AV fix boycott

Does it apply to your arguments?

Of course. I’ve never really claimed otherwise, other than being too lazy to write everything in suppositions every time. You on the other hand, don’t even seem to understand you rely on nothing but weak conjectures, yet demand hard evidence for anything that points towards the opposite.
Now that’s ironic.

Forum debates doesn’t really go very far if nobody is willing to give yet everyone demands sources and hard evidence for everything. There’s an etiquette involved, to even make it possible to converse.

Or should I just give you examples and demand “source” for your every claim, then question your source(s) every time? Because that’s what it eventually leads to, if you keep up that nonsense.

There’s such a thing as just simply “making sense”. Then there are those too stubborn (like yourself) to admit anything speaking against your narrative ever makes sense. But I guess that’s what a martyr complex and confirmation bias does to ya’.

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You mean like say for example on one hand demanding hard evidence on global AV winrates then making sweeping claims about group pychology, ability of people to cooperate, average ranks and so on with 0 hard evidence? Or does this somehow not apply to you?

Also your last pharagraph is a very nice example of projection.

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Nice example of deflecting.

And just to be clear, I’ve never demanded hard evidence for global win rates. I’ve just said people who can read it can share what the Asian forums are saying about AV and so on. Since they can either strengthen or deny your claim that the map has anything at all to do with it.

Pointing out your hypocrisy is hardly deflection.

And yes you have demanded agregated data from addons that track winrates.

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Except I haven’t. Prove otherwise. Have fun searching. See how fun this is?

And let’s not forget your current deflection, where you don’t even address it even a tiny bit:

See how you deflected so desperately that it made the whole thing turn away from you and how you rely on nothing but weak conjectures and correlations, with no proof whatsoever about its causation? Hmm?

Don’t go spouting about sources when you ain’t got none, mkay?

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I’d love to provide proof but your profile is private so I cannot search through it and I can’t be bothered searching through the forums for hours to appease some forum troll that’s repetedly shown to be unable to admit to even the smallest mistake on their part.

Again: pointing out your hipocrysy is hardly deflection. But you’re so desperatly trying to deflect from the fact that you’re guilty of almost everything you claim about me that you made this abomination of a quote post.

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He is so invested into his narrative that anything that does not fit it will be met with serious lashing about.

It has nothing to do with the game or the issues we are talking about. It’s personal IRL trauma, so we might just as well let him be.

Or better yet, try to get him to heal :slight_smile:

P.S. He is not trolling, just hurt.

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You do know it goes faster to search through the forum by searching for the name in the section where you want to search than it is to search through all 2.5k posts I’ve made ever since the forum wipe, right?

Sorry, I’m not a fan of playing pingpong. You’ve yet to even mention the fact that you have no hard evidence for your claims about the map. All you’ve got is weak conjecture and correlation which you’re so desperate to rely on, with no proof whatsoever about the causational link.

Have fun with that.

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Correct and like I said I’m not willing to spend hours searching through the forums to appease some forum troll that’s repedetly shown to be unable to admit to even the smallest mistake on their part.

Sorry I’m not a fan on hipocrysy so you’re not getting away from that by deflecting some more.

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In other words: You can’t find a source because there is no source. You shouldn’t go making stuff up about people. That’s just mean.

You mean except for all the deflecting which you started, as shown in the “abomination of a quote post” as you put it?

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Not really. There are no “other words”. Just that I’m not willing to spend hours in an attempt to appease someone that’s repetedly shown to be unappeasable. I’m satisfied with the rest of the users here judging on their own.

Again: pointing out hipocrysy is hardly delfection. If it is you’d be the one that started with deflection.

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So, you’re saying, if it is, then I’m the one who first pointed out hipocrisy? Sorry, you’ve lost me now.

Exactly, just an excuse for the sore loser who can’t find a source to back up his claim. Which is really nasty, when you’re saying I’ve done something which I haven’t.

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You’ve done it to yourself yet again. Claiming something you yourself are doing is deflection then trying to somehow twist it into not applying to you.

I don’t want or need you to be appeased. You’ve repetedly shown that that’s impossible anyway so pointing out all your BS to others is enough for me. Also someone that’s as toxic and quick with petty insults as you are really doesn’t have much room for complaints about people being “mean” and “nasty”. It’s just more hypocrisy.

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… Huh? One more time, but in English.

Oh, buddy boy. The burden of proof is on you this time, not on me. You’re the one claiming I’ve demanded hard evidence for global AV win rates. I’m saying I haven’t. So now the burden of proof is on you. Sorry, that’s just the way it works.

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It’s a bit ironic that you’d be rellying on that since when the burden of proof was on you when I asked you about your old posts about AV map balance that you supposedly addressed at some point you didn’t provide it. I guess it’s just more hypocrisy on your end.

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I really don’t remember anything specific, but are you perhaps talking about when you demanded “sources” for the asymmetrical design claims? Meaning how Alliance is advantaged in certain ways in certain places, while the Horde is advantaged in certain ways in certain places in return?

Are you ******** ***? Is that it? Do you need a source for everything?


The burden of proof is still on you. Now cough it up, or drop it.

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I am talking about you refusing to address any of the arguments about map imbalances pointing to your old posts where you supposedly already addressed every single one of them then refusing to provide those posts even though the burden of proof is on you instead directing people to search the forums for themselves.

And there is no need for such harsh language that you need to censor it. No need to be mean and nasty :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh wait, now I remember. You were just another spammer in another one of these threads repeating the same garbage, and it having been discussed at length in previous threads, I simply referred to the previous threads.

I guess your 1 droplet of energy per day, the same one that kept you from finding the source for:

also kept you from looking at those previous threads, which weren’t even nearly as buried back then as they are now.

But they are still up there though. Go ahead, go find them. All you need to do is search on the forum.

Now, to explain where your thinking goes wrong in so many ways, is that threads like these pops up now and then, each echoing the same garbage as the previous ones, kind of like “resetting” everything that has been said thus far in those previous ones.

Then when one make a reference to what has already been established in those past threads, there are people like YOU who demands a source for those references every time, “or it never happened”. That’s the most asinine way of thinking imaginable.

These are walls of text having been posted, which you demand sourced “properly” in each new thread, because you’re evidently too lazy to use the forum search function.

You know what you end up with if you demand that every single time? Darkness. Emptiness. Nobody except the echo left.

Get your head out of your *** and grow the **** up.

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The length of a post says very little about the value of it’s content. For example this one of yours is above average in length for a forum post yet it’s completely empty of anything useful.

And I have mentioned that I’ve looked through these past threads and have not found anything from you that would contain what you claim it does about things that have supposedly been “established”. Burden of proof is on you to provide them if they do in fact exist.