[H-RP] The Forlorn Order


The Forlorn Order is an RP guild uniting Horde-allied Forsaken under one banner, carving out a safe place for themselves in a world where so many look to them with scorn and distrust. Whether personally identifying as Forsaken or otherwise, most free-willed undead seeking to help secure the future for their people are welcome within the Order. There, they can find peace and stability to exist in a fulfilling way, as well as to stand by the others who seek the same. While some of the Order are less than forgiving of their enemies, the main focus of the organization is fostering growth and security rather than vengeance. To allow that, they adhere to a relatively high moral standard (though can be flexible about it if necessary!). The Order begins with taking initiative locally, taking small steps on the long road to rebuild and strengthen the Forsaken as a people. Their means include everything from investigating and neutralizing threats, building diplomatic relationships with external parties, providing supplies and specialists needed for medical care adequate for the unliving, as well as training in combat and various professions.

In short the Forlorn Order is working towards:

  • Forming an active RP hub within the Sepulcher, where we are stationed (Feel welcome to drop by for casual RP as well!)
  • Establishing mutually beneficial relationships with the rest of the Horde and beyond, building a reputation of loyalty and reliability. Or as much of loyalty and reliability as Forsaken can exercise anyway (Horde, we really don’t seek to backstab you. Sometimes we just have to watch our backside first!)
  • Including Forsaken as well as non-human Undead and less military oriented characters/civilians, with equal focus dedicated to less combat oriented aspects of the guild (We have a garden, and a laboratory, and we can have much more with your creativity!)
  • Maintaining an honorable stance with external forces. While we are a Horde based guild (IC and OOC), we do not go looking for conflict, and are ready to cooperate with the Alliance if necessary. (At least to the extent one can be cooperative with dem Alliance, ugh!)


Although the Forlorn Order is by no means a military organisation, we have a basic structure and ranks to provide stability and focus as well as have figures IC that any members can come to for advice or guidance. Our ranks are organised by field of expertise, and members will choose or be assigned to their respective branch in suitable time to have the best possibilities of developing as well as assisting our purpose.

  • Hearts of the Forlorn

Any Mender, Warden, Caretaker or Medic will find their place as the Heart of the Order. They are responsible for the well-being of their fellow members, be it on the field or outside of it. They are to take care not only of physical health by stitching or mending wounds but also mental health by providing support in any way necessary.

Councillor of the Hearts of the Forlorn Order: Doctor Silverfish

  • Fists of the Forlorn

Those with military or other combat experience such as Protectors, Guardians, Safeguards will form the Order’s vanguard. They are to take up arms as the first line of defence against any who’d seek to harm our people, and are willing to risk their own lives in the process.

Councillor of the Fists of the Forlorn Order: Sir Florian Treiller

  • Mind of the Forlorn

Those wishing to focus their tasks on research of any sort or operate with the means of magic and science are welcomed within the Order as its mind. People that are Archivists, Scholars, Researchers or Spellweavers shall aid with solving any mysteries, providing knowledge in all sorts of fields. They are responsible to conduct any necessary study that may be of their personal interest or to aid the Order.

Councillor of the Minds of the Forlorn Order: Apothecary Rhigel Blackbranch

  • Eyes of the Forlorn

The eyes are responsible for gathering intel of any sorts be it during missions or outside of it in more subtle ways. More than often operating from within the shadows they are Scouts, Lookout, Spotters or Runners. Their responsibilities lie with staying alarmed and picking up any possible threats before others and providing warning. The Eyes will be the first deployed during missions to survey areas and obtain information that the Order requires before moving out.

Councillor of the Eyes of the Forlorn Order: Captain Sixtus Rotwild

  • Blood of the Forlorn

Last but not the leasts any Citizens, Artisans, Artificers and Craftsmen will find their place within the Order as their Blood. Having tasks equally important to those of the sword or magic way. Within the Order we believe that every task, no matter how small or great is required. While some are specialised to dive into the heart of the battle it is Blood that provides necessary equipment, ensuring there is home to return to after the battle is over. They are the people that others fight for as they are the ones to rebuild society and give a feeling of community and belonging.


