Alterac Valley Adjustments Incoming

Good luck doing that

Solution for Alliance is just to merge their Discord with R9+.

Then, they tag with 300+ Alliance in same time.

There’s a very very high chance 30+ Alliance got in the same BG.

Usual nerf to the alliance and buff the horde, you guys are trying hard to kill the game.


This way won’t work, because the size of the pools are larger than you’re assuming.

This is the difference of pservers vs. xrealm matchmaking of 38 servers (5 servers being Russian so they don’t count for what you can end up in the same team with).

So no, you won’t be able to do those full premades anymore. However the Russian matchmaking pool will still be able to.


An absolute disgrace from Blizzard, #nochanges


yeah you can do that, when we queued up you could alrdy feel when you would get an insane game just because of the slight delay in q pop that ment a fresh game.

No changes a? When will we get guards on flight paths?


no change is bad for classic.

in fact i believe that classic should have been a classic remastered version… so many things that could use an update. Like a taunt for prot palas, balance druids actually being a spec etc…


This way will work to a lower degree of certainty. Basically, instead of 35+ of the same premade in the same one, you’ll get 25-35 tops into the same (with it being harder to get 35+ into the same).

Basically, the alliance “premades” will be forced to join a channel with names matching the names they see in the AV they ended up in.

But the amount of high-rankers in the same won’t be as reliable. And it won’t really be as much of a premade anymore, rather than just people sitting in the same voice com.

IF they still show the number of the AV when INSIDE the AV, even though they remove the number from the pop-up that urges you to join, then it will still be pretty fast to join the same channel though.
But this is not as much of a premade as it has been up until now.


25+ is enough for a 7 min win with a good premade.

people who think this will fix AV meta have it wrong, will still be a rush fest because they chose to go with 1.12 AV. Simple as.

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it’s way too late to fix faction imbalance

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Actually, it isn’t. Especially not against the many friends of 5-man groups on the horde side.

It’ll even force more of you to go defend, since the 5-man friends will have many opting to backdoor, and even those that will go straight for the prospector pull with a MUCH LOWER rate of failure.

Because fewer people will fail at the backdoor prospector pull, since people are less likely to mess up in a social setting which will be opposite to the complete atmosphere of strangers as it is now.


its christmas all over again

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If you are going to fix thing fix the wall glitch exploit and pulling the general without the guards. This double standard is getting old.

you realise your queues will litteraly double?


I can’t really estimate this yet, but will this actually make wPvP better or worse?
I literally just migrated from a PvP server to PvE because I couldn’t stand the perpetual corpserunning from being ganked, so if this will take PvP more to BG’s and less in the outside world, I kinda moved for nothing…

it will make it worse, horde will have longer queues.

And once queues grows long enough, people will move over to WSG and eventually AB once that is out.

Personally, I prefer the norm becoming premades vs. premades. It’ll separate the PvE:ers from the PvP:ers.

And no, I don’t mean a premade vs. premade-only matchmaking. Separating the matchmaking makes it smaller which makes it more open to the exploitation as seen previously, which I’ve mentioned many times over how it works.
They should just enable full raid queues for AV tbfh.

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Hahahaha, horde think its buff to their side, its actually a nerf :smiley: Since queues will be 3hours+ since no one going av. All will be shiftet to wsg

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