Not registering to leaderboard -TEMPORARY FIX-

For all the people that don’t know how to check if your game will register your new record to the leaderboard.

  • make sure you are in a clan
  • make a new game
  • loot a legendary from kadala / upgrade a rare in the cube / identify a item
  • if you see your loot pop up in clan chat the game will register to the leaderboard
  • if you don’t see your loot pop up in clan chat leave the game and make a new one

Repeat above steps until you have a game that registers loot to clan chat.
If a game registers clan loot it 100% will register your records on the leaderboard.


can someone confirm this works? if so, thanks for notifying… (you already did a 100 times better job than blizz)

We’ve already had confirmation that this does not work…

For me, my runs have registered after a day, or so. It’s taken time to update.

this does not work I have had runs register when I had no clan loot working and the opposite happen too so this has absolutely no bearing on whether your times are logged

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alright thanks for answering. hope dies last i guess :smiley:

This does not work for everyone. i cleared just now 132 gr with my DH and i saw the loot in clan yet it did not register the clear on LB or my profile.

As i said they added a new difficulty to the game " Server difficulty" you do not fish for best mobs and maps … now you have to fish for a server that does register the greater rift you clear!!

That been said double bounties made everyone happy!! and on a personal note i’m happy to see my DH got this clear and saw what he is capable of doing.

After this last unregistered clear i did … New records for me gonna be a waste of time till i see an official post saying its been fixed and greater rifts records are registered and updated at least to our profiles… till then enhancing and pushing records for solo greater rifts for me is on HOLD!!

Comparing all previous seasons to season 21 … I would say its the least favourite season due to all those bugs that the game is struggling to fix.

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For me and my clan this has worked all week. Don’t know why it does not work for some :frowning:

Today i cleared a 129 on monk in a game where clan loot chat did not work. It did not register. Then later i cleared a 130 in a game where i checked for clan loot chat. It registered and showed up on the leaderboard. Same for our clan 4 man meta runs. We cleared a 150 in a game without clan loot chat and it didnt register. Since then we have been using this trick and we were able to consistently place us on the leaderboard untill we reached our current record (around 8 mins).

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It works, like healslaaf said, u need to see ur own items in clan chat, not from other clan members who are not in your party.

so start game, upgrade yellow if it shows go , if not uninstall this game and throw ur computer out of the window.

Again, we’ve already had someone who followed the method and it didn’t record their GR clearance…

Any method that doesn’t always work, isn’t a working method.

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I have tried today;
In Season If you register
In No Season Does not register

When I have tired of making contracts (bounties) , I have made a Gr and
yes I have registered it
By intuition I have tried No Season, and indeed as I feared, it has not registered
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lol that makes no sense at all. so if you don’t always win it’s not a lottery? if you car only starts sometimes it’s not a working car?

anyway, i wonder if the guy that claims it doesn’t work understood it correctly and/or is playing on non-seasonal

Like this you mean…

If you can do the clan chat thing and get a positive result, but also do the clan chat thing and get a negative result, that proves that doing the clan chat thing does not guarantee a positive result.

You might find this later post, in the main thread, more relevant…

So, absolutely nothing to do with clan chat, and everything to do with which of the servers in the EU farm your game happens to be hosted on. It seems only 2 of the 6 servers are recording.

This certainly sounds very plausible, especially as the Blizzard stated reason we had issues with the double-bounties buff not always being available was due to something not having propagated to all the servers in the EU farm.

In other words, some of the servers are busted, some aren’t. This would also possibly explain why sometimes your “retrieving hero list” is immediate, and sometimes takes 15-20 seconds, i.e. depending on whether you’re on a server in the farm that’s not working right or not.


I like that thinking… but that still needs to be tested out.

I only play solo and have been using the time needed to “retrieve the hero list” as a criterion to abort/not abort the launching of Diablo III. It’s not perfect… I do get false negative (ie, a long “retrieve the hero list” will successfully record a new grift record) but it shows some promises… more testing needed.

Also, I have no idea how that would work for a group… for the simple reason that I only play solo.

Finally, I will say that one of the player on the French forums said that he/she completed a level 92 gRift 4 times before it actually recorded as a personal record… all on the same server. @NotLikeThis said he did 2 records on the same server… the first one was correctly recorded, but not the second. I have a feeling I am missing something, but I do not know what.

I noticed from one of your Tech Support posts yesterday that you’d run out of GR keys for your testing. I’ve been farming a load of them on my non-seasonal Barb ready for when they fix the leaderboards. If some non-seasonal GR keys would be useful for your testing, give me a nudge, and you’d be welcome to tag along.

More examples of the clan chat thing NOT fixing things…

At this point, the clan chat advice is simply misleading and wasting people’s time.

Hello Meteorblade,

Thanks for the offer but I think I will decline… The 3rd conquest is all I have left to be done for the Journey on Europe and then… not sure what I’ll do. We’ll see.

Thanks again.

First of all for me and my clanmates there has been no negative results only positive results. If you want to to compare this with science you could say that our research has a way larger sample size and thus far has been confirming it works . Also i can not review the research method of the person that claims a negative result. It may well be a flaw in the research. 1 negative result may just as well be a error in the data.

Second that’s not what you said, you said if there is a negative result it is not working. And that makes no sense. You are basically claiming that if something has a probability to work it is always not working.

You really should look at the main thread. It has details of investigation carried out, which shows that whether your GR clearance will be recorded or not is entirely dependent upon which server within the EU farm your game is hosted on. That investigation has a 100% correlation. If you’re on a bad “IP” address, it’s not recorded. If you’re on a “good” IP addres, it’s recorded.

That correlation works whether you’re in a clan or not, whether you saw loot in clan chat or not, whether you’re playing solo or not.

Did you see the explanation earlier in the week for why the double-bounties buff wasn’t reliably being applied to EU seasonal players? Blizzard actually said that something hadn’t propagated to all of the servers successfully. We also have the issue that sometimes “retrieving hero list” is instant, and sometimes takes 15-20 seconds. This all sounds like an issue where some of the servers in the farm have issues, and some do not.

Effectively, your clan chat thing is akin to a footballer’s lucky red socks, i.e. he thinks he’ll win the match if he wears them but the socks are actually irrelevant.

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Ok then let me ask you this. Does the server ip change when you make a new game? If your answer is no. Then explain to me how i got a record not registered in a game without clan loot showing and a couple games later i got a record registered without restarting the game or relogging. Following your methods the conclusion would be that your theory is flawed as well then.

If your answer is yes, it only confirms my fix and your theory.