  • OOC/Alt

We are an RP-focused guild and do not seek to recruit OOC members. This rank is reserved for characters that have recently joined, and may need some time to level up or polish their character concept before they feel comfortable progressing to the IC interview stage.

Every new recruit of the Forlorn Order will go through a trial period of 3-4 weeks during which we can determine if they are a good fit for the guild. IC cooperation, character communication and OOC sense of community are important to us. Once the trial period is over, a ceremony will be tailored for the character where they will officially ascend into the ranks and receive the guild surcoat.

  • Associate

Friends and allies of the Forlorn Order that have aided their cause many times are known as Associates. They do not seek to officially join the group however join the missions and tasks Order undergoes or provide their skills as they find fitting.

We still only accept Undead characters with this rank.

  • Pledged

After the inital ceremony new members start at the rank of Pledged. They are provided a tabard to represent the Order, and the opportunity to learn of its ways and get familiar with other members. This is the time for you to decide if the guild concept, RP style and dynamic are to your taste.

  • Ardent

Those who have decided on their field of expertise will be promoted to the member rank. They form the bulk of the Order and are willing to stand together, united to fight for a better future for the Forsaken.

  • Sworn

The Sworn go above and beyond what is expected of them. Not only do they contribute to the Order’s goals, they are committed to assisting and uplifting their fellow members in whatever ways they can. These exemplary few embody what it means to be Forlorn.

  • Exemplar

There are some who have stuck with the Order through thick and thin, facing their fears and even risking their lives in the name of upholding its ideals. To these members the Forlorn are not just a group of like-minded individuals, but a community; a family to which they belong, and will overcome any obstacle to protect and nurture. Any initiative, no matter how big or small, is to be celebrated, so long as it is taken for the good of the Order.

  • Councillor

Each of the groups: Blood, Eyes, Voices, Fists, Hearts and Mind has one individual that is to lead them and provide guidance at all times. Those chosen for such tasks have great responsibilities at their shoulders and together they form a Council that is responsible for leading the Order as a whole. The Councillors however aren’t there just to bark orders, they are also guides and friends that any member can come to with any problems or to discuss concerns. They are to ensure that each member within the group is heard and assisted to better their skills, grow as individuals but also as a united community. While some Councillors are more suitable to take command in certain situations they all seek to work together despite differences to pursue the same goal and purpose.

Councillors are also OOC officers as such you are free to contact them at any point regarding the guild.

Current Councillors: Treiller, Rhigel, Silverfish, Rotwild

  • GM - (High) Councillor

IC the guild is led by Councillors, as a group of equals. The rank of GM is held by Treiller for OOC purposes only.


  1. Be respectful and mature towards other guild members
    Do your best to be respectful toward other beliefs and opinions even if you may disagree. This means no racism, homophobia, sexism, or other forms of discrimination. If someone asks you to drop the subject it is probably for a good reason. We are all here to enjoy the game and have fun. While friendly banter is most encouraged, members are within their right to speak up if they feel boundaries are being crossed.

  2. Excessive trolling, harassment, spam, shaming and naming (do not mistake with criticism) is not tolerated

  3. ERP is not tolerated while representing the guild.
    There are numerous appropriate spaces for getting your rocks off with strangers on the internet; World of Warcraft (rated 12+) is not one of them.

  4. Respect other people’s RP styles
    The Warcraft universe is home to countless inconsistencies, retcons and loopholes that leave many aspects open to interpretation. Please keep in mind that other players will have headcanons and roleplay styles different to your own. While we will never mandate that you play with anybody you don’t want to, you are required to be polite and respectful in your refusal.

  5. Basic roleplaying etiquette.
    Do not metagame/god emote, follow World of Warcraft lore to the best of your knowledge, accept that IC actions can and will have consequences*, and do not conflate IC actions, comments, opinions, relationships, etc, with those of the player behind the character.

