Suggestion: Allow Arabic & Persian alphabets in names

Ok, so we’ve already got cyrillic letters as commonplace in all aspects of retail. We’ve also got it as enemies in BGs. These aren’t letters many of us can read, and shouldn’t be expected to be able to read either.

While we’ve got a lot of refugees in EU as a whole these days. So what exactly is the reason for not allowing their symbols in player names? Is it discrimination?

Keep in mind, you can’t say it’s not because they can’t be read by many, because the same applies to the cyrillic alphabet yet we still see that in this MMO game.

And what about Kanji? I’d personally love to be able to use Kanji symbols in my name. Katakana would be nice too.

I personally dislike all the weird diacritics from weird euro languages as well. Maybe we can just assign pokémon names to all allies and enemies in BG like you mentioned in the other thread? Focus that Warturtle! Someone cc the dugtrio! I kill the fracking Pikachus on sight as a matter of principle.

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It’s not limited to BGs in retail, so this is more a suggestion for all of WoW, not just Classic. I can’t say the name of any player from a Russian realm that I get grouped up with automatically (or via group finder) in retail, for example.

So I’d personally love for other alphabets to be possible in character names. There’s no reason not to allow other alphabets, now that they’ve opened this can of worms.

Either that, or they can just neatly put different alphabet groups into their own realm groups and put proper region locks to prevent disharmony in the flow of communication.

For example, we use the Roman alphabet, and many countries have added a letter or two for themselves but it’s still part of that Roman alphabet group.

(I still want to be able to use Kanji symbols and Katakana letters in my characters’ names though. The point is just that they can’t have it both ways like they do now, either they allow other alphabet groups in the player names or they can’t mix different alphabet groups at all.
The point of limiting the alphabet group is for the purpose of recognition and communication after all.)

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I would settle for spaces and apostrophes. If you can give their character a last name you don’t have to go for weird names/spellings all the time either.

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While there make greek, suomi and eskimo alphabet in names…
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Yes but cyrillic names only work on russian servers, not on EU servers, being able to see russians in the game is just a side effect of the x-realm. MENA countries don’t have their own servers. It’s annoying enough inviting people with alt code letters in their name so you’d just be shooting yourself in the foot by having an arabic alphabet name on EU servers.

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Still no reason to not allow other alphabet groups when cyrillic names are a part of the gameplay in retail, and also in Classic. For regions not even using the cyrillic alphabet, that is.

I think it’s for everyones convenience more so than anything else. I’ve pugged lots on retail with russians and it is impossible to address them. 1 russian priest, that’s fine, 2 russian priests? Well now you’ve run out of names to call them. Arab names would be even worse because you can’t even approximate their name, squiggly line followed by a moon with 2 dots please move to the right. Squiggly line with a reverse 3 you move to the left. Same naming convention for Chinese, Japanese and Korean names too.

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They’ve already crossed that line when they included the cyrillic names into the mix. So now you need to ask yourself why cyrillic is ok, but not other alphabet groups.

Don’t know if I care for that implication. I already said cyrllic is okay because there are dedicated russian servers. I can’t have Здравствуйте in my guild so it’s not a consistent problem, it’s an issue that only comes up during pug content.
If blizz wanted to make MENA servers or Japanese servers or Chinese servers linked to the EU client then by all means, add more alphabets but on EU servers I think it’s fine to restrict it to the latin alphabet because that’s all inclusive. Most people don’t care for non-English language on EU servers to begin with so it’s not like it’s exclusive to any particular group.

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It isn’t. The point of limiting it to the Roman alphabet is as already mentioned, for the purpose of a shared commonality between many.

So when they decided to go ahead to include an entirely different alphabet, it started to disrupt the communications flow. Especially as a target caller in RBGs, as well as just a general discouraging effect of talking to fellow players beyond the already garbage social design in puggable content in retail. (You don’t exactly expect a player using a name of cyrillic letters to be able to read English, since that player already once chose to avoid playing on the English realms. It’s more like they surprise you when they actually can, instead of the other way around.)

Then you have the point of players wanting to play on servers that weren’t under the language lable English-EU, like French, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian. It’s a horrible design to then strip them of the freedom to choose such a realm, to make the content mix them together forcibly anyway.
As many players have already mentioned, it’s annoying for Russian players to try and read out the Danish letters and so on.

It’s disruptive, to say the least. As you’ve already said yourself:

So if they allow the mixing of the cyrillic letters into people’s gameplay experience DESPITE having chosen not to play on Russian realms on purpose, then there’s no reason they should limit the alphabet groups to only the Roman alphabet on English-EU realms.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that we in fact have a HUGE variety of multilinguals in the EU as a whole.
So there’s no reason to not allow them to use the alphabet they feel more comfortable with in their characters’ names, which is supposed to represent who they are, when things have already gone this far.

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Ok, so to clarify it for you in plain text, is that I already know the problems of mixing completely different alphabets into the gameplay, in character names.

But it has never worked as an argument to get Blizzard to separate the Russian realms, and the other language’d realms for that matter.

So instead of trying to reason with people who can’t be reasoned with, it’s easier to go further down the rabbit hole and ask for the precedent they’ve already allowed to happen, to open it up even further. Because maybe THAT will finally show people the ACTUAL problems with it. People simply “tolerate it” right now, because Russian realms are tiny and don’t show up all the time in PvE content. But if they’d see the frustrations with allowing even MORE alphabet groups to take part, it would make it clear to everyone the actual problems it leads to, as already mentioned in this thread.

Well I don’t know what to say, I think it’s a stupid idea but to each their own.

What I read here is some filthy leftist propaganda. Not discussions on a video game.

Blizzard is a company. First goal is profit. If there is Russian language support, it’s because there is profit and enough customers for it.

In Brazil, there is a market.

So, allow Persian and Arabic alphabet in names BUT NOT HEBREW OR GREEK b/c we don’t really care about Jews and Greeks and their Greek and Hebrew Alphabets.

What about the ARMENIAN and the GEORGIAN alphabets BTW?

Why should we allow Arabic and Persian and NOT HEBREW, GREEK, ARMENIAN AND GEORGIAN?

Greece is a member state of the EU btw and there are TEN MILLION GREEKS living in the EU.

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