[Alliance](Player) - "11"/12M Exp lfg

Hello World!
…of Warcraft

After witnessing endless atrocities in Raid-tool Pugs and also the disbanding of two of my old main raid teams I have now decided to look in the forums to join a team.

My name is Dave and I’m a 27-year old half-asian dude with german Wurstfingers and long running competitive “e-sports” experience, also done a good chunk of mythic raid bosses throughout Warlords and Legion.
In 8.3, I have cleared mythic Ny’alotha up until Carapace, unfortunately missing Il’gynoth and Drest’agath kills though.
For some logs, look up < Dunrith-Arthas > on warcraftlogs.

What I am looking for is a relaxed raid group that will include one of my alts in their roster, with the goal of clearing let’s say the first 8-10 bosses.
But I’m always open for more)

Following, the chars I can offer:
-a Demon Huntress, decked out and has even more sockets than my main :D, also brings a tank spec which is set up and ready to go
-a Survival- (or if you reeeaally insist, a Marksman-) Huntress, with lots Expedient. Survival is so much fun, you should try some day
-a Shadow Priestess. Now with this one I can also heal, as Discipline however I have not yet practiced a whole lot within Raids, and for Holy I do not have great corruptions at this moment.
All of these characters can also Shadowmeld, what a coincidence!

These are my available times, thanks to quarantine™
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday + Friday OR Saturday, preferably somewhere between afternoon and early nights.

If you are interested, or if there are any other questions, don’t be shy and come bother me ingame or over Discord.
Battle Tag: DoomGr0wL#2195
Discord ID: Blackgvard#2414

Looking forward to hearing from you)
Cheers and stay healthy!

Small Update!
Going forward, my available raiding times will be open for negotiations.
So if the times didn’t fit before, maybe now we can find a solution

Hi there.

I’d like to bring to your attention a new guild project that I feel will suit you should you be ok with being Horde, and are looking forward to Shadowlands. Below I’ll link to our forum thread which has a basic write up on what the guild project will aim to be. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch via discord.

Link: [H] New 2Day CE Guild Project With Server First Aspirations

Discord: CoAGuildRecruitment#1378

Still on the search, dont be shy:(
Ach, für die deutschen Mitleser gibts auch ne deutsche Fassung, die etwas aktueller ist