AV preamdes and the Blizzard End User License Agreement

i would actually be open for anything they do as long as they start to ban botters and afk people .

but i don’t think anything is going to happen.

These premades hurt Alliance players also. Maybe even more than Horde. The alliance players that doesn’t exploit the queue system will fall behind in ranking and end up in empty AVs against 40 horde when the exploiters dodge games.

That’s wrong.
You can’t dodge anymore. You have to pick the game and if you /afk out you have 15min deserteur.
Alliance pugs are filled again after the patch.

Every time you use warstomp in pvp you gain

Reroll alliance to play by the rules and without queues even.

Clicking Warstomp is expressly authorized by Blizzard…

Joining battlegrounds also

Not when you exploit the queue system to circumvent the 5 player limit to gain an advantage over people that doesn’t exploit the system. Or prove me wrong. Show me where it’s expressly authorized by Blizzard.

Actually this is a difference by design, whereby the trickery behind premade formations is otherwise limited by design, so to circumvent that goes against the design itself.
To put it into proper context, it’s like a human finding a way to use war stomp despite it not being a racial ability of theirs.

However it’s an arbitrary rule because they choose not to enforce it for some reason. Technically speaking, they still don’t even admit it’s a thing.

^ Would make it right again.

Players just queue to battlegrounds, not their fault there is 5 wotfers warstompers stunresisters on 1 alliance player desperately wanting to stomp him with all their fair abilities willing to join AV.

Seems I must write the same post multiple times to get a response around here.

But they don’t “just queue”. They exploit the queue system to circumvent the 5 player limit for premades in AV.

Its not like horde cant queue to bgs, they can do the same just need much more time and luck, like alliance can resist stuns too, but 100 times less likely

That’s not the point that’s being made. Nobody is talking about only “queuing for bgs”. It’s about bypassing a limitation by design, which is performed through tricking the system by exploiting metrics and circumstances.

^ Don’t forget that too.

Even if they could, and they can’t, it would still be an exploit to circumvent the 5 player limit for premades in AV giving them an unfair advantage over players that doesn’t exploit the system, on both factions.

I don’t think the majority of the alliance players are happy that all rankers join premades and they are stuck in bad pugs that never win.

Boys, we best stop doing AV pre mades, looks like we could be facing a lengthy ban.

No more Kings honor, friends.
No more 6 minute wins.
No more salty horde tears.

Enough is a enough guys can’t you see we have concerned hordies here!

I don’t think the majority of the alliance players are happy that all rankers join premades and they are stuck in bad pugs that never win.

Personally I have not lost a single AV against an alliance PUG on my alt going to exalted the last 2 weeks.

You seem to want to ignore the “solution” you keep asking for as well, for some reason.

I’ll quote it again for you too:

May be call it “smart use of game mechanics”, why use bad words

Oh well your still having 100% win rate against pugs if only these pre mades would stop and you could have 100% across the board. Damn those pesky pre mades! And they would have gotten away with if too if it wasn’t for those meddling Horde.


When we Horde play, we have high rankers joining the pugs. Hardly no one is afk leeching, we are all motivated. Alliance pug are stuck with the worst and least motivated players when most rankers play premades.

It can’t be fun to be alliance and not exploit the AV queue right now…

I mean, do you think it’s an coincident the queues are so long? It’s obviously not fun for alliance that doesn’t exploit to play AV right now.

Because every single exploit is a smart use of game mechanisms. The definition of exploitative behavior falls under impact and circumstances surrounding it, such as not everyone being able to do it while it grants the select few a competitive edge. And it does grant a competitive advantage when only the Russian pool (both factions), and the Alliance faction (both EU and NA) are the only ones able to form premades.
So the answer is simple, to either filter out the manipulation of metrics or to just let full chaos reign and allow full premades to queue for it.

One could argue

is a reference to such things, but it’s the most they have said about it for years.

They deliberately don’t want to admit it’s a thing in clear language.

One can also argue this is also an attempt to “fix” the manipulation of the metrics, but as we all know it is highly ineffective.

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