Are there any non-PCU Forsaken guilds?

Non-millitay focused ones specifically. I just want a fun group for my forsaken bard to hang out with. :confused:

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These guys had a cool concept. You might like it.


Thanks, I’ll check them out. ^^

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Thanks to Riveroak for plugging our guild so I won’t have to! Hahaha. But yeah, we are a non military Forsaken guild and we while some of our events are combat oriented, we also do non combat events and lots of social campfire RP. Not so long ago we had an event that was arbitration between 2 farmers over the ownership of a pig :sweat_smile:

Haha, that sounds really fun honestly. ^^


Thanks! We realise that in a game called World of WARcraft non-military RP is always going to be a bit niche, so we are never going to be the biggest Forsaken guild on AD. That being said, we have a very active and utterly lovely group of core roleplayers and we would love to have your Forsaken bard join our ranks.


Yeah, it’s not like I mind millitary rp either but it’s just not right for the character. As long as the people in a guild are nice it doesn’t matter how big it is, so I’ll definitely get around to poking one of you ingame! ^^

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The Forlon Order are a great bunch,

but i’d be remiss not to also shout out my own guild if you’re feeling more Horde-centric.

Good luck in your search!

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Thank you, I’ll make sure to check them out too! ^^


Non-millitay focused ones specifically.


Oops in 10 characters

I can suggest the Forlorn Order in such case, they are a lovely bunch! As the Hand of Agony are Military/Expeditionary focussed.


The Shadows chosen of the Ravensun is an order focused on the shadow and the occult of the Forsaken people.
We are not part of any “community” like the PCU or oposites. We are also non military for those who prefer that.

For military I can only really suggest Hand of Agony if you want non-pcu.

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