AV fix boycott

I agree. But there are MANY variables in this equation. Map balance MAY have -A- part in the equation.

But the cave location and physical map design is irrelevant. Classic is a recreation of Vanilla and the cave had that location in every patch and version of Vanilla and Classic is a recreation of that.

No. It’s decided 100% with PvP. Homogenization ruined refail. Don’t need it in Classic.

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Wise words! Keep the game unique and interresting!

Big brainstormin’. Much wow. :smiley:

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You mean other than the fact that Alliance have never had a high winrate in slow games on this version of the map? Not in Classic, not in Vanilla and not in early TBC.

How is map design irrelevant? That’s a completely assinine statement. So for example if the Horde starting cave was in Dun Baldar that would still be irrelevant?

Because we are playing a recreation of a game. You can’t change maps in a recreation of a game. You can however tweak queue systems, fix bugs and exploits and such. But you can’t change a map in the name of balance.

Do you remember when Brack said you think you do but you don’t? Yeah, here we are. People proving him right every day on this forum.

They could tweak respawn systems. That on it’s own would help a lot.

Correct. Like for example all the Horde not liking the fact you could premade in AV despite the fact it was possible and quite common back in Vanilla.

If you are gonna defend an exploit where only one faction could form a full raid premade in a PUG battleground and use that clear and confirmed and hotfixed EXPLOIT as an argument I will just put you on ignore.

But you mentioned respawn system. What do you mean with that?

There was nothing in the game that was possible for only 1 faction. And if anything that was the result of BGs being cross realm on release unlike in Vanilla making it very hard (but not impossible) to do on Horde because of the massive player pool. You may put me on ignore if you don’t like to face these facts but it will change nothing.

Probably referring to the change from burning crusade where you could only resurrect (i.e. “respawn”) at the cave, once all your faction’s graveyards are gone. This is something I think would be good as well.
The problem with it, is that there was another change in burning crusade, that made everyone get sent to the furthest graveyard your faction controls, regardless of where they die. That change was a bad one.

The first part was a good change though, which imo would be welcome in Classic too.

Dammit I was forced to put him on ignore. Can’t have a serious discussion with anyone who use a clear exploit as an argument for anything.

I have 100% win rate on my new Horde alt, so obviously something needs to be done. But it has to be realist ideas and not changing a map in a recreation of a game becasue that’s unrealistic.

Tweaking spawn rates is totally realistic and it’s easy to defend even for a #nochanger like me, because it was never intended for Horde to win, literally 100% of the time, so tweaks should in fact happen.

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Ah yes the person that ignores people that present facts he doesn’t like is trying to have a serious discussion…

What you said was completely unreasonable tho. Long queue times makes it much harder and a waste of time for horde to try to get many ppl in the same BG. For the alliance with basically instant queues they could just queue and re-queue until enough of them got in the same one.

You could tweak it so that the cave respawn by IB GY is a spawn of last resort, this would make IB GY slightly easier to cap and hold, which is usually which kills any offense alliance has. You could also keep the horde gate closed a little longer so that both teams meet in the field of strife and reach SF gy at the same time.

It still won’t solve the problem of Alliance losing all the teamfights because the only people who queue AV on ally are afkers, leechers and low-levels trying to fight against horde 5 man ranker teams.

Yes it was much harder to do on Horde than it was on Alliance but that was mostly because of the massive player pool as a result of cross realm BGs which weren’t a thing at the release of battlegrounds in Vanilla and even when they were the battlegroups were much smaller than the current ones where the entirety of Europe and Russia are in the same one.

Yes, fair point. Battlegroups would have probably helped a bit, but I think the horde would still have a longer queue. It’s just that more PvPers seem to roll horde.

Yes server only BGs or smaller battlegroups would change very little when it comes to Horde queues. They might add a bit to Alliance queues since you might have to wait for 40 people to actually be in the queue instead of getting instant pops all the time but even that probably wouldn’t happen. But with a smaller pool of players you’d have a much higher chance of ending up in the same BG with the premade. Instead of needing probably >500 players across multiple servers to coordinate their queue starts and BG numbers like it was required to premade consistently on Horde you could do it with a much more reasonable number of players.

Now we are talking. Now that is a reasonable adjustment to help fix a broken system (yes 100% win rate for one faction is broken no question about that). It would indeed be a huge morale boost if Alliance and Horde meet exactly in the middle at the same time.

Would these changes make it go back to the old 3 day AV battles, if so I am all for it, they were hilarious and very Vanilla.