    • Severe punishments (e.g., banishment from the order, life-changing injuries, character death) will NEVER be delivered without prior OOC discussion.
    • As a guild stationed in the Sepulcher we highly recommend you to complete quests of the Silverpine Forests to avoid phasing.


If you are interested in joining the guild or have any questions feel free to contact any of our officers (Treiller, Rhigel, Silverfish, Rotwild).


Q: Do you recruit non human Forsaken?
A: Yes we do! We do however want to keep the Forlorn Order majority human Forsaken, so there is only a limited number of spots for other races. Contact one of our officers with your concept to check for availability and to see if your concept would be a good fit.

Q: What about San’layn characters?
A: San’layn characters are a no-go. Same goes for liches and any other powerful previous Scourge aligned character concepts that aren’t Death Knights.

Q: Do you have a dresscode?
A: Nope, wear whatever you like! We wear tabards on multi-guild campaigns, but that’s it!

Q: How active am I expected to be in the guild?
A: We operate with a soft 2 nights per month minimum expectation. Real life of course comes first though, so if you have a month where you are struggling to meet that minimum, just let us know.

Q: Do you accept warlocks, death knights, and necromancers?
A: Even though we probably fall on the “good” side as far as the Forsaken go, we’re still very much a Forsaken guild. We accept all classes.


Been part of the Tirisfallen, now the Forlorn Order, for a while now and its been great fun. Not just because of the great RP, but also because of the great community the members have built OOC. Do seek us out and help us reclaim, rebuild and defend Lordaeron for the Forsaken!


Loved the Tirisfallen concept and now this. Wish you all the best!

One thing that I might consider again are the six sections you have, while it always adds some uniqueness and flavor to each “job” in the guild, they may be too numerous for the amount of members you might have in the future. So some sections may be heavily underpopulated, taking a bit of enjoyment away from the whole thing. Just my thoughts on that, might just be a preference to prefer fewer.

Either way, well done.


We’ll see how it goes!



Looks a great concept and very well thought out. I hope you don’t mind me asking - is activity on Discord required? Most guilds seem to mandate this and I’m not really one for talking when I’m playing an IC character. Also, is this part of PCU?


Thank you for kind words.

When it comes to discord most of our communication OOC outside the game happens there. It helps us to keep track of things. We announce events there as reminder (as extra apart in game calendar), we also share art and stories or simply have casual banter. It is not required that people are active there but we prefer that members at least keep track of general info anouncements and guild updates.


We are not a PCU guild, no.


Thanks to you both for the super fast responses and good to hear on both accounts. I’ll be in game later and try and catch for an OOC chat and if that goes well for us both, an ooc invite while I figure out rp again, it’s been a while. Happy to text chat or keep up with Discord announcements.


I’d be interested in checking you out, hopefully to re-spark the interest of roleplay!


Aye, sounds good!


You’d be welcome to do so! The Sepulcher is where we usually hang out, so you can come there for IC chats.


The Forlorn Order are a set of cool folks. If you’re not a mad nutter that wants some grounded Forsaken RP, you should definitely check them out!


I’ll come check you out sometime today. Just making sure I have done all the quests for the zone in case there’s any phasing issues right now


Incredibly tempted. Love the concept.


Having been part of the Tirisfallen, I shall say this is a good spiritual successor while retaining its entirely own identity ^^ Go bother them in the Sepulcher, its good fun!


very cool concept laddies, best of luck!


Been with the Tirisfallen near the beginning and my love for this guild has only grown with the formation of the Order. A family IC and an absolutely lovely bunch of people OOC too. Anyone interested is always welcome at the Sepulcher! <3


Sounds really cool! I honestly don’t RP on my forsaken, since I’m trying to not be altoholic anymore :laughing:

But good luck with your guild! :heart:


Roleplayed with some of the members of this interesting new guild in the past, lovely people. I hope you will have fun with this, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to RP with you! Good luck and cheers! :beer:


PCU or not, aren’t we all just one RP community? :yellow_heart: