Gr solo not updated in leaderboards?

So last week there was some problems with the Leaderboards EU, and i finished a solo gr 139 on my Witch doctor but it didn’t register?
as well as yesterday i decided to try again to clear it as it may have just been at the time but it still didn’t register?, i got all the xp and all for clearing the rift and all as i finished in 14:21, but it didn’t register as a new personal best or in any leaderboard? :open_mouth:

and ofc last week when i did it i was abit mad and all so i took a small break and watched a few twitch streams and saw 1 person who did a 138 solo wd that neither registered in the leaderboard or as a personal best for her?


Yeah… new records obtained while there were issues with the Leaderboard were not retroactively granted. You needed to re-do them.

I’ve been doing some testing to verify that the issue stayed fixed… did tests on:

  • 18 June, 9:19 EDT
  • 19 June, 6:32 EDT
  • 21 June, 7:04 EDT

All 3 records were registered without issue. Here’s a screenshot of the last one (note the announcement in the chat, my personal record was updated and the blood shard cap was increased):

Did you take a screenshot of yesterday’s clear ? Do you remember at what time you did the new record ?

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Thank you for your reports. The developers are investigating the issue regarding the leaderboards. We understand this is less than ideal and apologize for the frustration you’ve all experienced due to this.

The problem is back :frowning:

There are a few conversation on this topic on Bug Report, including this one:

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Yes. This problem is back indeed.
The new highest clears are not registering into the leaderboards or pesonal best records.
Bloodshard cap increase works fine…


This started happening from about 1 PM CEST and hasn’t changed since.

I just cleared 138 with my wd solo.
the record did not show up on the leaderboard.
:frowning: :frowning:

Yes again, leaderboard and personal records not recording! Fix this please, fast.

Hi Blizzard. This is getting is getting really really annoying at the end of the season.
Just cleared 141 solo as Wd in 13.52.xx which is probably the best time i will get. but guess what, nothing registers when i get the clear. Can you please fix it and put my rank on the leader-boards. this was NOT easy for my para 2800 scrub to clear. I can of course provide screenshots with more info if you need. just contact me. last time it was my 139 clear, where i had to clear 140 to get it ranked. it wont happen this time, as i thrust you will fix this issue. this is taking a piss on people here at the end.


Yea problem is back, just did a 117 Greater Rift on Seasonal HC and it didn’t register on the board.

Yea it is back indeed rip! Don’t understand why Blizzard keeps messing around with the leaderboards

So me and my friend finallys did a Greater Rift tier 150 on 4 player… Please fix it :o give it back to us… i even recorded the whole run as proof :smiley: please contact me

Confirm, the same yesterday at appr. 20:48 GMT, 150 GR 3ppl

Hey Blizzard, same Problem in EUServer (germany) yesterday, 20/06/15.
Clearing a 129 solo Barb in 13.31.xx But no ranking to the leaderboard. There is still the 128 clear, as my personal best.
Please contact me to clear this issus. I really hole to her from you!


Blizzard is aware of the issue… There are also a few topics on this issue on the Bug Report forum.

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Yeah same for me i cleared a 139 but still only my 135 solo that is registered…

Oh… My… God!!!

Me and my friends finally stood victorious for the first time on a Greater Rift tier 150. As we cheered immensely, to our big surprise we noticed that we didn’t get credited with the standard personal leaderboard push message, and as we checked our profiles, we still had our sad sad 146 as a personal record.

We finished off the Rift Guardian with 20 seconds to spare, and I even recorded the whole run as I always do when we push together. I will happily upload the whole run, or the end of it where the 150 confirmation and time is on the screen.

On the behalf of myself and my squad members (SecretWudiar, Larsengg & David666), we would be extremely happy if you guys were to fix it.

I am sure other people must be having the same issue. Please upvote this post or whatever you do in here, so this get max priority from blizzard. No point in a pushing game if the pinnacle of your work doesn’t get creditted.

Best Regards
Unsatisfied Peon


Same problem here. It started yesterday.

Yesterday, 15th June, at 20:48 GMT, I have completed GR 150 3ppl in 14:34 non-season on European server, but neither leaderboard nor personal records were updated. Months ago, I had the same issue, but it was resolved on the next day. However, now my teammates and myself have old 148 GR (common) results in leaderboard. The results of long pushing hours are not shown. I have screenshots to show if needed.

Can you, technical support, help in solving this?

A friend have the same problem on season, with monk solo, no rewards when push gr.