Alterac Valley Adjustments Incoming

We’ve prepared a collection of improvements that we’re going to make to Alterac Valley in WoW Classic over the next few days. Our goal is to make surgical adjustments that address some of the more prominent pain points and unfortunate behaviors, without cracking open the substance of the battleground.

As Soon As Possible

We’re working on a hotfix that will go live soon that will make honorless targets unlootable. This is intended to further discourage camping the starting caves as an efficient activity.

With Scheduled Weekly Maintenance

Several concurrent adjustments should positively affect the initial state of each instance of Alterac Valley:

  • Alterac Valley will now allow parties of up to 5 players to queue together. When a party queues together, they will be placed into the same battleground.

  • There will no longer be a number in the name of the battleground in the “Join Battle” screen.

  • We’re fixing a setting that allowed the battleground to start with as few as 20 players on a team.

Soon After the Weekly Honor and Raid Reset

In WoW Classic (and original WoW), players who get fewer than 15 kills aren’t given any rank progress, and are given a standing amongst other players who had fewer than 15 kills. This standing is ignored and causes confusion, so it will no longer be displayed.

Finally, we’re updating the calculation of diminishing returns to match patch 1.12 of original WoW. When WoW Classic first launched the Honor System, we made the decision to decrease Honor by 25% per repeated kill. With world PvP being the only option for obtaining Honor at that time, this made sense. Now, PvP has primarly moved to battlegrounds where repetitious engagements can happen with much greater frequency. Starting next week, Honor will now decrease by 10% per repeated kill in both battlegrounds and world PvP.


Well what about the backdoor exploit?


Is this just so people can’t have voice comms? You do realize that you are just kicking the can. A simple addon that agrees a channel will suffice just as well.

YES! I mentioned exactly to remove the number and it happens.


Nochange ha? xDDD


Voice coms are allowed, there are even voice coms available in-game.

The problem was organizing raids, i.e. premade, that was entering the same AV, thus circumventing the intended design of the matchmaking system.


Inc. Ally pre-made tears.


Good riddance to the AV meta to be honest, nice changes guys well done!


What about the “Pull only Drek and ignore EVERY warmaster active via a pally bubble” exploit?


What about pulling the dwarf lady so she runs to vann and he gets pulled?


There’s still one problem with this “fix”. The extremely small matchmaking pools will still be able to pull off full premades, exceeding the 5-man limitation. Exactly the same problem as in retail.

In other words, the now secluded Russian matchmaking pool, which can only be enemies to the rest of the gigantic EU pool now, will still be able to circumvent the limitation which has been raised from only queuing solo to now only queuing as max 5 people.

This will not be as much of a problem now, however full BWL-geared, or full AQ40-Naxx geared premades will be a huge problem later on.


Post before Ally tear.




I don’t like AV personally, but this isn’t going to fix much. Horde gonna cry cus queues are about to get even longer, Ally gonna cry cus they can’t premade as well and are stuck in turtle games.

prepares popcorn bucket


This was changed in a burning crusade patch to link the threat of all marshals/warmasters together with the leader. So it’s unlikely it’ll get addressed in Classic.

I don’t get it why can’t we just join AV as 40man premade raids? Would be nice to witness a 40 vs 40 premade.


RIP alliance, guessing the queues will go up alot since they won’t win any games anymore


So if 40 alliance queue at the same time it will still be a 40man premade against a 5man premade?

I cant wait for tears !! And finally will be able to play AV’s with 3 of my mates best change ever !!!


pogu buffing world pvp Honor cant wait for the griefing :slight_smile:

Honestly, It will not change lot of things.

WSG is not worth to do. Premade VS Premade can end in 1 hours game, and the honor you get is not comparable to AV especially with the new 10% DR that change nothing kuz there’s only 10 player in WSG.

Ally will still tag in AV in same time, instead of 40 people, they will tag with 300 people in same time stack in small group of 5. Then, they will join the same Discord and here we go again.

Don’t worry, both side will still continue to rank.

AV is the meta for ever.

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