tribe (and others) Abandoned by Blizzard

Zandalar Tribe is a uniquely charming server, being one of the only few RPPVP servers it is a staple of the WoW community and the only one of it’s kind in the EU.

However, in recent times we’ve started struggling, we were hit hard by the decline of players; guilds disbanding one after another, large numbers of players transferring or just quitting the game and at times less than 100 people online on horde side. But, despite our server being in a state of freefall there’s been zero intervention from Blizzard… and ours was not the only server.

But wait… we finally see a response from Blizzard, a final attempt to try to save the dying TBC community?

Low and behold, Zandalar Tribe wasn’t even considered, nor was Bloodsail Buccaneers and I’m sure there are a number of others.

What possible justification is there for this? ZT is struggling to survive even with a “medium” population and there’s no way back for us, we’re hemorrhaging people by the day. I just can’t find any sort of consistency:

  • Grobbulus the US sister RPPVP server of ZT were on the receiving end of free transfers from every other server.
  • Deviate Delight (RPPVP) got free transfers to all kinds of servers.
  • Heck even Shazzrah/Mandokir/Dragon’s Call are receiving free transfers, with similar populations to Zandalar Tribe.
  • Heartstriker got free transfers with almost 2000 active raiders but Bloodsail Buccaneers didn’t with hundreds less?

Please can we have some kind of answer, some criteria or simply an apology and a resolution - because the atmosphere on these forgotten servers after the transfer news does not bode well for their survival. Give us some kind of life raft, before we all innevitably unsub and lose our love for the game forever.


For myself and my guild, it’s come down to this:

We are gonna die out from server hemorraging and with it i will stop playing. It’s become so bad with the decline in player base and how boring it is the play there with no life, that if my guild disband and we can’t free transfers to save us i’m just calling it.

Anyone can say what they want, reality is it’s over for me if they let us rot. I will just log in casually do random stuff and farm gold until my subscription runs ou but my raiding and with it my long term is dying out.

I really hope we can find a way, and maybe we decide to continue on the server anyway but it’s been bleeding people so badly it’s really a sad time and has been taking a toll on all of us putting effort in and just bleeding out.


I play ZT Alliance and this sucks to see. It really does make no sense that ZT is the only server that’s neither a Source or Destination for the free transfers.

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But but but…
You know ZT is an RP-PVP Realm, right?
So how do you expect them to allow FREE Transfers to/from other realms?
It’s against the RP man!

But if you pay for it, then why not? Who cares for the RP in B$$izzard anyway…

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I was surprised as well, not seeing our server available for free transfers. Blizzard give us an explanation.


Sadly ZT Horde side is experiencing the slow and painful death. Since September we lost 500+ raiders and less and less people are playing every day. The AH is starting to get empty, harder and harder to buy or sell anything. Guilds are transferring and disbanding, even “successful” 10/10 ones. Soon, we will reach the point of no return.
Which is sad, since ZT horde had great community - except a few rotten apples here and there.


Did you read my post… 2 other RPPVP servers were given/receiving free transfers.

Grobbulus + Deviate Delight so clearly that has nothing to do with it.

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I confirm, Zandalar Tribe suffers and TBC is the final blow. It used to be so healthy back in the days and for a long time. There is an experience on RP-PvP realms that is impossible to get elsewhere.

While I’d like to save Zandalar Tribe, at this point we must be realistic : it’s too late to save it.

We need to transfer off this realm and blizzard needs to add free transfers just like they did for the other RP realms.

I know developers are reading these forums so consider it. It does make sense. Why allowing other RP realms to transfer and not this one ? This is stupid. Allow us to move our main.

When endgame becomes the only game the game will end.

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I had visited Zandalar Tribe more than 6 months ago. And by that moment it was already quite ill. I was full of hope to find someone for levelling, because I remember it was very fun from the start, but only thing I’ve discovered was silence in all channels, except few boosters offering their so-called “assistance”. I believed that Classic WoW is a place to meet new people, to have an interesting journey through the dangerous but marvelous world. Though it was from the beginning, nonetheless despite of nice start it has met its end.

I used to want to stay on ZT, but its community haven’t wanted me to do so. At long last it’s your time to suffer! :grin:

To be fair… Unless the game gets Zul’Aman soon with a lockout shorter than one week, we’d be starved for content regardless of what happens. Moving to an overpopulated server to play alts is probably the only way to really have consistent content outside of the 25 man raids. TBC was more sparse than what I remembered it to be, but you know… Unless you’re playing on an alt, you still don’t have to bother with grinding anything (outside of maybe netherwing when it is released) if you have enough gold on you.

Zandalar isn’t dead, it’s just that the servers needs to be overpopulated for being able to play basically anything but raids. With the Karazhan nerf there’s even less incentive to play heroics as it’s a more viable option to gear alts with as it awards more loot per hour and better loot at that than what any heroic would (with a few exceptions here and there).

Transferring to an overpopulated server cannot solve the fundamental issue of lack of content. Gehennas still has more than one layer, and that’s what I mean… Without a constant influx of new players as we had back in the days, the game will feel more barren than what you remembered it to be.

PvP is a huge mess to be honest. BGs aren’t that well designed to begin with, arenas strongly favors only a handful of comps with very few exceptions, and class/spec balance wise the choices are very limited if you want to put a serious attempt into climbing the arena ladder (or perform well in raids).

The “dead server” thing really is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If more and more people start believing in it then they will be under the impression that they need to transfer to enjoy the game.

The grass isn’t that much greener on the pasture on the other side of the fence. If you expect that you’ll have more things to do with your main if you transfer then you’ll set yourself up for disappointment.

That’s why I think that Season of Mastery is a blessing in disguise to keep people invested in WoW Classic in general.


Thats cute. Come check Gehennas. There 6 players online

Fantastic post, everything I wanted to say but couldn’t find the words.

Very true. The Horde population is dying at a fast rate. Several guilds that were here from the start transfered in recent months. If there won’t be a solution from Blizzard and my guild dies, I’ll quit playing forever.

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Blizzard are profiteering too much from the large numbers migrating away, why would they include us and make it free?

3 more Horde 10/10 Horde guilds are about to transfer of ZT and its probably a few more that are on the verge that i dont know about.

Open up free transfer either off or to ZT Blizzard!
This server needs love. Dont treat us as your bastard child.


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Thank you the post. Spot on. Alliance is having a really hard time too on Zandalar, when playing my prot pala I couldn’t get a party for ANY heroic at all during “peak” play times.
It’s the lack of comment from Blizzard that’s really frustrating me- just let us know you are aware of this and have a plan.
Saving ZT, becuase it was such a lovely lovely sever would have been amazing but I do worry we are passed that, at a minimum let us transfer out for free so guilds and communities can remain together. Please just give us “something” to let us know you are working on an idea or that we will be included in free transfers.


Edit- Perhaps we all need to say Kaivax’s name 3 times to summon him, like Betelgeuse? Kaivax, Kaivax, KAIVAX!

  • looks about * “did it work?”
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Please open transfers. None of the BoE equipped Felguard Warlocks want to play with me in the open world.

I understand your pain.

Zandalar Tribe isn’t dead. But this rhetoric may end up killing it for real.