AV Premade Exploit

There is now an exploit for alliance Premades too abuse the queue system and get 25-30 players games. It goes like this:

  1. A player reports to his game to a premade discord when a game is 3-4 mins away from a Drek kill or Horde Win.

  2. Up to 8, 5 man groups queue for that battleground number.

  3. They wait until the game is finished and then those groups mentioned in point 2, are funnelled into a new game.

So this is what I suggest Blizzard do. Remove the numbers of the AV battlegrounds from the Battle Master selection screen. Do it next reset else we are just going to have another Month of PvE Alterac Valley Heroes.

Get rid of this exploit so real PvPers get Grand Marshal and ranks actually mean something.

Sick of PvE heroes getting high ranks. Its disgusting.


The problem is that the numerical IDs to BG instances is a relic from realm-only queues on servers with population caps roughly 1/3rd of what they are now, and now it’s used together with retail’s xrealm matchmaking system.

They weren’t designed to co-exist, ever. It was just thrown together.

Even in burning crusade, which was not a long time after battlegroup matchmaking was introduced, they changed the way the numbers worked to throw off coordinated queues.

Hey, at least they’re no longer creating empty BG’s where the rest of pug Alliance gets screwed over because they start with too few players, so it’s something i guess.


Are you seriously whining because you can’t win 100% of every game anymore? That’s disgusting. People get a little organised and you jump on the forums to whine about. When you play in alliance pugs 99% of the time it feels like you face a Horde premade, but when 1% of you face a team you can not easily beat you whine?


Blizzard will obviously fix it so there is only “queue for random battleground” option.
They should also ban everyone who exploited this for 30 days and remove all honor gained.
Keep reporting these players for cheating, every single one of them!


if it was something in pve it would be called “efficiency” or “min maxing” or similar, but cause its pvp its now “exploit” and “cheating”

when is leaving raid to scout for jed ever called exploit or cheating

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Plenty of cases where PvE exploits with instances resulted in a ban and removal of all the loot though. AV Premade raid was clearly not intended because otherwise the ‘join as group/raid’ would have been activated at the battlemaster since the start. At the very last after the recent changes with the public forum post clarifying the adjustments it’s been made clear to everyone premade raids are not supposed to happen.

So if you knowingly are trying to find ways around this system, then yes, one could argue it’s an exploit and honor/rank should be removed.

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this is bad reasoning. if im trading an npc through a wall thats also “”“clearly”"" unintended but is it an exploit or just how the game functions the way it was designed

and again bliz making changes is not necessarily evidence of what is “allowed” as they may just be caving to player demand “do x”

they dont have real beliefs you know

Well I still like to know what X-reason could have been to remove battleground numbers if not the specific reason to stop premades?

thats IS the reason but its a player idea for something players want. its not bliz going out and saying premading isnt allowed we are gonna ban ya if you do it. so its not cheating its just creative use of game mechanics, the results of which some players dont like, and then they ask bliz to do this or that to “fix” it and bliz goes well ok if its so important to yall subs we can try

I agree with you, personally I always thought if I can do something in the game world it’s allowed, it’s up the developers to set up proper limitation if things shouldn’t be possible, it’s their game after all and players have the natural tendency to play the game and utilize the world to their advantage, that is what a game inherently is.

But from past experiences they can and will pursue the argumentation somehow players are responsible for their poor thoughtout solutions and coding.

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ye :pensive: basically we have to categorically consider something allowed if ppl dont get banned for it

Sense there are numbers and queue specific, one could argue that you are indeed suppose to que into the same one as your friends/group/raid

Cheating xdd

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This is actually better than it was before since alli pugs don’t start 15 v 40 but premades are still available.
Thanks horde for the cries.

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Easiest fix is just giving out temp bans to anyone caught exploiting. A month or so should do the trick.


Seems to be ok, the NA forum is complaining about it as well so now Blizzard will be put to the test to see if they actually do take a stance against this player behavior or not.

Because, funny as it is, they still haven’t actually acknowledged it to be happening in the first place.

It’d be one thing if it was only happening in EU, then Blizzard would probably never even care about it. But luckily it’s also happening in NA.

The worst they could do is make the queuing process exactly like retail. Not only would it stray even FURTHER away from Vanilla than it already has, it’d actually only make it possible for the Russian matchmaking pool to create premades, the same way it was done for years in retail by the many smaller matchmaking pools (most notably the Russian & German pools).

So what is needed is to bring down the sizes of the matchmaking pools altogether, and avoid this garbage matchmaking size brought over from retail.
Bringing it down to proper vanilla values would make it better for everyone.

Either that or they should just allow full raids to queue for AV, and remove this meaningless limitation to max 5 people in the same group queue.

How about balancing AV instead so it doesn’t result in a near 100% Horde win ratio? That is what’s causing premades, ever think of that?


And how can you prove that someone is exploiting?
All they can see from server side is that how many people are signing up at the same time.

As far as i know, Blizzard does not (always) give reasons for a ban. So it should be relatively simple to find a few hundred of these players by monitoring their in-game behavior and then make an example of them.