[A] <Nox Terra> 6/9 Mythic, recruiting healer and DPS! ( 2 ) (21)
Omnicide 8/9M LF Boomkin, Warlock, SPriest (1)
Heirlooms are to unbalanced (2)
[A] tasteless is recruiting! (9/9HC) (7)
Fresh Guild, recruiting for heroic casual only (6)
[A] <The Many Few> (9/9 hc 1/9M) Recruiting! (1)
[A] "Omega Vector" (9/9N 6/9HC 1/9M) recruiting! (1)
[A] "Fanatics" looking for healers and dpses for our Raiding team! (1)
Agilespoiled-Ravencrest (1)
Lf a new home here (3)
[A] Undiminished 3/9M Recruiting! (1)
[A] Disc Priest looking for guild (1)
[A] <Intrusion> 1 day a week raid guild 2/9M recruiting (2)
[A] DoV are recruiting for HC raiding! (3)
[A] <Poetic Justice> are recruiting Socials!> (19)
2 Boring Old Lumps Looking For a Home (11)
2 Idiots looking for a new guild (10)
[A] <Mana> Recruiting! (6)
<Solaris> recruiting. Mostly looking for a TANK (1)
<Midnight Order> LF You! 4/9 Hc (3)
DH and Mage looking for guild (2)
Y tho? Let me make you a cosy campfire (2)
[A] <Imperious> Ravencrest recruiting, 7/9HC 1/9M (3)
[A] Mischief - Recruiting Heroic Raiders! (7)
Olympians Selling Heroic BOD Runs (1)
[A] (Ravencrest) <Consortium> Casual-Prog 4/9 HC LF core members (5)
[eu][a][ravencrest]<anger management class> very experienced players, 3 days a week (3)
[A][SWE] KCF@Ravencrest looking for more Raiders for Mythic putting in minimal effort! (1)
LF pvp guild for some rbg (3)
Selling Freehold Boost (1)