Actions Taken Against Exploitation -- July 1 Update

What is the concrete evolution regarding the bot issue if you put in perspective how was the game before that post and after the said post?

They literally just said “break the TOS = ban” and “you guys report more”

Great communication there.

It’s litteraly better than nothing.

On my server the /who Stratholme is so better than it was weeks ago.

There were around 800+ people who had job like this similar. Then they “removed”.

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No it wasn’t - fake news as usual

The 800 staff released were mostly from non-development areas of the business.

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i have a feeling that the only people who would complain about blizzard giving an update to their bot ban progress would be botters that were caught. i recognize a few names here who made threads about getting ‘unfairly banned’ btw. lol.
don’t let these turds demotivate your efforts to fight the bots blizz.

also pls remove instance limit already.

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/who Blackrock Depths Rogue 60

nothing changed.

GJ Blizz. I hope you ban gold buyers as well.

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Goodjob btw keep it up but:
#WECANTINSTANCE #30ResetLockout!!!

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Have not been playing classic for 2-3 months, but I am willing to bet money those (100-200) bots that ran around hinterlands, burning steps ETC that I reported for MONTHS! are still there botting.

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if you hit 30 dungeons a day on a regular basis you should consider finding new hobbies.

For most people doing more then 10 dungeons a day would be allot allready, for us things have improved major!


i just saw this. i will login and do /who nazmir /who suramar and see if its true. brb

edit: grim batol


so its 4am. and, there are bots online. (yes no human farms 24/7)

same ones as before, same weird names xasxasshag 100-120 dhs/druids.

your botting ban is a charade.

and this is on a DEAD alliance realm(draenor EU)

Thanks for the update. And please keep up the good work, still loads of bots running around on Earthshaker.

I started a topic about this - HoJ and Glad Chain farmers

There’s a group of players who do legitimately play the game every waking hour of every day. Heck i bet if you put a limit of 140 hours per week max per account, somebody would complain about it. Pointing out that if it’s their freedom and they aren’t hurting anyone they should be able to do what they want.

I agree with you, however. That’s what freedom is, giving people freedom to make their own choices. Regardless on how good or bad it is for them.

If you want to eat nothing but Mars bars and drink only Sunny Delight, then that’s your privilege I guess.

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They must be doing something, yesterday evening for the first time in months we had no queue on shazzrah.
Whether it’s good we don’t know, but atleast our queue is gone.

This is like going to a restaurant, waiting for 2 hours, then getting a plate with 2 peas on it.

“You got your food, and you are still complaining”

How about you think in the context instead of throwing shallow words?

I get you but still the blue post is more than “2 peas”.
At least one problem everyone had was addressed. And that’s Blizzard communication on this matter.
Unlike other problems here Blizzard is showing they try to do something.
I don’t know if 2-3k bans per day are many or not.
But what I do know is that boters are almost impossible to stop as long as people will buy from them. The same bot that was banned today will be up and running by tommorow even on locked servers. How can you deal with that?

If you expect Blizzard to come one day and say “we now solved the bot problem once and for all” that won’t happen never ever because it’s impossible.
We have to be realistic about some stuff.

Why doesn’t Blizzard terminate these BOT-SCRIPTS?
Or limit the use of these scripts to people who realy need this?
I’m a BFA player but pffff still reporting Bot’s …………

I do wonder if some are slipping through the net as it were. For months I’ve seen a player that ticks quite a few herb botter boxes…no guild, follows herb paths without deviation. struggles with ground clutter and steep hills where it will run into a ‘wall’ repeatedly rather than going around it, no response to whisper etc. The same char every now and then however appears to be user operated and the movements change, it manages to avoid mobs and blocked pathing. It has a feel of being a bot for so long then taken over by a person so I do wonder would that still be captured within the data as behaving as a bot if analysed as a snapshot of activity rather than being analysed as activity over a period of time. I am of course assuming some form of analysis takes place rather than a purely automated system of reporting resulting in such decisions.

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When do your tiny head understand i was never banned ingame. A forum ban is not the same as an ingame ban . Use your head please.

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Unlock servers & open transfer for people with existing characters on that server.
Preferrably reduce the amount of layers

But atleast give us an update!!!