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Hello there to all and especially to Blizzard Community Managers and Moderators.

I want to make some simply questions to Community Managers.

So lets be honest do we have keep selling items on Auction house or not?
We selling items and we don’t receive the gold via mail as it should.

Is it safe to keep selling or not?
Are Blizzard Community sure that nothing from Auction house transactions will be lost? if not please make a post and tell us to stop using auction.

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It’s safe, although it might take like 5 days for it to arrive

Can’t remember where, but i saw a blue confirming this


i wish you are right :slight_smile:

its safe but I aint going near it until its sorted just in case.
98% isnt good enough for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Ill say its safe. Ive tryed it before and allways got payed. This time the problem is Huge. Affecting eweryone. I think we shall exspect its done by the server maintaince nighttime between Tuesday/ Wednesday. They reset the UI by then. If people are really in need of the money now…they can try to reset UI manually. It sometimes work. U can google and there will be a Blizzard link to do it.

i mean, they said it’s “fixed”, but i still havent received a single AH mail since 8.3, that’s kinda disturbing


Taeshalath same here … no mail at all :confused:
Badnova i already tried this step… it didn’t work :confused:

It’s best to keep up with this discussion, so they aren’t all splintered and spread out.

There have been blue posts about the bugs:-

I have found it hit and miss, I keep listing stuff, some things come quickly, others I’m yet to see.

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ty Punyelf

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As far as I know they never told they fixed it as the problem is still up under breaking news. They told that they are working on fix and as they do, there is still delay on retrieving the sales gold.

Any chance that those that come quickly are all none stackable items?.. because gold from those items sales come in time. Only stackable items are causing problems atm.

We need a more detailed explanation about the new AH system for the people that barely use the AH.

Undercutting herbs / gems / other materials on Auchindoun horde by 7-8 gold PER unit.
That is a major loss of income if you put up auctions like that. And it wont sell any faster anyway.

Or they permanently destroyed the economy because the people cant deal with the new system.

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Hey Lurian. I made this Topic in General… New Auction House GOOD AND BAD - #2

u can be the first to comment…or read some off the benifits/bads about new Ah… plz comment if u have an bad or good issue about how u encounter the new AH. Hopefully we can start a more detailed discussion about it

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I had some barding come back to me this morning, in a stack. But I honestly don’t remember when I listed it.

i have some type of auction payd…like mounts and such. Normal mats sold are not coming. Though when auctions not sold…they all come back to me when they run out

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Ohh, I thought you talked about gold. Items (stackable or not), on expiration, seems to come back with no problems.

I sold 2 pieces for 16 k gold before maintenance, gold arrived in a short time but for now I would rather keeping my stuff until it is certain that auction is fixed.

I honestly have not paid any attention when clearing my inbox, if I’ve had gold I’ve just clicked open all.

Just got this message from Admin in the AH Forum from Blizz


We’d like to clarify that nothing has been lost as a result of this issue. This is an issue with mail delivery, and we’re working to fix it. We currently expect that the fix is going to take a few days.

During that time, the mail you can’t see is not subject to 30 days expiry. It will only begin counting down from 30 days once we’ve fixed it so that you can see it and interact with it in your inbox.

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